Saturday, 31 October 2009

Bloody Leggie Fucker

We have just had a huge mukade (poisness centipede) experience upstairs. Thank God mukade don't get me up the duff!! It was making it's way along the side of the hall when we all went upstairs - me to settle Ryu and Hub to put Shou to bed. There was a bit of a scuffle between hub and the mukade, with the mukade losing out to a tissue box. Not completely though. Only stopped about five of its hundred legs moving. I had to get serious, cause there is no sleep happening if those things get away and you have to spend the whole night wondering where the hell it went and how many friends its partying with. So it got the gaijinwife flick into the toilet and flushed.

I used my superior powers of persuasion to get hub to take me to sushi for lunch. Well, I'm the one with the cash so it was really more me taking him to lunch with his money! Went to the new Uniqlo first and both got a few things for winter. There was an extremely good, in fact best ever, 100 yen shop beside it. Honestly, you could stock your whole house from that shop! I manged to only spend three thousand yen and have even started getting stocking fillers and random christmas stuff. Freaky, getting into that season all ready. This will be our first whole family shougatsu (new year) Obviously, before now Ryu wasn't here but even before that - Shou's first new years him and I were back in New Zealand and then the following year, for Marina's first new years - she got a temperature on the 31st so her and I were in hospital for ten days from the 31st. And obviously this last new years Shou, Marina and I were in New Zealand again.

Time for the kids to reap the toshidama (money given to kids at new years) rewards me think. Might have to travel round relatives houses just so can get some cash to start their education funds.

After our shop we went to sushi and just about ate the mat off the conveyer belt. Don't know why we were so hungry. I'm definately not pregnant and I don't think hub can use that as an excuse either.

Hub had a nap when we got home and I did core rhythms - first time post Ryu for the short workout. Had a shower and then decided some hub manitenance was in order. He can go from being dead asleep to ready for action in the blink of an eye. He has learned me thinks that when wifey suggests a frolick in the hay tis best to oblige as don't know how long it will be until she suggests it again!

God damn it - he has just now asked me if he can go on the overnight end of year office party. I said yes but only if he doesn't stay for the usual bowling the next day - a Sunday. I think this is fair enough. He goes on Saturday afternoon, gets pissed until all hours and then comes home and has to face the music. I haven't had a hungover sleep in in three years so I don't feel mean enforcing this at all. He then said though, that the bloody party was in fuckin Shimonoseki - three or four hours away by car. Going to eat damn fugu (big fat poisenous if you eat the wrong bit blowfish). That would mean not home until Sunday evening. I thought about this for a minute and said

'OK - you can go on the condition you take the next day off (Monday) and look after Ryu for the whole day so I can go out ON MY OWN'.

He said 'how the fuck am I meant to do that?'


I said he'll be six months by then, I don't care if you give him formula all day. As for the non feeding stuff - play with him, cuddle him to sleep, go for a walk.

The jury is still out!! He hasn't given me an answer yet. He needs to think about it.

This evening hub was looking for the keys to his car. I had used them to lock the front door when we left this morning and had then put them in the glovebox of the car. This is the conversation we had...

hub: have you seen my carkeys?
me: honda no naka (in the Honda - as in the car. Don't know why I said Honda instead of my car though)
hub: I can't find them (as he looks through the plate cupboard)

??? - he thought I had said hondana (book shelf). Made me laugh. I have never called the plate cupboard that before though.

This evening, after the key search, I switched on the TV to discover a LIVE Bledisloe rugby cup game about to start - live from Tokyo. GOD - this has never happened on my Japanese BS before. It was right during the witching hours but I left it on anyway. Got almost teary watching a bunch of men in tight black shirts doing the haka and doing a very bad job of trying to pretend they new the Maori version of the New Zealand national anthem. No other country gets to sing their anthem in two languages do they?

There were 44 thousand people in the stands - eight times the population of Kunimi. It was great. Marina and Shou were a bit bewildered at mummy - telling the men on TV to sort their shit out and various other 'shouldn't teach my toddler that' phrases. Shou got with the program though and started singing 'rei rei akagumi' (a cheer common at sports days). I tried to get him to change it to 'rei rei kurogumi' but he wasn't with the program that much!

And, WE WON. Bet Australia hands down 32-19 I think.

Fuck it - another tangent. Granny K just came in and said that oldest son rung her specifically to tell her that her and I CAN NOT come and visit on Friday - the day Granny K goes in for her bumholeyole operation. We were thinking about popping in there on the way - I emailed the daughter (my neice), who got out of hospital yesterday after the standard five nights. I said congratulations on being back at home and would it perhaps, maybe, just possibly be OK if me (her auntie), Ryu (her cousin) and Granny K (her granny) come and visit for twenty minutes on Friday. I made a point of saying they didn't have to do anything, we just wanted to see them and cross their palms with gold. I asked her to please let me know by Thursday evening - this is five days away. (five days is quite a lot in post birth healing)

According to the eldest son she didn't get up today - this is fine. Childbirth is fucking mammoth ouchiness of all ouchiness. And she said she had a bit of bleeding after the birth. I know I know, I am being complete heartless bitch but, the afterbirth wasn't bad enough to get her moved to a hospital, the day in question is five days away and we only want to go for twenty minutes or so - and we're family. She's an only child so it's not like she's fobbing off shitloads of relatives.


Got that off my chest.

Sorry, just still a bit what the fuck at having Japanese nurses ushering people into the LDR an hour after Ryu was born and also knowing that hospitals don't let you leave until you are a hundred and fifty percent better. Obviously still ouchy and walking funny when come out after giving birth but...

Humph. Will post her prezzie and money and be done with it. They never come and visit anyway. Asked Granny K if eldest son would pick her up and bring her home the day she can leave the hospital - November 16. She said she hadn't asked him and wouldn't as would get train home - which would mean us going to the station forty minutes away to pick her up. We have the local festival that the kids are dancing in and well, if eldest son could bring her it would be best option - he can't be there the day of the operation cause of wedding and I am driving her the day before the operation. Makes sense to me that he pulls his head in and helps out. Hub is going to ring him this week and ask/tell him.

Anyhoo, time to curl up and watch some telly with hub


Friday, 30 October 2009

Flu Jabs

Check this out.

How amazing is that! The photo doesn't do it justice but if you have a few tequillas, squint and look the other way you can just about see the steam rising up from that there cup of coffee. Wow, and this was taken BEFORE the kids went to kindy. Almost unheard of. I think I may still be in shock - that I actually got to have almost a whole cup of hot scorching coffee. Usually I have to zap it a few times in the microwave. Nice.

This photo was taken this morning too. Marina looked so cute in her skinny jeans, new pink top that we got given yesterday, pink leg warmers - and of course her hair in pigtails. Her teacher at kindy (they are all over sixty) thought the legwarmers were those rainwear things that trampers and hikers wear!!

