Saturday, 31 October 2009

Bloody Leggie Fucker

We have just had a huge mukade (poisness centipede) experience upstairs. Thank God mukade don't get me up the duff!! It was making it's way along the side of the hall when we all went upstairs - me to settle Ryu and Hub to put Shou to bed. There was a bit of a scuffle between hub and the mukade, with the mukade losing out to a tissue box. Not completely though. Only stopped about five of its hundred legs moving. I had to get serious, cause there is no sleep happening if those things get away and you have to spend the whole night wondering where the hell it went and how many friends its partying with. So it got the gaijinwife flick into the toilet and flushed.

I used my superior powers of persuasion to get hub to take me to sushi for lunch. Well, I'm the one with the cash so it was really more me taking him to lunch with his money! Went to the new Uniqlo first and both got a few things for winter. There was an extremely good, in fact best ever, 100 yen shop beside it. Honestly, you could stock your whole house from that shop! I manged to only spend three thousand yen and have even started getting stocking fillers and random christmas stuff. Freaky, getting into that season all ready. This will be our first whole family shougatsu (new year) Obviously, before now Ryu wasn't here but even before that - Shou's first new years him and I were back in New Zealand and then the following year, for Marina's first new years - she got a temperature on the 31st so her and I were in hospital for ten days from the 31st. And obviously this last new years Shou, Marina and I were in New Zealand again.

Time for the kids to reap the toshidama (money given to kids at new years) rewards me think. Might have to travel round relatives houses just so can get some cash to start their education funds.

After our shop we went to sushi and just about ate the mat off the conveyer belt. Don't know why we were so hungry. I'm definately not pregnant and I don't think hub can use that as an excuse either.

Hub had a nap when we got home and I did core rhythms - first time post Ryu for the short workout. Had a shower and then decided some hub manitenance was in order. He can go from being dead asleep to ready for action in the blink of an eye. He has learned me thinks that when wifey suggests a frolick in the hay tis best to oblige as don't know how long it will be until she suggests it again!

God damn it - he has just now asked me if he can go on the overnight end of year office party. I said yes but only if he doesn't stay for the usual bowling the next day - a Sunday. I think this is fair enough. He goes on Saturday afternoon, gets pissed until all hours and then comes home and has to face the music. I haven't had a hungover sleep in in three years so I don't feel mean enforcing this at all. He then said though, that the bloody party was in fuckin Shimonoseki - three or four hours away by car. Going to eat damn fugu (big fat poisenous if you eat the wrong bit blowfish). That would mean not home until Sunday evening. I thought about this for a minute and said

'OK - you can go on the condition you take the next day off (Monday) and look after Ryu for the whole day so I can go out ON MY OWN'.

He said 'how the fuck am I meant to do that?'


I said he'll be six months by then, I don't care if you give him formula all day. As for the non feeding stuff - play with him, cuddle him to sleep, go for a walk.

The jury is still out!! He hasn't given me an answer yet. He needs to think about it.

This evening hub was looking for the keys to his car. I had used them to lock the front door when we left this morning and had then put them in the glovebox of the car. This is the conversation we had...

hub: have you seen my carkeys?
me: honda no naka (in the Honda - as in the car. Don't know why I said Honda instead of my car though)
hub: I can't find them (as he looks through the plate cupboard)

??? - he thought I had said hondana (book shelf). Made me laugh. I have never called the plate cupboard that before though.

This evening, after the key search, I switched on the TV to discover a LIVE Bledisloe rugby cup game about to start - live from Tokyo. GOD - this has never happened on my Japanese BS before. It was right during the witching hours but I left it on anyway. Got almost teary watching a bunch of men in tight black shirts doing the haka and doing a very bad job of trying to pretend they new the Maori version of the New Zealand national anthem. No other country gets to sing their anthem in two languages do they?

There were 44 thousand people in the stands - eight times the population of Kunimi. It was great. Marina and Shou were a bit bewildered at mummy - telling the men on TV to sort their shit out and various other 'shouldn't teach my toddler that' phrases. Shou got with the program though and started singing 'rei rei akagumi' (a cheer common at sports days). I tried to get him to change it to 'rei rei kurogumi' but he wasn't with the program that much!

