Friday, 23 October 2009

A bit rude

A bit rude not in the sense of bathtubs and handcuffs but more in the 'OK, so I should have read the small print when I ordered it but I didn't'.

The delivery man brought some 'bareminerals' today - a pack of the concelor, foundation and blush stuff. It came with a free brush bag from 'Leslie'. It also came with an invoice saying my credit card would be debited 6500 yen. I ordered my bareminerals pack three months ago. I definately didn't order this follow up pack.

So I rang the toll free number...

me: Hi, A delivery came this morning and I have no recollection of placing an order for it.
them: thank you so much for your orders of bareminerals. Did you accept the delivery?
me: yes. of course I did. I live in the middle of fuckin nowhere. I accept anything that arrives at the door.
them: let me just confirm your details. what's your phone number.
me: blah blah
them: are you blah blah living at blah blah?
me: Si (not sure why have suddenly turned spanish)
them: you made an order three months ago. This is the follow up pack.
me: I don't want it.
them: as you would have noticed when you made the order on the internet your original order of the bareminerals starter pack actually comes with two follow up non refundable orders.

Now, I wouldn't have ordered it if I had noticed this when I made the order. I have since checked the homepage and OK, yes it does say 'please read this before placing your order'. But because I took the damn package from the delivery man I have to pay for it. I have cancelled the next follow up package but I am not impressed. I should be able to send this unopened pack back without being made to pay. It was OK but I wouldn't have ordered more of the stuff.

Ah well, perhaps whole incident was just test of my Japanese skills. Hate having to make phonecalls like that - phonecall to the land of whiney high voiced Japanese phone centre ladies.

Was also probably pennance for my silliness last night. I made two mistakes. My first was to invite someone else to Marina's birthday party on Sunday. I hadn't seen friend for ages. She has a son the same school year as Marina but I hadn't seen them for so long I thought I wouldn't invite them. Can't invite everyone afterall. But I did and now it may turn out we have ELEVEN pre-school aged children running rampage round our lawn for two hours on Sunday morning. Ages - 6,5,4,3,3,3,2,2,1,0,0.

Fuckin fantastic. I am a bit bewildered as to when exactly things started to spiral out of control! God I hope the weather gods are smiling. I do not want eleven kids inside with all their parents, five bowls of crisps and a crab cake.

My second mistake, after having a couple of beers at dinner, was coming home and thinking it would be a good idea to email star of the unbloggables. Stupid of stupid ideas and one I regret. I got a reply today that fired me up, I sent another one - which was stupidity 102, and got another reply telling me to 'bugger off'. I think I will. No point in contact at the moment. I thought I could make a difference - even if it provoked anger I thought it might help. But it appears not so time to lay low for a while.

Ryu and I spent the day at home. Had a lovely afternoon nap - I slept with my little ray of sunshine for an hour and then he coninued to sleep for another hour and a half, while I cut out and glued on crabs to take home packs for all the kiddies with teeth enough to eat goodies - eight.

I have a long list of stuff to do tomorrow - mainly cleaning and baking. I am going to get hub to take Marina and Shou to the park on Sunday morning for the hour before people arrive - so I can put up final decorations (balloons) and ice the cake. Hub has the OK from me to go to silver ball heaven tomorrow. I said he couldn't go far but realised that wasn't fair so have now said he can go where he likes. No point letting him go and then giving him a list of bloody rules. May as well let him run free. Free as the wind. Would be like giving European Stylist some cash and telling her to go wild buying shoes - and then saying she could only go to the gumboot shop. Besides, I would still be busy if he was at home as list of things I want to do aren't things I would delegate to him - bar the raking of the leaves which I will get him to do before he goes!!

Anyhooo, time for some couch snuggles with hub - who was home late again tonight. The bath and dinner thing went well though and Ryu went down on his own and Shou was being ultra cute and mummy was getting lots of cuddles. Love that.



selena said...

Hi GW, been reading for awhile but not sure if I've commented yet.

Just to say that I don't even read the fine print in English; who does? Sure as hell can't be bothered to read it in Japanese. Not only is it rude, it reeks of being fraudulent. Hmph.

Lulu said...

Oh fine print sucks. Seriously it should be there in BIG BOLD LETTERS if they want you to actually pay attention to it. Glad you could at least get out of the next one...

My husband is a fan of silver ball heaven as well- although since we came back to Japan I only allow him to play 1yen pachinko. Is that mean? He saves the money he wins at the place (he always goes to the same place) stays there like it is ball currency or something. Sometimes he withdraws money from there and takes me for a nice lunch though (usually only if I have let him play pachinko first though!)

The only way he can play different pachinko (ie, the one that costs more)is if he sells manga or games to the local book off. Maybe I am a horrible wife?! haha

Good luck with Marina`s party on Sunday- I am sure it will go off without a hitch. Sounds like fun. Room for one more? Joking! I am sure you will not notice the one extra kid and parents running around...once there is more than 3 or 4 kids aged 2 or above the difference is minimal!!!