Monday, 26 October 2009

Bumholeyole Clinic

I was in slumber by 9pm last night. No surprise there. When Marina and Ryu had a nap I somehow drew the short straw and had to keep an eye on overactive Shou while hub slept. I fell asleep on the couch and the next thing I know hub is coming down stairs an hour later. I wake with a start and into a pool of dribble on the cushion and think shit, where's Shou. Looks like he kept himself occupied watering ALL of granny K's plants outside.

In the rain.

Last night was a bit heinous. Ryu woke at half one and wouldn't go back to sleep. Of course I had been asleep with him for four and a half hours already so when he woke I was all ready to get up for the day. Got a shock to find it was the middle of the fricken night. Despite not being sleepy at the start of the midnight shenanigans an hour and a half later and I was bordering on psychotic. Had to tag team with hub who somehow managed to get him to sleep - perhaps through bribing him with a car on his eighteenth birthday.

After taking the kiddies to kindy I had to drive Granny K for a checkup at the bumholeyole clinic TWO hours away. I had known about this before hand I just hadn't known how shagged (not literally - none of that business going on since the clear blue scare) I would be.

The kids got out the door on time - Marina looking pretty in her only winter-ish dress

but I didn't get time for even a coffee so had to stop for supplies on the way. Got there in good time and I was all set for having to doss round with Ryu for a couple of hours so went to big deptarment store to well, doss round, go to uniqlo, buy some supplies for Halloween party having for English class kids this week, stop by starbucks etc. Had just finished at uniqlo when phone rings. Granny K was all finished and was now in the kids clothes shop next to the clinic buying Marina a birthday prezzie. How long was I going to be?

Shit. Spend all that time driving there and don't even get a decent shop. Also wish Granny K would ring as soon as she knows how long she will be. As it was I left her waiting forty minutes! I also had to booby Ryu in that time, during which my sister in law phoned back. I had rung her as thought might doss round at their place instead but she didn't answer. Why - because her daughter (my neice, Granny K's grand daughter) had her second son on Saturday - ten days early.

On Saturday people and today is Monday and I have a feeling they wouldn't have been phoning today if I hadn't phoned already. Apparantly my neice lost a bit of blood after the birth and wasn't feeling up for guests. This is fine. I know what its like. I wasn't expecing visitors while I was still in the labour and delivery room - and Coffee Chiemi and her whole family including her husband waltzed in!! Anyway, they could have at least let us know. We're family for christ sake is easy to say 'baby born. mum and bubs both fine but mum too shattered for visitors'. No worries.

Anyhoo, families can be a pain in the ass sometimes. Granny K and I suitably bitched all the way home in the car about not being told sooner and have decided we will descend on sister in laws house with prezzies and goodwishes for baby on November 6th - the day Granny K goes into hosp for her bumholeyole operation. That's a whole nother two weeks away so I would presume neice and new baby will be up for a twenty minute visit or so.

Granny K suggested we stop for lunch on the way home - bugger - had just had ham and cheesy melty goodness thing from starbucks - but couldn't turn her down so suggested sushi then realised she doesn't even like raw fish. Ended up at Joyfull where she told anyone that would listen that Ryu was her grandson. Which by default and lack of any other persons with her, put me as the mother of her cute grandson. It was quite cute though. She then spent whole meal trying to make Ryu laugh inbetween mouthfuls of salmon teishoku. Not so bad - is worse when she hasn't got her teeth in.

Got home to two prezzies for Marina from home. My sister sent this adorable tutu...

And friend sent carebears DVD and necklace. In addition to next series of Outrageous Fortune - which I have told self I can't start watching until I am in the seventies - ie weightwise not going back in time.

We had a family dinner followed by pudding which Granny K supplied. All fun and Ryu and Marina went down sweet as and the spawn of the devil is still awake waiting for me - while daddy sleeps away upstairs! This happens a lot. Shou goes up to bed with daddy and then daddy, being the useless story teller that he is can't persuade Shou to stay there and soon it is stomp stomp (would love to write pitter patter but is so not that) down the stairs to mummy. Arrrrghhh, and I am such a mean mummy at bedtime - until we actually get into bed and it is cuddles and kisses and love yous and stroking his hair. He must secretly love that bit.

Best go do the bed thing

Happy Birthday my princess. This time two years ago me and daddy were waiting for you to pee! This time last year mummy was rocking you pacing up and down the kiddy ward at Fukuoka Children's hospital - trying to get you to sleep for your big operation on the 27th. It didn't work and you slept a grand total of about half an hour that night. Thank god for drugs the next day.

Love you lots - you and your little brother. Oh and I guess the big one too. Kiss kiss.

Sweet Dreams, Good Health and Quiet Living


Chrysanthemum Mum said...

Happy Birthday, Marina.

Luuurrve the tutu! I need to get Alexa some dressing up girly stuff. At the mo she is very interested in trains and cars. I want to have a princess not a grease monkey.

Sara said...

Happy Birthday Marina!!!

LOL @ Granny K showing off Ryu. I can understand though he is a cutie, if he was my grandson I'm sure I'd be doing the same!!

Sounds like you had a hectic night and I don't envy you 1:30 wake ups!?

Hope tonight is better!

Lulu said...

Happy 2nd Birthday to Marina. That tutu is awesome- I LOVE that it is not the traditional pink because well, green is awesome! (Green & pink are my favourite colours- cos yeah, I am like 5 and have favourite colours!)

I can`t believe your in-laws did not let you or granny K know that she had another great grandchild. Seriously, isn`t this something that should be announced like as soon as it happens? What did they name him?

Hope there is no 1am wake ups tonight!

thefukases said...

I am thinking of writing a kid's book called 'why you should sleep' it's going to be very scary in the vein of der struwwelpeter about the consequences of depriving your mother of sleep. I'll be looking to you for a chapter or two. ;P

illahee said...

happy birthday marina! looks like you had a great one!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday little girl! And wow you threw a party! I admit that I held/hold off with the parties until they're 5, it's lots of work! So thumbs up :D