We had a pretty cruisy day today - Coffee Chiemi came over for coffee and a gass and then we took our babies out for lunch. Before leaving I rang a few more hospitals and clinics to ask about the flu shots again. Got fobbed off at one so rang the Kunimi hospital - which I hadn't rung before as there is only one doctor and it is definately a step down from it's former glory days. Well, well, well. Everybody else must have forgotten about it as well because they had some shots still left - only just (and this is only for the normal flu shots not even the oinky stuff) and could I bring the kids in at four.

So in we went. Picked them up from kindy an hour early and with Ryu and Granny K in the car we set off. I was worried Shou would completely nut and try and escape alcatraz. He was I admit a pain in the ass while I was trying to fill in the three sheets of questions and taking temperatures. I had completely forgotten that Marina had had her polio vaccination ten days ago - they make you wait four weeks in between vaccinations so she couldn't get hers today. Adults only need one shot but kids have to have two. The doctor agreed to give Marina one shot next month when Shou gets his second - but she wont get a second as they won't have enough vaccinations or some bollocks like that.

Anyway Shou was very staunch. I went first so he could see me be fine with it and then it was his turn. As the shot went in he cried out a bit and then, bless him, he put his head into my shoulder and sucked back his tears. Not that I think a three year old shouldn't be able to cry but it was still very cute and staunch.

I am hoping that because we got these ones done there then they will be more likely to contact us when the oinky flu shots are doing the rounds. Coffee Chiemi's kids are both getting oinky flu shots on Monday - but they both have asthma so are higher up on the list.

Injections meant no bathtime - is this the same in other countries? If you have a vaccination do they suggest you don't bath? Fine by me though as meant didn't have to do the whole bath thing on my own. Did mean though that Marina and Ryu missed out and they hadn't even been jabbed. The change in routine put Ryu out a bit and he took longer than usual to get to sleep. All quiet now though. Hub's dinner is waiting in the oven. Granny K is in the bath with a shower cap over her newly dyed hair. She is off to Yamaguchi ken for the day tomorrow. Busy busy busy. Honestly she has a busier schedule than I do.

I might try and persuade hub to go to sushi tomorrow. It might take some very persuasive persuading though.

wink wink.


Edit - hub has come home. He walked up to me and said 'yappari anshin suru' (hmmmm, translation, hmmmm, I feel safe, at ease, relaxed). He has never said that to me before so I kind of joked and took the 'anshin' in the literal sense of being safe and asked him if that was his way of saying I was built like brick boat house and not flying away in the next typhoon. He said no, he just like coming home to his wife.

Pause for oooohhhhhhhh, what a sweetie sighs.

That or he's feeling guilty about opening a new bank account or playing the silver balls when he said he was working!!

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Oinky Flu and Wannabe Lasagne

English got cancelled tonight. Bloody oinky flu means I won't be able to ring New Zealand for the next three weeks or so - as in less pay to pay for off the scale international phone bill. All because still only have dial up and can't damn well skype.

So oinky flu - the main kindy in town, the main primary school, the junior high, the table tennis club.... you name it, the oinky flu has taken it over. But NOT our kindy and our primary school - YET. Tis just a matter of time though. I have resigned self to fact that we will get it soon too - and in a way, it would be a relief as then could stop bloody worrying about it and ringing up hospitals to ask about vaccinations only to be fobbed of with 'we have no information' type answers.

I have enough bum bullets in the fridge, cool pillows, forehead and armpit cooler pads etc - not to mention masks and handgel. Hub and I are getting the normal flu jabs - me soon and hub in December. Why? Because he can afford to take the time off before December if he gets the flu but after that he is too busy and apparantly getting the jab now will mean it will wear off by about February? Is this correct? Or is hub just being a silly know it all, I don't need a fucking map to get anywhere, man??

Despite my night English class getting cancelled, I did still have the arvo one. It was our Halloween lesson and I had candy for Africa to give out so they were all very well behaved - although one girl said 'Katy shite yo' at one point and I had to talk her down a bit. Can't have that kind of shit
. They are eight for christ sake. I asked her if she spoke like that to her teacher at school - no. After that they were full of please and thankyous. Patronising eight year olds.

Made the wannabe lasagne thing tonight - and here is the recipe for any interested parties.

Ingredients (meat sauce)
  • One medium onion
  • One medium carrot
  • Mince (tonight I used 200g of beef)
  • One packet of Nepolitan pasta sauce (I used meat sauce the first time but I think nepolitan is better)
  • Cooked rice - usally just put in all the left overs. Today was about two and a half rice bowls full which is more than usual.
  • I have put mushrooms and peppers in it before too
Ingredients (white sauce)
  • 20g butter
  • big heaped spoon of white flour
  • 400 ml of milk
  • two slices of melty cheese (usually use handful of grated cheese though)
  • handful of finally cut spinnach (two cupped hands)
  • salt and pepper if you want

How to: cook meat and onions, add carrot (grated so kiddies eat it) and then napolitan sauce and rice. cook until all yummy and nice. While doing this whip up cheese sauce. Melt butter in pot, add flour and whisk, add milk then cheese then spinnach.

Pour meat then cheese sauce into ovenproof dish and top with more cheese - grated better but tonight I had to make do with processed melty shit.
Bake at 200 degrees C for about fifteen minutes.
So that's my Nigela moment. The gaijinwife household really knocks this back. Never any left over for lunch the next day!
Off to bed. Sleepy as per usual!
Ooooh, Outrageous Fortune viewers - I watched the last episode in the latest season and was sitting with mouth hanging open at the end. So not expecting that to happen. I know I said I was going to wait till I lost a few kilos so could reward self with latest season. Obviously the new DVD just got the better of me.


Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Then and Now Parenting

Today was a much better day. Mostly due to the few more hours sleep I got than the night before. Prozac mummy jumped out of bed this morning. Well almost prozac mummy. What would be the chances of getting some really good drugs in Kunimi.

I read my 'akachan to mama' (baby and mummy) mag this afternoon. There was an article on 'raising kids - then and now' - all about what Granny K's age group believed what was good parenting compared to now and what we think - a lot of the changes based on research and medical science. Was quite interesting..

Then: Get bubs off the boob/milk as soon as you can, give bubs lukewarm water or diluted mugicha tea after the bath.
Now: Let bubs suck you dry for as long as they want. Wait till they WANT to 'sotsugyo' graduate the boob. While they are boobing it no need to try and give them any other liquid whatsoever - thats according to WHO. Is not good for bub's digestive system and could lead to allergies or whatever.

