Friday, 30 October 2009

Flu Jabs

Check this out.

How amazing is that! The photo doesn't do it justice but if you have a few tequillas, squint and look the other way you can just about see the steam rising up from that there cup of coffee. Wow, and this was taken BEFORE the kids went to kindy. Almost unheard of. I think I may still be in shock - that I actually got to have almost a whole cup of hot scorching coffee. Usually I have to zap it a few times in the microwave. Nice.

This photo was taken this morning too. Marina looked so cute in her skinny jeans, new pink top that we got given yesterday, pink leg warmers - and of course her hair in pigtails. Her teacher at kindy (they are all over sixty) thought the legwarmers were those rainwear things that trampers and hikers wear!!

We had a pretty cruisy day today - Coffee Chiemi came over for coffee and a gass and then we took our babies out for lunch. Before leaving I rang a few more hospitals and clinics to ask about the flu shots again. Got fobbed off at one so rang the Kunimi hospital - which I hadn't rung before as there is only one doctor and it is definately a step down from it's former glory days. Well, well, well. Everybody else must have forgotten about it as well because they had some shots still left - only just (and this is only for the normal flu shots not even the oinky stuff) and could I bring the kids in at four.

So in we went. Picked them up from kindy an hour early and with Ryu and Granny K in the car we set off. I was worried Shou would completely nut and try and escape alcatraz. He was I admit a pain in the ass while I was trying to fill in the three sheets of questions and taking temperatures. I had completely forgotten that Marina had had her polio vaccination ten days ago - they make you wait four weeks in between vaccinations so she couldn't get hers today. Adults only need one shot but kids have to have two. The doctor agreed to give Marina one shot next month when Shou gets his second - but she wont get a second as they won't have enough vaccinations or some bollocks like that.

Anyway Shou was very staunch. I went first so he could see me be fine with it and then it was his turn. As the shot went in he cried out a bit and then, bless him, he put his head into my shoulder and sucked back his tears. Not that I think a three year old shouldn't be able to cry but it was still very cute and staunch.

I am hoping that because we got these ones done there then they will be more likely to contact us when the oinky flu shots are doing the rounds. Coffee Chiemi's kids are both getting oinky flu shots on Monday - but they both have asthma so are higher up on the list.

Injections meant no bathtime - is this the same in other countries? If you have a vaccination do they suggest you don't bath? Fine by me though as meant didn't have to do the whole bath thing on my own. Did mean though that Marina and Ryu missed out and they hadn't even been jabbed. The change in routine put Ryu out a bit and he took longer than usual to get to sleep. All quiet now though. Hub's dinner is waiting in the oven. Granny K is in the bath with a shower cap over her newly dyed hair. She is off to Yamaguchi ken for the day tomorrow. Busy busy busy. Honestly she has a busier schedule than I do.

I might try and persuade hub to go to sushi tomorrow. It might take some very persuasive persuading though.

wink wink.


Edit - hub has come home. He walked up to me and said 'yappari anshin suru' (hmmmm, translation, hmmmm, I feel safe, at ease, relaxed). He has never said that to me before so I kind of joked and took the 'anshin' in the literal sense of being safe and asked him if that was his way of saying I was built like brick boat house and not flying away in the next typhoon. He said no, he just like coming home to his wife.

Pause for oooohhhhhhhh, what a sweetie sighs.

That or he's feeling guilty about opening a new bank account or playing the silver balls when he said he was working!!


tj-injapan said...

that's it - I am jumping on a plane heading your way tomorrow: Kunimi hospital rocks!lucky you got most of the flu shots done.

love the cute starbucks cup! we have the cherry blossom series..

nicnag said...

Just wondering who said you couldnt give the kids a bath after shots. I am in TOkyo and the Drs and nurses here alwasy say its ok for the kids to have a bath. Its actually DH whos says the kids shouldnt have a bath after a shot. But I do believe there are times when I havent given the kids a bath after a shot as it means one less thing I have to do so I totally understand!!! ALso, love your blog by the way!

Kelly said...

Oooh dear...are you suspicious hub is up to something, or he just got all sentimental? ;)

That starbucks looks yum!

Anonymous said...

Is Marina reading one of those funny Japanese toilet training books? Enjoyshite Katie

Gaijin Wife said...

nicnag - it was the nurse (infront of the dr) who said I couldn't have a bath after the jab. I asked hub about it and he said is because might get bathwater gunk in the jabhole and cause an infection - but he could just be spinning shit out his ass.

Katie - yes, is the 'tokotokotokotoko toire' book. Worked wonders with Shou and now Marina just likes turning each page and saying 'unchi' (pooh)

Anonymous said...

Ah you've gotta love Japanese onamatopoeia! I don't know the title of the book i'm thinking of but I still remember this one line "Oshiko shi shi..ahhhh kimochi!". I hope those pictures of bunnies on toilets help Marina get the right idea! -Katie