Friday, 16 October 2009

Day Out with My Boys

We left the house at 8 this morning and exactly two hours later I was at Starbucks while Shou and daddy were at the kiddy adventure room - where you pay 300 yen for half an hour to jump around in the balloon room, on the waterbed type thing, play on the slide with the water flowing inside it, rah rah. The shopping complex is quite big and the play area is up the top (not on top of bld) near all the brand kiddy shops, booby room, slides and movie theatre.

After destroying everything at kiddyland Shou ran round outside like a three year old on speed, and straight into the fountain. Awesome. Had a change of clothes but was thinking I might not need it until a bit further on in the proceedings. Hadn't thought about spare shoes though so had to go hunting for some new ones. He wasn't too enthralled with the ones I found as they sported no pictures of shinken rangers or lightening McQueen - which were the ones he had drowned in the fountain.

We went to the huge food court instead of braving one of the real restaurants for lunch. Shou was trying to look cool while we waited for our lunch but really he was just hanging out for the bell tickets we had to go off.

On the way to lunch we had to bi-pass the game centre. Obviously no point even trying to pretend is just a big boring sock and tie shop as anpanman and Thomas are right beside the door throwing themselves at anybody with small children. Actually is fun for whole family and I could probably waste about an hour and a good deal of hub's pay there if I really got stuck in and decided I just HAD to try and win the oversized care bear in the UFO catcher. As it happened I was very restrained and only had four turns. Fuck. Could almost buy oversized care bear. I think I got sucked in by 'care bear' - haven't seen one of those since I was little.

After lunch the boys went to watch 'Atom - Astro Boy' while I dossed round shopping and getting my phone charged and cleaned at the docomo shop. Lovely ex-gyaru at the phone shop. Had obviously spent the best part of her days before getting the job on her phone as she was super super fast. Had fab nail art too. What do you know and after the clean my phone decides to send international SMS messages again. Yay. I hadn't realised how dirty my phone was until she handed it back to me. The screen is soooooooooooo clean. And here I was thinking it was quite cool to have everything in black and white and fuzzy greys.

Ryu, the cutest baby in the world.... A LOT of attention and I spent the rest of the day on a proud, but very 'yeah whatever, I know he's cute', high. Two people took his photo and the docomo shop girl just about 'kawaiiii-ed' him into hysterical laughter. Think Ryu was quite taken with her.

Before going back to meet the boys to head home, but after just a little bit of hitting the shops, I bought a coffee shake with tapioca from the tapioca (?) drink shop. Coffee Chiemi raved about it so I thought I would take the plunge, eventhough my memory of tapioca was flavorless gooey bits of rubbery shit.

Nice to know my memory is OK. Still not a fan, and neither is Shou. He had a few mouthfulls in the car, which resulted in the carseat also getting a few mouthfulls as Shou tried to work his mouth around a couple of flavorless gooey bits of rubbery shit.
Marina and Granny K survived the day without us and I think it was a successful day all round. Hub agreed that taking the day off to do fun stuff with the family was actually quite good and might happen more often - as in more than once a year. Next time I will have to try and convince Granny K to look after Shou - although I guess he could go to kindy and we could just go out with our little girl. And Ryu of course. He still doesn't get counted as a proper child as he is still so easy when we are out. Usually. Most of the time.
Hub had to go out to a labour union bollocksy ranty meeting at half five and the dinner and bath thing was admittedly a bit chaotic but the kids were all asleep by quarter to eight.
I am now going to put on some fake nails. No PTA meetings coming up but hey, might make me feel like less of a bush pig for a couple more days aye. Until they start falling off.


thefukases said...

tapioca must be the next "it" food- you know after caspi-kai yoghurt, the natto diet, kuro-su and persimmon vinegar... Our little old village sport's day had tapioca drinks this year and yup, everyone raved and yup, I tried it and went...hmmm... nope just as I remembered.

Here's to more family fun days!

Ruthie said...

Excellent pic of Shou! The more I see him the more convinced I am that he is the next Matsu Jun. (I'll be expecting free membership to his fanclub ;) )Hope you guys manage a few more fun days out soon.

Lulu said...

Haha, the ex-gyaro Docomo girl inspired you with her nail art then? Hope the fake nails work out.

I can understand why everyone raved about Ryu- he certainly is a cutie. Look at that smile! I am surprised you can get anything done with him around because I would totally be like "okay, I am going to do this..." and then get stuck staring at him. I am screwed if Goma-chan is cute, I won`t be able to do ANYTHING. Cute babies get me everytime!

A family day out with your boys sounds lovely- hopefully next time Shou can go to kindy and you can take Marina for a day out with daddy. Does sound like it was a success despite the fountain!

I would of been disappointed with no pictures on my shoes too- so I feel Shou`s pain :-)

Gaijin Wife said...

Heather - caspi-kai yoghurt? please enlighten me.

Ruth - nearly bought you an Arashi calendar today but stopped self when realised would't fit in envelope sitting at home with Smap and Arashi membership cards in!! To be sent on Monday. Hopefully. Fingers Cross.

One of the kids will probaby get oinky flu on Sunday night and it will the take three weeks as it goes to all of us.

Lulu - Fake nails hard to type in. Takes twice as long. Prepare yourself for living in chaotic mess of house as I do believe gomachan will be so damn cute you will not get anythin done - untill they turn about oneand a half which is when the terrible twos and even worse threes start to kick in.

After that they are only ever cute when they borrow their mummy's oversized sun glasses.

Tammy said...

Your descriptions really make me laugh. In my opinion, you're spot on about tapioca! With just the description, I would have been able to figure out what it was! :)

umebossy said...

Nice sunnies Shou!

Fake nails are evil! I bought "short active" ones once and couldn't even do up the button on my jeans because I found them so unwieldy. They were pinging off all over the shop before I knew what was happening. Never again...

Midori said...

I love tapioca. You have made me crave one of those shakes! Looks like you guys had a great day.

As for the bush pig thing, you have to remember that EVERYONE who isn't a 40kg Japanese girl feels like a bush pig in Japan. It took me a good 6 months of being back to home to realise that actually, I wasn't that bad, I just wasn't a skinny-minny Japanese woman.

Ryu really is adorable. His grin brightened up my otherwise miserable Saturday in the office!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great day out, and Ryu looks like a right wonder everyone was going ga-ga at him.

Here`s hoping there are more family outings in the near future.

ps..fake nails are like high heels for me..just can`t do them.

tj-injapan said...

I just love the shot of Shou in sunnies. I would so join his fan club too. And I already have dibs on him to marry K!! Of course, if Shou is not up for it, with a smile like that we could always take Ryu for our Son-in-law.