Then: That it's OK to mulch the food in your mouth before you give it to your baby.
Now: Have realised we aren't bunch of fuckin birds. This also leads to mother passing on mouth nasties - tooth decay.

Then: Bad news to let a baby suck on a dummy. Not good for teeth development and can impair speech.
Now: Bunch of fuckin bollocks. If it shuts the baby up when it's stressing you out shove it in. Actually means they start breathing through their nose properly and can help in reducing alergies and asthma (??)

Then: Let the baby cry. Picking them up and cuddling them too much will make them reliant on being cuddled to get them off to sleep.
Now: Cuddling is good bonding with the baby and cuddling them instead of letting them cry will help lead to them becoming more independant.

Then: You should start toilet trying at one year old
Now: Whatever.

Then: If a child has a fever warm them up and let them sweat it out.
Now: Cool them down.

There were more and also a couple about cultural differences.

Japan: co-sleeping
West: baby goes in own bed from almost straight away and then a little bit later into their very own room. Gasp.

More Japanese people are doing this apparantly and it isn't really encouraged because... In the west we tend to be more kissy kissy, cuddly cuddly during the day and therefore separating from the baby at night is OK as they are still getting enough affection. But in Japan, the culture is less cuddly and so sleeping together at night has worked well in giving kids the affection they need. Only taking the one side of the coin - putting the baby in their own bed - and not upping the affection during the day and perhaps, well perhaps an akihabara killing spree nut case in the making.

(mag didn't actually say that)

And my personal favorite...

Japan: Kids aren't put to sleep on their tummy due to the whole SIDS thing. But why do people in the west put their babies to sleep on their tummies??? a) because matresses over there are harder and no sinking in and not being able to breath AND...

and this is so obvious. Their noses are 'higher' and therefore not squashed into breathlessness on the pillow - or rather the high-bridged nose makes a baby turn their head to the side to breath.

What absolute fucking bollocks. I'm sorry editor, but my very western, high nosed little brother sleeping on a hard matress died of cotdeath so me thinks this reasoning is crap. Gotta be a bit bewilderded at information like this. Does anyone know what SIDS was called in Japanese back in the day when it was Cotdeath?? Surely not Death by Futon? Perhaps it was FNDS - flat nose death syndrome.

Sorry, very poor taste.

Anyhoo, I am going to have to go to bed. It is half eleven and I started writing this two hours ago - but got sidetracked by damn episode of outrageous fortune where the baby is stillborn. Hub was very worried when he walked in after his union meeting and drinky thing to find me all red eyed and teary.


Tuesday, 27 October 2009

30 Point Morning

This morning was pretty spectacular. One thing led to another led to another and I would say all up that I broke every scream-free parenting and good parenting rule in the book. The authors of that book either ever only had one child or popped prozac before they got out of bed in the morning. I guess I could get up, make some herbal tea, do some deep breathing techniques and give myself a pep talk on how lucky I am. Unfortunately I very rarely remember this routine and today it ended as...

1. Ryu not sleeping again. I was awake from half one to four. Sleep deprivation is a known torture technique. I can understand why. It really breaks you.
2. The kids were horrid at breakfast.
3. Shou threw a toy deliberately on Ryu's head (again) and got his toys taken off him and put up high - which led to awesome tantrum - which led to mummy putting him in the hall and closing the door - and leaning on it.
4. Ryu went down to sleep at seven - he was knackered. As you would expect.
5. Granny K was meant to be here to keep an eye on Shou so I could take Marina to kindy.
6. She didn't show - she was out digging spuds.
7. I LEFT Ryu sleeping upstairs while I took Shou with me to drop Marina at kindy. I remember my mum telling me one time that she left my sister while she ran down to the shop for some ciggies. I thought this was appaling. I still do. I am ashamed that I have done something I never thought I would do.
8. Before I left Ryu alone I checked Granny K's room for anything that could start a fire while I was away. Ended up having to turn off her IH - which she had left on.
9. While Shou was waiting in the car while I took Marina to kindy he set the extremely loud car alarm off.
10. Twice.
11. Just as all the primary school kids were arriving.
12. Three teachers came out to see what was going on.
13. Got home in eight minutes flat - drove like madwoman (equally putting my other two kids in danger) to get home as soon as possible, scared that within the time I was away there would be an earthquake, flood or hurricane and I wouldn't be able to save Ryu and would forever be blaming myself for not just waking him up and putting him in his carseat and taking him with us.

14. Shou was meant to be playing quietly on the deck while I washed some dishes. I had to take him to the dentist but we had half an hour or so together at home beforehand.
15. Asking a three year old boy to play quietly is like asking an alcoholic to please not drink that bottle of that there vodka sitting right in front of you.
16. Fuckin impossible.
17. Came outside and he was in the local hall carpark ten metres away with his pants round his ankles about to take a pee.
18. Just as six cars decided to go past.
19. I somehow get him back and we manage to save a bit of face by him only peeing on our front lawn.
20. He packed a sad about something
21. I packed a sad about something
22. I 'forcefully' put my coffee cup in the sink, making it land funny and the last two tablespoons of coffee somehow manage to magically all fly out of cup and onto self, wall and floor.
23. Bugger shit, wanking fucker.
24. I leave Ryu asleep with Granny K, who is back with a wheelbarrow full of spuds, while I take Shou to the dentist.
25. Shou is the picture of perfect three year old boys.
26. He sits in the chair and gets his checkup and one small filling without flinching.
27. My heart swells with parental pride.
28. Despite fact that my son is getting his first filling (the literature in the waiting room says the average number of fillings for a three year old is 2.19)
29. Everything that happened before the dentists slowly starts to fade.
30. But not enough for me to have any motivation to do anything else fot he rest of the day - bar of course washing, vacuuming and cooking dinner.

So that was my thirty point morning. As I was kneeling on the kitchen floor wiping up coffee I had one of those 'fuck me, I am all the way over here and have no support' type moments. Of course I have Granny K. Yes. And we are getting on better but your family and your husband's family fall under different levels of being able to dredge you out of the pit of despair.

The fact that my own mother is looking after my sister's kids for a week while she and her husband are off swanning it in fiji is just a twist in the knife. It's funny. The whole Granny A doing lots for sister at the moment hasn't really gotten to me until today. Of course I am all the way over here and this is the path that I chose rah bloody rah rah. There is only so much of the 'you made your bed' type shit you can take though aye?

I hope that wherever my kids are in the world I am in a position to go and see them and be there for them when I am older. Obviously a small village in the heights of the himalayas that I have to trek to for five days on donkey might be pushing it.

Anyway, kids were fine at dinner and Marina and Ryu are now asleep, Shou is watching the Carebears and hub is doing some Union paperwork shit.

I am in desparate need of a beer.

And maybe another chapter of the scream-free parenting book aye.


