Sunday, 4 October 2009

Crying Sumo

Nakizumo - literally crying sumo.

One of our local Shrines has a nakizumo competition for all babies in the area that have been born within the last year. Basically all that happens is they get dressed in a sumo type nappy fundoshi belt thing and get held up against each other. The baby to cry or nut out the most is the winner. Awesome. It's a win win cause if your baby does cry they win but if they don't then they get all the 'he's the man' comments.

Ryu's the man...

And his rival (who won) ...


Before the action the blokes in the area carry round an Omikoshi. They all get plied with liquor and it is a small wonder the thing makes it back to the Shrine grounds in one piece.

This morning I found myself, at 9am, having a coffee in a peaceful house - on a Sunday. Hub had taken Shou and Marina round the block (rice paddie) to look for any crabs that might still be silly enough to be around in the early morning cold, and Ryu was asleep.

I'm not joking.

My nearly 4 month old baby was actually asleep. During the day. My God. Who would have thought babies actually sleep during the day. I certainly didn't. Well, not with this one, until today.

After hub, the tazmanian devil, and the cute destructor got home it was all on - until early lunch at half eleven. Ryu, Marina and I then left to go to Jo's for her daughter's ninth birthday. Tis biggest bash I have been to in a long time. We had to drop Granny K off at the station on the way - for her trip to Oita to stay with eldest son and for her check up at hospital tomorrow. She thinks she will be staying on for operation the next day but never have I been to a hospital that will check you out and admit you straight away for an operation - considering not life and death, is just vestling bum grapes.


Hub has just phoned his brother to talk about insurance. They have been paying for Granny K's insurance for years - not that we, or her, knew about it until a couple of months ago - when she got the polyps removed. They plan on cancelling it next month. So, we talked about it and have offered to take it over - or pay them the equivalent if the payer's name can't be changed. Wonder what will happen. The eldest son is high up in policeman ranks and him and his wife have a mortgage and one daughter - who is married herself. You WOULD THINK that they could afford to continue to pay for the Insurance premium - a lot more than we could anyway.

But, insurance is such a pain in the ass thing, whereby you can't get new insurance if you are over seventy - but you can keep paying into a plan if you have one already. Makes sense to keep the one they have going.

Anyway, will see what happens. The conversation somehow turned to old age care and hub said that would be difficult as the number of old people's homes in Kunimi will by no means have enough room to meet demands of increasing number of vestlings, esp as vestling numbers increasing like weed. At least they both agreed that I wouldn't be at home changing vestling nappies and trying to get Granny K to eat mashed eggplant through a straw.

Had great time at the birthday party and Marina did steller effort staying awake without too much grizzling that she wasn't getting a nap at the usual time. Jo had, as usual, put on a great spread and gaijinwife gets skinny regime got completely forgotten while scoffed back chocolate eclairs and deep fried cheesy bits of goodness. Marina was quite taken with the cheesy bits of goodness too!

We had to leave at 3pm to make it home in time for the nakizumo. Left and hadn't been driving for more than three minutes when Marina was ...

And Ryu was...

And, one last pic.

Hub is VERY proud of this. He finished it today and it has been a work in progress for about the last month - until Shou and Marina could drink enough kiddy yogurt drinks!! Shou's first ever Tank - and he didn't even complain that it wasn't a fire engine. He is sleeping with it at the moment so me thinks it may be coming down the stairs tomorrow in more pieces than it went up in!

Hub just gone to get some security.

Granny K's away - and while the vestlings away....

International relations meeting can be held without worrying too much.

wink wink



Lulu said...

Oh my God, the Nakizumo thing is awesome. Totally going to see if they do that in our area and take goma-chan because seriously a video of that would be so great.

Good on Ryu for not nutting out.

Sounds like a lovely birthday party for Jo`s daughter- I miss kiddie birthday parties. Can`t wait for throwing my own. Although I am a very crap cake maker.

I think it is kind of sad that BIL wants to stop paying for Granny K`s insurance- sure it sounds like she can be a pain sometimes but you guys let her live with you even though it should be BILs job AND they can`t even pay the insurance. Seems kind of slack to me. She is old, she needs insurance, even if it is for bum grapes (gross!)

Kelly said...

OMG I had a very big laugh out loud at " just vestling bum grapes".

You have a wicked sense of humour!! :) Always make me laugh. :)

Glad to hear you had a good time, the kids look absolutely knackered. :)

illahee said...

yeah, i think BIL needs a smack of reality upside his head. hm, wonder if he or his wife have secret debt problems or something....

good on your husband for taking over the insurance payments. OTOH, if he doesn't, she'll be without insurance and if anything ever happened....gah!

isn't there another brother somewhere? how does he play a role in GW's care?

Sara said...

yay for sleeping during the day babies!!! just had a 2 hour(!!!) nap with sakura... first one thats been over 2 hours in weeks.

oh i'm jealous of the birthday party!! i can't wait to do one for sakura next year - and maybe go to some myself but i guess i would need to make friends first. do japanese people even celebrate birthday parties for their kids with friends?

i wanna do nakizumo too!!! i wonder if we are too late for it.

great pics of the kids! love shou and the tank!!