And, WE WON. Bet Australia hands down 32-19 I think.

Fuck it - another tangent. Granny K just came in and said that oldest son rung her specifically to tell her that her and I CAN NOT come and visit on Friday - the day Granny K goes in for her bumholeyole operation. We were thinking about popping in there on the way - I emailed the daughter (my neice), who got out of hospital yesterday after the standard five nights. I said congratulations on being back at home and would it perhaps, maybe, just possibly be OK if me (her auntie), Ryu (her cousin) and Granny K (her granny) come and visit for twenty minutes on Friday. I made a point of saying they didn't have to do anything, we just wanted to see them and cross their palms with gold. I asked her to please let me know by Thursday evening - this is five days away. (five days is quite a lot in post birth healing)

According to the eldest son she didn't get up today - this is fine. Childbirth is fucking mammoth ouchiness of all ouchiness. And she said she had a bit of bleeding after the birth. I know I know, I am being complete heartless bitch but, the afterbirth wasn't bad enough to get her moved to a hospital, the day in question is five days away and we only want to go for twenty minutes or so - and we're family. She's an only child so it's not like she's fobbing off shitloads of relatives.


Got that off my chest.

Sorry, just still a bit what the fuck at having Japanese nurses ushering people into the LDR an hour after Ryu was born and also knowing that hospitals don't let you leave until you are a hundred and fifty percent better. Obviously still ouchy and walking funny when come out after giving birth but...

Humph. Will post her prezzie and money and be done with it. They never come and visit anyway. Asked Granny K if eldest son would pick her up and bring her home the day she can leave the hospital - November 16. She said she hadn't asked him and wouldn't as would get train home - which would mean us going to the station forty minutes away to pick her up. We have the local festival that the kids are dancing in and well, if eldest son could bring her it would be best option - he can't be there the day of the operation cause of wedding and I am driving her the day before the operation. Makes sense to me that he pulls his head in and helps out. Hub is going to ring him this week and ask/tell him.

Anyhoo, time to curl up and watch some telly with hub



tj-injapan said...

haha, I read that first line wrong and thought you had a run-in with a MUDCAKE!! I was about to get J to drive around town to find ME one too (crazy pregnant lady).
Lots of stuff going on - love the thought of Maki searching the hondana for the keys, how funny.

As for the rugby - congrats! Apparently Aus is on a 7 year losing streak, so I guess next year we fight back and beat your kiwi butts!!

Sarah said...

In Canada we also (attempt to) sing our national anthem in two languages - French and English. I went to a French Immersion school where we would sing the first and last verses in English and the middle one in French. I also get all worked up about hockey, so I completely understand!! (my Japanese boyfriend is completely bewildered but makes a good attempt at asking me what is going on when I listen to games)

L. said...

The childbirth thing....I wonder if it's mental, not physical? I wonder if she is feeling completely overwhelmed, and is not herself and her family doesn't know how to deal with it? This is not a culture that deals well with even the slightest hint of mental troubles.

I remember one mom at the hoikuen got kind of depressed right after she had a c-section, and the other moms who went to visit her in the hospital were whispering in solemn tones that she was "blue," as if it was some horrible shameful thing.

So maybe she's physically okay but is not her chipper self, and her family is making physcial excuses because they won't admit that life is not all sunshine and puppies? Who knows, I don't even know these people, but it popped into my head so I thought I'd mention!

Kelly said...

Doesn't it shit you off that the other members of the family seem to have no qualms about fobbing off their responsibilities? Sheesh. If i were you I would call in on them on friday just because you can! (or just to piss them off). Surely she could put on a happy face for 20 minutes? It's not a long time and as you know she's just given birth you don't expect her to be full o'beans.

Congrats, you beat us!

Gaijin Wife said...

L - you're probably right. I was being very unreasonable yesterday. Am feeling a lot more reasonable today!! I'm sure we'll get the go ahead when she is up to it! Albeit the child might be fifteen at the time but nevermind.