Monday, 26 October 2009

Bumholeyole Clinic

I was in slumber by 9pm last night. No surprise there. When Marina and Ryu had a nap I somehow drew the short straw and had to keep an eye on overactive Shou while hub slept. I fell asleep on the couch and the next thing I know hub is coming down stairs an hour later. I wake with a start and into a pool of dribble on the cushion and think shit, where's Shou. Looks like he kept himself occupied watering ALL of granny K's plants outside.

In the rain.

Last night was a bit heinous. Ryu woke at half one and wouldn't go back to sleep. Of course I had been asleep with him for four and a half hours already so when he woke I was all ready to get up for the day. Got a shock to find it was the middle of the fricken night. Despite not being sleepy at the start of the midnight shenanigans an hour and a half later and I was bordering on psychotic. Had to tag team with hub who somehow managed to get him to sleep - perhaps through bribing him with a car on his eighteenth birthday.

After taking the kiddies to kindy I had to drive Granny K for a checkup at the bumholeyole clinic TWO hours away. I had known about this before hand I just hadn't known how shagged (not literally - none of that business going on since the clear blue scare) I would be.

The kids got out the door on time - Marina looking pretty in her only winter-ish dress

but I didn't get time for even a coffee so had to stop for supplies on the way. Got there in good time and I was all set for having to doss round with Ryu for a couple of hours so went to big deptarment store to well, doss round, go to uniqlo, buy some supplies for Halloween party having for English class kids this week, stop by starbucks etc. Had just finished at uniqlo when phone rings. Granny K was all finished and was now in the kids clothes shop next to the clinic buying Marina a birthday prezzie. How long was I going to be?

Shit. Spend all that time driving there and don't even get a decent shop. Also wish Granny K would ring as soon as she knows how long she will be. As it was I left her waiting forty minutes! I also had to booby Ryu in that time, during which my sister in law phoned back. I had rung her as thought might doss round at their place instead but she didn't answer. Why - because her daughter (my neice, Granny K's grand daughter) had her second son on Saturday - ten days early.

On Saturday people and today is Monday and I have a feeling they wouldn't have been phoning today if I hadn't phoned already. Apparantly my neice lost a bit of blood after the birth and wasn't feeling up for guests. This is fine. I know what its like. I wasn't expecing visitors while I was still in the labour and delivery room - and Coffee Chiemi and her whole family including her husband waltzed in!! Anyway, they could have at least let us know. We're family for christ sake is easy to say 'baby born. mum and bubs both fine but mum too shattered for visitors'. No worries.

Anyhoo, families can be a pain in the ass sometimes. Granny K and I suitably bitched all the way home in the car about not being told sooner and have decided we will descend on sister in laws house with prezzies and goodwishes for baby on November 6th - the day Granny K goes into hosp for her bumholeyole operation. That's a whole nother two weeks away so I would presume neice and new baby will be up for a twenty minute visit or so.

Granny K suggested we stop for lunch on the way home - bugger - had just had ham and cheesy melty goodness thing from starbucks - but couldn't turn her down so suggested sushi then realised she doesn't even like raw fish. Ended up at Joyfull where she told anyone that would listen that Ryu was her grandson. Which by default and lack of any other persons with her, put me as the mother of her cute grandson. It was quite cute though. She then spent whole meal trying to make Ryu laugh inbetween mouthfuls of salmon teishoku. Not so bad - is worse when she hasn't got her teeth in.

Got home to two prezzies for Marina from home. My sister sent this adorable tutu...

And friend sent carebears DVD and necklace. In addition to next series of Outrageous Fortune - which I have told self I can't start watching until I am in the seventies - ie weightwise not going back in time.

We had a family dinner followed by pudding which Granny K supplied. All fun and Ryu and Marina went down sweet as and the spawn of the devil is still awake waiting for me - while daddy sleeps away upstairs! This happens a lot. Shou goes up to bed with daddy and then daddy, being the useless story teller that he is can't persuade Shou to stay there and soon it is stomp stomp (would love to write pitter patter but is so not that) down the stairs to mummy. Arrrrghhh, and I am such a mean mummy at bedtime - until we actually get into bed and it is cuddles and kisses and love yous and stroking his hair. He must secretly love that bit.

Best go do the bed thing

Happy Birthday my princess. This time two years ago me and daddy were waiting for you to pee! This time last year mummy was rocking you pacing up and down the kiddy ward at Fukuoka Children's hospital - trying to get you to sleep for your big operation on the 27th. It didn't work and you slept a grand total of about half an hour that night. Thank god for drugs the next day.

Love you lots - you and your little brother. Oh and I guess the big one too. Kiss kiss.

Sweet Dreams, Good Health and Quiet Living

Sunday, 25 October 2009

We have somehow managed to make it through the day. The rain held off until just before lunch so all the kids got a good play. It was an early start ths morning. 4am for me - thanks very much Ryu. Hub took Shou and Marina to the park at half eight and they stayed there for just over an hour. Granny K got Ryu and I cleaned house, self, and made the spread.

Iced and creamed the chocolate eclairs
cooked the baby sausages
deep fried sticks of cheesy goodness
cut loads of apple
put crisps and brownies in plates
set out all the other shite you need like paper plates, cups, forks rah rah.
Also put the balloons and decorations up...
All the invited kids arrived - most with both parents in tow so we had a grand total of twenty people. Some of the kids hadn't met each other before so there was a bit of shyness but nothing some sugar and an awesome adventure playhouse and swing and slide set couldn't fix.

We sang happy birthday to Marina who didn't really have much of a clue about what was going on - especially when Shou blew the candles out. She was quite happy sitting there and scoffing back food - which she did for forty minutes solid. Does but happen once a year though.

After everyone left and after her nap we gave Marina her other prezzies (eventhough her actual birthday isn't until tomorrow). I didn't want her to have them for five minutes before people turned up and then have them taken off her - which happened anyway as Shou is a firm believer in the toddler law of possession - if I have it in my hands right now then it is mine. If I had it for half a second yesterday or if I plan on having it for half a second tomorrow then it's mine too.

Also gave her the hat the European stylist sent. Sorry, but...
So the obvious recipient was...

And of course here is the cake...
Not exactly queen of the crab prom but the kids didn't seem to mind. Two of the older boys were suitably excited when I started chopping and disembodied the legs and claws from the body. There was a fight over the two eyeballs - but that stopped when they realised it was just a shucream without the cream! The other bits were all cake and tasted yum. Shou ate far too much of it though and was on a sugar high and has been a right pain this evening.
Off to bed. very tired.
I joked when I was on JET that my job included organizing tea parties for two year olds.
And look where I am now.

