Saturday, 24 October 2009

Damn You Betty

Damn you Betty Crocker. The cake is FAB but your sticky ass is stuck to the bottom of the pan. I used one cake mix (perfect amount of mix) to make two muffins (for the claws), a loaf tin (for the legs) and a round cake tin (for the body). The muffins were fine but the loaf tin and cake tin both stuck. I salvaged the stuck bit and I know that once it has been iced no one will know but still. humph. All the bits are in the fridge hardening a bit up so easier to ice. I am going to ice it tonight I think. Really can't get anything done with the kids around.

That said, Ryu was a star today. Slept for two hours in the morning and another two this afternoon - after which he then went to sleep on his own tonight. He'll wake up a couple of times for a feed before morning but that is so much more doable if I don't have to booby him to sleep the other times.

While he was sleeping the garden got cleaned up, the house sorted, some brownies made, an attempt at eclairs and...
May as well get some use out of the baby bed!!

Hub left for silver ball heaven at nine this morning - takes an hour to get to the one he wanted to go to. He spent four hours there before calling it quits and coming home. He was allowed 10,000 yen but only used 3,000 - a bit of winning. Not bad for four hours of stress relief really! He also did some shopping on the way home and picked up everything else I needed for tomorrow.

He got home just in time to go pick the sproglets up. After they got home they promptly showed their gender differences...

(not that we have a rule about having to kneel while you watchTV!)

The house was so tidy I voted on taking the kids to okonomiyaki for dinner. Ordered it to be ready at half five and honestly, for the first five minutes they were grand but after that... I wasn't exacly running round chasing them with spoonfulls of noodles - but it was close.
Anyhoo, think the butter is probably at room temperature now. Time to crack open a chuhai and ice me some cake baby.


Lulu said...

Living vivaciously through you as you are no longer pregnant so I demand to know what flavour chuhai!

The cake sounds as if it will be perfect- even if a bit got stuck to the tin. Hope the icing goes well and can not wait to see a picture once it is all done.

And yay for Ryu been a champ today and hubs winning at pachinko!

Best of luck for the party tomorrow!

Jo Tomooka said...

Sounds like you have things more than under control. I swear by baking paper.... saves a lot of sticking!
Hope all goes well tomorrow - I'm sure everyone will have a great day and a HUGE afternoon sleep.

tj-injapan said...

I love the picture of Marina doing seiza watching TV. K is always sitting seiza, too, I think it is weird. Hope Marina has a crabby day tomorrow (meant in a good way, of course) and a Happy Birthday!!
You are a brave/crazy woman to host birthday parties for toddlers! good luck with the icing.

nikintheguch said...

Hi GW! I love reading your blog and it is forever providing me with laughs. I hope the birthday party went well today! My son is 4 but my mum always come over for his birthday so I have yet made him a cake myself. Super slack mummy here!

Nay said...

I just have to say that I think Marina looks absolutely gorgeous in that photo!! I never realised how light her hair was!!!

I hope she has a fantastic birthday. I can't wait to see pics, especially of the cake. I bet it turned out great!