Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Crabs and more crabs

I DID get round to finishing the party invites last night - laminated and all!

I know, I know. Wont be opening up any party invitation shop on etsy anytime soon.

Delivered one today - to Coffee Chiemi. The only person I know for sure will turn up. Really needed to deliver them to the other two mothers. I have told them though but who knows. Birthday parties are such an unknown concept in Japan that they may have just said they would come to be polite and then on the day, after I have prepared for fifteen people, they don't turn up - and we are left eating cheese sticks, weeners, crisps and leftover crab cake for weeks.

I had a quite productive morning this morning - thanks to Ryu and his two hour nap. Got dinner sorted - which was my new rice lasanga/doria/spinnach cheese sauce bonnanza. Think will become a gajinwife staple. The kids eat it all and hub inhales it back too. Plus is that is has loads of veges all disguised as meat and cheese sause. I have never posted a recipe but if you want this one I will. I'm no Nigela Lawson - not even a Nig or a Law, but this tweaked recipe seems to hit the spot in this house.

Got to the post office to send spedangled bling facemask to Ireland. Also managed to cut out ten small crabs for Sunday - not sure what will be used for. Perhaps for the take home goodie bags. Fiddly little fuckers though. No more crab parties. Will MAKE shou have a snake party next year - and Marina - perhaps sun or moon? A circle party. I'm sure every little girl wants a circle party. I'll make it pink and blingy. Hmmmm pink and blingy. Perhaps should stock up on facemasks to put in the take home goodie bag.

Picked Marina up from kindy after lunch and took her and Ryu for their Marco Polio vaccinations. No fuss, no tears. Got home and both of them went down for a nap while I folded washing in front of LOST - OK, I thought it couldn't get any worse but NO, the Island has fuckin damn well up and disappeared. Controlled by wheel under ground. Whatever.

I spoke to home and the unbloggables are perhaps getting worse. If you had told me a year a go what would be happening now I would have laughed at you. No way. But, yes way - these are the days of our lives. One very big bloody sigh - a sigh of worry, a sigh of utter dispair, a sigh of sighs.

Used my J&J baby bedtime lotion tonight - gave Ryu a massage after his bath. He smells sooooooooo yummy. Will difinately be cutting open that bottle to scrape the last bit out in a month or so.

What else, what else - ooooh, got parcel from Granny A today - for Marina's birthday. All crab related - as per my request!

I am off to get birthday and English class Halloween party supplies tomorrow. Will be meeting Jo for cuppa in the morning to get my shopping strength up - and perhaps steal a few of those disgusting lava bettle shit gross things she posted about last night. Am thinking that if I put a couple of them in a case full of dirt for Shou and wrap them up and give them to him on Sunday - then that will make him not feel so left out of the birthday proceedings - code for not nutting out while Marina gets all the goods.

Anyhoooo, hub is looking like a kid before christmas. He is calling on his sexual favor so off I go to the bathroom to be handcuffed to the shower pole.


I am joking.


Or am I....


tj-injapan said...

The party invites look fantastic - cutest crab I have ever seen. Can't wait for the cake, now!

Sorry to hear there is more bad news re the unbloggables. (hugs)

Sara said...

Ohhhh I'd like the recipe please!! We are always looking to add more veggies to our meals over here!

Your invites are adorable! I wish I lived closer I would love to crash and help you take care of all that yummy sounding food.

Hope you had a fun? time with hubs you naughty girl you...

thefukases said...

laminated invites?? Recipes? Move over Martha Stewart here comes Gaijin Wife.... ;P

If you want to run with circle cakes you gotta go with anpanman. Circle, circle, circle! Unfortunately he's only cool until about 5......

Here's to a smashing party and I'm soooo glad the crabs you were blogging about were of the marine variety... all this talk of bum stickers and the trials and tribulations of fake nails on intimate zones and you had me worried....

Sakura Mama said...

That crab invite is too bloody cute!
I get what you mean with kids parties... When I had Sakura's 1st in Aus... 5 people showed up. 2 of them late, and 1 left early after about 5 minutes! It was a real downer because I had spent so much time and effort.. and catered for th 20 people that CONFIRMED they were attending! It was a pool party at the local pool and I even paid the entries!

Hope it all goes well!

Tigermama said...

Awesome crab!

I used to have themes and great cakes. Now I just ask what flavour they like and hope they have it at the local cake shop. Heehee.

Kitty-chan is a pretty easy cake to make...you don't even have to make a full face.

illahee said...

very cute! can hardly believe she's going to be two already. hope she has a great party!

Kelly said...

Recipe please!! :) BTW that crab invite is excellent!! It is sooo cute. :) Very much talent