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Damn You Betty

Damn you Betty Crocker. The cake is FAB but your sticky ass is stuck to the bottom of the pan. I used one cake mix (perfect amount of mix) to make two muffins (for the claws), a loaf tin (for the legs) and a round cake tin (for the body). The muffins were fine but the loaf tin and cake tin both stuck. I salvaged the stuck bit and I know that once it has been iced no one will know but still. humph. All the bits are in the fridge hardening a bit up so easier to ice. I am going to ice it tonight I think. Really can't get anything done with the kids around.

That said, Ryu was a star today. Slept for two hours in the morning and another two this afternoon - after which he then went to sleep on his own tonight. He'll wake up a couple of times for a feed before morning but that is so much more doable if I don't have to booby him to sleep the other times.

While he was sleeping the garden got cleaned up, the house sorted, some brownies made, an attempt at eclairs and...
May as well get some use out of the baby bed!!

Hub left for silver ball heaven at nine this morning - takes an hour to get to the one he wanted to go to. He spent four hours there before calling it quits and coming home. He was allowed 10,000 yen but only used 3,000 - a bit of winning. Not bad for four hours of stress relief really! He also did some shopping on the way home and picked up everything else I needed for tomorrow.

He got home just in time to go pick the sproglets up. After they got home they promptly showed their gender differences...

(not that we have a rule about having to kneel while you watchTV!)

The house was so tidy I voted on taking the kids to okonomiyaki for dinner. Ordered it to be ready at half five and honestly, for the first five minutes they were grand but after that... I wasn't exacly running round chasing them with spoonfulls of noodles - but it was close.
Anyhoo, think the butter is probably at room temperature now. Time to crack open a chuhai and ice me some cake baby.

Friday, 23 October 2009

A bit rude

A bit rude not in the sense of bathtubs and handcuffs but more in the 'OK, so I should have read the small print when I ordered it but I didn't'.

The delivery man brought some 'bareminerals' today - a pack of the concelor, foundation and blush stuff. It came with a free brush bag from 'Leslie'. It also came with an invoice saying my credit card would be debited 6500 yen. I ordered my bareminerals pack three months ago. I definately didn't order this follow up pack.

So I rang the toll free number...

me: Hi, A delivery came this morning and I have no recollection of placing an order for it.
them: thank you so much for your orders of bareminerals. Did you accept the delivery?
me: yes. of course I did. I live in the middle of fuckin nowhere. I accept anything that arrives at the door.
them: let me just confirm your details. what's your phone number.
me: blah blah
them: are you blah blah living at blah blah?
me: Si (not sure why have suddenly turned spanish)
them: you made an order three months ago. This is the follow up pack.
me: I don't want it.
them: as you would have noticed when you made the order on the internet your original order of the bareminerals starter pack actually comes with two follow up non refundable orders.

Now, I wouldn't have ordered it if I had noticed this when I made the order. I have since checked the homepage and OK, yes it does say 'please read this before placing your order'. But because I took the damn package from the delivery man I have to pay for it. I have cancelled the next follow up package but I am not impressed. I should be able to send this unopened pack back without being made to pay. It was OK but I wouldn't have ordered more of the stuff.

Ah well, perhaps whole incident was just test of my Japanese skills. Hate having to make phonecalls like that - phonecall to the land of whiney high voiced Japanese phone centre ladies.

Was also probably pennance for my silliness last night. I made two mistakes. My first was to invite someone else to Marina's birthday party on Sunday. I hadn't seen friend for ages. She has a son the same school year as Marina but I hadn't seen them for so long I thought I wouldn't invite them. Can't invite everyone afterall. But I did and now it may turn out we have ELEVEN pre-school aged children running rampage round our lawn for two hours on Sunday morning. Ages - 6,5,4,3,3,3,2,2,1,0,0.

Fuckin fantastic. I am a bit bewildered as to when exactly things started to spiral out of control! God I hope the weather gods are smiling. I do not want eleven kids inside with all their parents, five bowls of crisps and a crab cake.

My second mistake, after having a couple of beers at dinner, was coming home and thinking it would be a good idea to email star of the unbloggables. Stupid of stupid ideas and one I regret. I got a reply today that fired me up, I sent another one - which was stupidity 102, and got another reply telling me to 'bugger off'. I think I will. No point in contact at the moment. I thought I could make a difference - even if it provoked anger I thought it might help. But it appears not so time to lay low for a while.

Ryu and I spent the day at home. Had a lovely afternoon nap - I slept with my little ray of sunshine for an hour and then he coninued to sleep for another hour and a half, while I cut out and glued on crabs to take home packs for all the kiddies with teeth enough to eat goodies - eight.

I have a long list of stuff to do tomorrow - mainly cleaning and baking. I am going to get hub to take Marina and Shou to the park on Sunday morning for the hour before people arrive - so I can put up final decorations (balloons) and ice the cake. Hub has the OK from me to go to silver ball heaven tomorrow. I said he couldn't go far but realised that wasn't fair so have now said he can go where he likes. No point letting him go and then giving him a list of bloody rules. May as well let him run free. Free as the wind. Would be like giving European Stylist some cash and telling her to go wild buying shoes - and then saying she could only go to the gumboot shop. Besides, I would still be busy if he was at home as list of things I want to do aren't things I would delegate to him - bar the raking of the leaves which I will get him to do before he goes!!

Anyhooo, time for some couch snuggles with hub - who was home late again tonight. The bath and dinner thing went well though and Ryu went down on his own and Shou was being ultra cute and mummy was getting lots of cuddles. Love that.


Thursday, 22 October 2009

All Good

Thursdays used to be my day of madness. Not today. Today I got time to sit and smell the roses.

Early morning madness over, kids at kindy and Ryu and I come home for feed and house round before heading out. First stop - the michinoeki, or nice big shed where locals sell their produce and handicrafts. Every Thursday there is a van that sells 'meronpan'. I went the first time months ago thinking I was getting the orignal 'meronpan', only to find out that their bread is actually melon in flavor - and slightly green. Is fantastically fabulous - especially if just out of the oven.

Got there just after nine and the bread had nine minutes to go - so spent time perusing the local produce and sitting outside in the sun. Ryu was asleep in my arms and I was able to take in the environs - some men weedeating, some vestlings playing ground golf (had probably been up since five) and a group of parents farewelling their high school age children on their school outing. There was then a parent meeting in the carpark where they were obviously were being told about what to do if their child came home with oinky flu.

Got my bread - along with free choccy bikkie cause had been waiting. Went to friends in next town over and had cuppa and gassbag. Did some shopping and came home. Then had talk to brother and then sister. Unblogables are still just that but today, my mum said that her main hope is that it doesn't tear our famiy apart. I'm here, so far away, that I am more 'immune' to what is going on but it rips me sideways that it could fuck up the relationship between my brother and sisters. This is us. Them and me. We get on well. It's good family times. This kind of thing isn't supposed to be happening. But things are being said to and fro and nasty times ahead. Not good.

