Thursday, 22 October 2009

All Good

Thursdays used to be my day of madness. Not today. Today I got time to sit and smell the roses.

Early morning madness over, kids at kindy and Ryu and I come home for feed and house round before heading out. First stop - the michinoeki, or nice big shed where locals sell their produce and handicrafts. Every Thursday there is a van that sells 'meronpan'. I went the first time months ago thinking I was getting the orignal 'meronpan', only to find out that their bread is actually melon in flavor - and slightly green. Is fantastically fabulous - especially if just out of the oven.

Got there just after nine and the bread had nine minutes to go - so spent time perusing the local produce and sitting outside in the sun. Ryu was asleep in my arms and I was able to take in the environs - some men weedeating, some vestlings playing ground golf (had probably been up since five) and a group of parents farewelling their high school age children on their school outing. There was then a parent meeting in the carpark where they were obviously were being told about what to do if their child came home with oinky flu.

Got my bread - along with free choccy bikkie cause had been waiting. Went to friends in next town over and had cuppa and gassbag. Did some shopping and came home. Then had talk to brother and then sister. Unblogables are still just that but today, my mum said that her main hope is that it doesn't tear our famiy apart. I'm here, so far away, that I am more 'immune' to what is going on but it rips me sideways that it could fuck up the relationship between my brother and sisters. This is us. Them and me. We get on well. It's good family times. This kind of thing isn't supposed to be happening. But things are being said to and fro and nasty times ahead. Not good.

Fingers, toes, any spare flaps you have, crossed please.

English class was fine - same old same old. Cooked some hidden dragon leaping tiger spinnach (as in spinnach was mulched and hidden) and kids ate it, as did hub. Kids had their bath and then hub took Ryu and I to dinner thing. On way home from kindy Shou asked me to turn the sounds up loud - their song. Noma noma yay. We SANG the fuck out of that song. Even Marina was singing so loud I could'nt think. Was miracle we got home in one piece at all. Very funny though. I look back to the back seat and they are both heads back, mouths open, screaming noma noma yay, noma noma noma yay.

When Ryu and I got to BBQ, Shou packed an absoulte spaz and wanted to get out of the car but once out it would have been even more painful to get him back in so hub drove off with him nutting out. Apparantly nut out lasted three minutes and then hub put stereo up full boar (?) to which Shou said 'turn it down daddy' - ie, end of nut out. Good tactics. Went straight to bed when got home too.

Anyway, was good night out. I only had a couple of drinkies and then the ex-mayors wife drove me home. Have since come home, had wee randevou in shower with hub who has now gone to bed and left me to my own devices with some CSI and a chuhai.

Nighty nighty


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Corinne said...

That sounds like madness enough for me!
I'll have to remember the car stereo tip, I have a feeling ash will be similar to Shou in the nut out stakes.
I have a craving for warm fresh melon pan now!!