Fingers, toes, any spare flaps you have, crossed please.

English class was fine - same old same old. Cooked some hidden dragon leaping tiger spinnach (as in spinnach was mulched and hidden) and kids ate it, as did hub. Kids had their bath and then hub took Ryu and I to dinner thing. On way home from kindy Shou asked me to turn the sounds up loud - their song. Noma noma yay. We SANG the fuck out of that song. Even Marina was singing so loud I could'nt think. Was miracle we got home in one piece at all. Very funny though. I look back to the back seat and they are both heads back, mouths open, screaming noma noma yay, noma noma noma yay.

When Ryu and I got to BBQ, Shou packed an absoulte spaz and wanted to get out of the car but once out it would have been even more painful to get him back in so hub drove off with him nutting out. Apparantly nut out lasted three minutes and then hub put stereo up full boar (?) to which Shou said 'turn it down daddy' - ie, end of nut out. Good tactics. Went straight to bed when got home too.

Anyway, was good night out. I only had a couple of drinkies and then the ex-mayors wife drove me home. Have since come home, had wee randevou in shower with hub who has now gone to bed and left me to my own devices with some CSI and a chuhai.

Nighty nighty


Wednesday, 21 October 2009


I nearly had to pack in my day out shopping today because was knackered after smiley Ryu came to visit in the middle of the night again. Not impressed. My need to have a cuppa and catch up with Jo won over though and I soldiered on this morning getting the kids ready, washing done rah rah so we could all leave the house together at quarter to eight.

Drove to Jo's, had cuppa and expelled approximately one weeks worth of English words before setting out to shops - via some drivethru naughty naughty straight to the tummy roll and thighs onion rings and coffee shake from Mos Burger.

Did a tiny wee bit of damage at the shops - twas pay day after all. Nthing even remotely exciting though. PJs for Marina. Birthday supplies. Undies and socks for hub. Nappies. Normal groccery shop.

Got home and went made sorting shit for forty minutes. Gave Ryu a humungous feed and then Coffee Chiemi came round before English. English went fine, dinner and that lot went fine with me and the kids. I had thought Granny K and I had gotten into a routine around bath time. She will hold Ryu while I put the other two in and get them out and then, if anpanman hasn't got them transfixed an inch from the telly screen, will keep an eye on them while I get in the bath with Ryu. Not tonight though. I wonder what was up. Ryu was screaming his lungs off while I was sorting the other two out. He loves the bath though so forgave me for the temporary neglect.

Got a phone call this evening from the okonomiyaki shop lady. The local doctor had the ten year anniversary for the opening of his clinic on Sunday. Their New Zealand friend came to sing at it - a puchi opera singer I hear - puchi (small) as in status not size. All though I have never met her so could be puchi in size but I just relate opera singers to words other than puchi.

She is leaving soon and would/could I please come to dinner tomorrow night. As far as I understand she can't speak Japanese so whether they want me for my translating skills, fantastic beauty or outstanding wit I'm not sure. It was more of a summons so off I am going. I have cancelled my English class and hub will be home early as usual on Thursdays. I still have my english class till half five and then it will be collect the kids, shove some dinner down their throats, hose them down and head out the door - with Ryu of course. I don't get a complete night out on my own. But is fine as other people going are all older and will want to play hold the foreign baby - ie, they aren't other younger people who will think Ryu is cute but haven't come out for a night to hold another person's baby when they have their own at home.

Hub will drop us off and we will scab a ride home or get hub to come and get us.

Anyhoo, might just watch some gyoten news and head to bed.

Night night.


And will post recipe but not tonight. Friday - I will post it on friday. Tomorrow's post, if it happens may be when am a bit quiffed sloshily happy so god knows what that post will say - if anything at all.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Crabs and more crabs

I DID get round to finishing the party invites last night - laminated and all!

I know, I know. Wont be opening up any party invitation shop on etsy anytime soon.

Delivered one today - to Coffee Chiemi. The only person I know for sure will turn up. Really needed to deliver them to the other two mothers. I have told them though but who knows. Birthday parties are such an unknown concept in Japan that they may have just said they would come to be polite and then on the day, after I have prepared for fifteen people, they don't turn up - and we are left eating cheese sticks, weeners, crisps and leftover crab cake for weeks.

I had a quite productive morning this morning - thanks to Ryu and his two hour nap. Got dinner sorted - which was my new rice lasanga/doria/spinnach cheese sauce bonnanza. Think will become a gajinwife staple. The kids eat it all and hub inhales it back too. Plus is that is has loads of veges all disguised as meat and cheese sause. I have never posted a recipe but if you want this one I will. I'm no Nigela Lawson - not even a Nig or a Law, but this tweaked recipe seems to hit the spot in this house.

Got to the post office to send spedangled bling facemask to Ireland. Also managed to cut out ten small crabs for Sunday - not sure what will be used for. Perhaps for the take home goodie bags. Fiddly little fuckers though. No more crab parties. Will MAKE shou have a snake party next year - and Marina - perhaps sun or moon? A circle party. I'm sure every little girl wants a circle party. I'll make it pink and blingy. Hmmmm pink and blingy. Perhaps should stock up on facemasks to put in the take home goodie bag.

Picked Marina up from kindy after lunch and took her and Ryu for their Marco Polio vaccinations. No fuss, no tears. Got home and both of them went down for a nap while I folded washing in front of LOST - OK, I thought it couldn't get any worse but NO, the Island has fuckin damn well up and disappeared. Controlled by wheel under ground. Whatever.

I spoke to home and the unbloggables are perhaps getting worse. If you had told me a year a go what would be happening now I would have laughed at you. No way. But, yes way - these are the days of our lives. One very big bloody sigh - a sigh of worry, a sigh of utter dispair, a sigh of sighs.

Used my J&J baby bedtime lotion tonight - gave Ryu a massage after his bath. He smells sooooooooo yummy. Will difinately be cutting open that bottle to scrape the last bit out in a month or so.

What else, what else - ooooh, got parcel from Granny A today - for Marina's birthday. All crab related - as per my request!

I am off to get birthday and English class Halloween party supplies tomorrow. Will be meeting Jo for cuppa in the morning to get my shopping strength up - and perhaps steal a few of those disgusting lava bettle shit gross things she posted about last night. Am thinking that if I put a couple of them in a case full of dirt for Shou and wrap them up and give them to him on Sunday - then that will make him not feel so left out of the birthday proceedings - code for not nutting out while Marina gets all the goods.

Anyhoooo, hub is looking like a kid before christmas. He is calling on his sexual favor so off I go to the bathroom to be handcuffed to the shower pole.


I am joking.


Or am I....

Monday, 19 October 2009

Super Stash

After dropping the kids off at kindy I came home, did minimal housey shit and then planned to only lie down beside Ryu for half an hour or so - When we came to (cause that's how out we were) it was half bloody eleven. Not surprising though as at two thirty this morning Ryu was laughing at me with wide eyes and stayed that way for a good hour. Sleepy.

Came downstairs to three parcels - non expected so all a very nice surprise. Two were from Ireland - European Stylist and her mum - and the other was from a varsity friend now living and working in London. We did well. What a stash of goodies. I don't usually put photos of just clothes but am feeling the need today.

This is from Ireland. There was more - some long sleeved tops for Marina and birthday cards. I have kept the cards in their envelopes and am going to wrap the winter hat, gloves and bracelets back up. I LOVE the hat and really want Marina to as well so figure if she unwraps it and we all make a 'kawaiiiiiiii' deal out of it she will be wanting to sleep in it.

This is stash from friend in London. Some outfits for all three kids and a load of J&J body lotion, baby wash, nappy cream, bum wipes etc. Ten guesses where she works! And friend.... don't worry about notepaper letter. A stash like that and a note can be written on the inside of a toilet roll, although probably stupid as sounds extremely time consuming trying to write on inside. How ridiculous.

I was planning on getting to post office to send European Sytlist her stash of Johnny's Jimusho membership cards, a mag and this...

A decoration mask for keeping stylish in the face of the oinky flu. I'm sorry to spoil the surprise but it made me laugh so much and all the bling just made me think of you. I double dare you, no, I physical challenge you to wear this to work one day.

After lunch the blender came round for coffee - and cakes. She always brings goodies which is naughty but so yum. We yaked away for a good couple of hours while Ryu, my angelic baby (yeah right) slept. He is actually getting better at going down on his own and for this I am grateful. I just need him to not think two thirty in the morning is a good time for fun and games with mummy.

We had a vege packed dinner and Shou did very well and Marina semi-OK. Bath, bed and all is good in the gaijinwife house this evening.

Am about to get onto Marina's party invites - that were meant to be done last week!! Ah well. Was also planning on going to do shopping for party tomorrow but have remembered both Marina and Ryu have their Polio vaccination at two pm. Will have to go pick Marina up from kindy after lunch.

And before I go - there is one fingernail left standing this evening. Three more fell off on their own and then my hands just looked stupid so I have been encouraging the others off. Shou has been a put out with all these nails that keep falling off. Ouch mummy.


Sunday, 18 October 2009

Just Another Sunday

I lost three of the bastards today. Bloody fingernails. I have decided the bitch of all fingernail fall offery bastards is the kiddy lock. We have an impossible one on our bottom freezer. Is fine without nails - well actually hub has trouble - but with them on it takes a while longer.

close my eyes
dream away
it must of been love
but its over now
it must have been good
but I lost it some how ....

pretty woman is on on satelite. Gotta love it.

Anyway - back to the nails. I lost the first one helping Marina change this morning, the second while I was making lunch - thank God I found that one in the sink and didn't have to go through the curry. Gross. Lost the third putting Marina in her car seat at the park - lost the fucker in the automatic car door, never to be seen again. Gone to piss me off fake fingernail heaven.

Oooh, Richard Gear just turned up at Julia Roberts's apartment to take her away.
Chewing some fake nail off.

The day started off with some squirty bum stuff. Marina has had some toilet trouble this week. Crying for twenty minutes or so before getting anything out. It was getting pretty bad so this morning we did a kiddy kancho (enema). Push up and squirt and within twenty minutes she had cleaned out everything and was a happy chappy. Can you buy these things in New Zealand? We just got them from the local chemist.

This morning we stayed home and the kids played in the yard, screaming and fighting and generally behaving like a three year old and two year old and really doing my head in. Ryu slept for two hours this morning and again this afternoon, and went down for the night before seven and on his own - so he definately gets man of the hour medal.

Because of Marina's 'poo condition' I am trying to get more veges into them so for lunch I mulched some carrot and spinnach and put it in the curry. Marina has good carrot days and bad carrot days but leafy greens are generally on the spit out list so they had to be hidden. And hidden they were. Could hardly even taste them. Hub declared it as the best ever gaijin wife (I'm his first and only) curry so I may be doing some more mulching in the future.

This arvo EVERYONE was alseep at the same time for an hour. Shou spent most of the following two hours watching the combine harvester across the road. He even got a ride. Boy heaven. He also nearly got mulched. Mummy hell.

Took all the kids to the park and Ryu had his first slide - with me of course. Can't send a four month old baby shooting off down a roller slide on his own. He was completely non-plussed. Had to leave park sooner than planned as Marina kept running away an on one occassion was this close to falling down the bank to the river. I couldn't handle it so we all had to leave. Mummy spoils all the fun again.

Got home and they played outside while I fixed dinner and fed Ryu. They are now all in bed and I'm about to jump in the bath.

I took the camera to the park, all ready to get some award winning shots of cute kids coming down the slide but the batteries were dead so no luck there.

Oh, read in paper yesterday that they aren't starting kiddy oinky flu shots until December. Pregnant woman and people with pre-existing illnesses get them from November. Parents of small children and other plebs get them from January. Was also something about that the Japanese vaccination may be enough just in the one dose - that would be good.


Saturday, 17 October 2009

Glam Bush Pig

All for the sake of fashion and wanting just a bit of glam back in my everyday hum drum...

I think they look good but hub thought the perfect white bits gave the fakeness away. I tried, I honestly did, to explain the whole French manicure thing but it was like trying to convince Granny K that knitted garments are allowed to have sleeves - a complete wast of time. Between putting them on last night and now I have discovered that:

1. buttons - both clothes and appliances
2. trying to take the top off a fucking yakult drink
3. opening a can of anything
4. peeling the sticker off to open the washing powder (I tried for three minutes before I had to resort to scissors)
5. nappies and
6. tampons

are a fuckin nightmare. And yes, you read number 6 right! Wahoooo. My period came. Despite fact that just about gave self episiotomy (??) putting tampon in it was nice to finally be not left worrying about the 'what if'. Although, and this is completely fucked up , I felt a fraction, for a second, of loss at the life that I hadn't even conceieved and even if had that would have probably been aborted. How is that for maternal juices flowing. Get sad over 'a thought' of a not-to-be-continued bun in the oven. Hub was relieved to say the least - as was my dad and I imagine that when he told my mum (who was on her 'girl's trip' when I rang today - her and a sister and a few girlfriends go away every year and this year they are at fab hotel/spa for four days no doubt getting fabulous massages and drinking squiffing amounts of gin and tonics and champers, sweety darling) she would have told the whole group and perhaps even toasted to my non pregnancy.

I have also discovered that hub likes these nails. He does.

All the better for a bit of added scratchy scratch to spice things up. He has seen me faffing about with things today though and made one comment - but quickly took that back when I reminded him he hadn't been bloody complaining in the shower last night.

Today, after dropping the kids oft at kindy, hub did some union shit - writing up letters or something while I did some housey shit. I convinced him we really needed to go and have sushi for lunch. We left with Ryu at half eleven and when stopped to buy a coffee at a vending machine in the town twenty five minutes away realised I didn't have my wallet. Shit. Hub didn't have the kind of cash needed for lunch and shopping and he isn't in posession of any of the money cards - as we all know that results in secret accounts and trips to the land of silver balls.

Had to turn round. Hub said he couldn't be flagged then driving all the way back to sushi. I rang the blender but she couldn't come and meet me so I really needed to try and convince hub. After several attempts at normal flattery and bribery I finally had to play the sexual favours hand - all for some bloody sushi. God, you should have seen how fast he said yes though. And that isn't testement to my fabulous skills in the bedroom (or the bathroom). No, that is just hub being warm blooded male.

We had our yummy sushi, did some shopping and came home with a few hours left before going to pick the sproglets up. I cleaned and cooked and watched some LOST and hub slept. LOST continues to fuck me off - which means I am desparate for English TV in order to continue watching it. BUT, Wolfgang West off my New Zealand drama Outrageous Fortune has just appeared on the scene so that was interesting.

Ryu got some tummy time this arvo - something I am very slack at remembering to do. But hey, I figure he'll still learn to crawl and walk in good time.
God, and really, who needs to even crawl or walk. Being that cute I'm sure he'll manage to obtain everything he needs just by smiling at all the girls.

Anyway, typing this with my new nails has taken up far too much time.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend.


Friday, 16 October 2009

Day Out with My Boys

We left the house at 8 this morning and exactly two hours later I was at Starbucks while Shou and daddy were at the kiddy adventure room - where you pay 300 yen for half an hour to jump around in the balloon room, on the waterbed type thing, play on the slide with the water flowing inside it, rah rah. The shopping complex is quite big and the play area is up the top (not on top of bld) near all the brand kiddy shops, booby room, slides and movie theatre.

After destroying everything at kiddyland Shou ran round outside like a three year old on speed, and straight into the fountain. Awesome. Had a change of clothes but was thinking I might not need it until a bit further on in the proceedings. Hadn't thought about spare shoes though so had to go hunting for some new ones. He wasn't too enthralled with the ones I found as they sported no pictures of shinken rangers or lightening McQueen - which were the ones he had drowned in the fountain.

We went to the huge food court instead of braving one of the real restaurants for lunch. Shou was trying to look cool while we waited for our lunch but really he was just hanging out for the bell tickets we had to go off.

On the way to lunch we had to bi-pass the game centre. Obviously no point even trying to pretend is just a big boring sock and tie shop as anpanman and Thomas are right beside the door throwing themselves at anybody with small children. Actually is fun for whole family and I could probably waste about an hour and a good deal of hub's pay there if I really got stuck in and decided I just HAD to try and win the oversized care bear in the UFO catcher. As it happened I was very restrained and only had four turns. Fuck. Could almost buy oversized care bear. I think I got sucked in by 'care bear' - haven't seen one of those since I was little.

After lunch the boys went to watch 'Atom - Astro Boy' while I dossed round shopping and getting my phone charged and cleaned at the docomo shop. Lovely ex-gyaru at the phone shop. Had obviously spent the best part of her days before getting the job on her phone as she was super super fast. Had fab nail art too. What do you know and after the clean my phone decides to send international SMS messages again. Yay. I hadn't realised how dirty my phone was until she handed it back to me. The screen is soooooooooooo clean. And here I was thinking it was quite cool to have everything in black and white and fuzzy greys.

Ryu, the cutest baby in the world.... A LOT of attention and I spent the rest of the day on a proud, but very 'yeah whatever, I know he's cute', high. Two people took his photo and the docomo shop girl just about 'kawaiiii-ed' him into hysterical laughter. Think Ryu was quite taken with her.

Before going back to meet the boys to head home, but after just a little bit of hitting the shops, I bought a coffee shake with tapioca from the tapioca (?) drink shop. Coffee Chiemi raved about it so I thought I would take the plunge, eventhough my memory of tapioca was flavorless gooey bits of rubbery shit.

Nice to know my memory is OK. Still not a fan, and neither is Shou. He had a few mouthfulls in the car, which resulted in the carseat also getting a few mouthfulls as Shou tried to work his mouth around a couple of flavorless gooey bits of rubbery shit.
Marina and Granny K survived the day without us and I think it was a successful day all round. Hub agreed that taking the day off to do fun stuff with the family was actually quite good and might happen more often - as in more than once a year. Next time I will have to try and convince Granny K to look after Shou - although I guess he could go to kindy and we could just go out with our little girl. And Ryu of course. He still doesn't get counted as a proper child as he is still so easy when we are out. Usually. Most of the time.
Hub had to go out to a labour union bollocksy ranty meeting at half five and the dinner and bath thing was admittedly a bit chaotic but the kids were all asleep by quarter to eight.
I am now going to put on some fake nails. No PTA meetings coming up but hey, might make me feel like less of a bush pig for a couple more days aye. Until they start falling off.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

What are the odds?

What are the odds that I am pregnant? I mean really?

We used a condom
I'm breastfeeding
Test 1 was negative
Test 2 was negative
I don't 'feel' pregnant


But, I still haven't got my period and so there is still that 'what if' thing going on - the probability must be pretty close to zilch though.

I have been thinking about it a lot the last few days - as you do. Reading the New Zealand news page today I came across a headline about Abortions. This woman had 15 abortions and calls herself an abortion addict. I know it's a woman's choice and all but this just seems unnecessary. I have heard the procedure is like that for a D&C when you miscarry and if so then how the hell could you possibly get addicted to that?

Shit, I really hope I aren't pregnant because I am starting to doubt my ability to make the right decision for me at this time.

Anyway, on to our day.

Got all the house shit out of the way this morning and had done a lot of English prep stuff last night so Ryu and I headed out for a walk - up the way - to high tiger boys house. I had a bag of Marina's hand me downs as I cleaned out one of her drawers yesterday. Tiger Boy's mum is 36 weeks pregnant - She is taking meddy to stop her tummy tightening but is allowed to stop from next week as anytime after that and the doctor said fine if baby was born.

Their house is spotless. I have decided to not let this make me feel inadequate about my own house presentation skills for three reasons...
1. she only has one child and well the crap you have per child seems to escalate million fold per child.
2. her husband is a bit of a neat freak
3. she has an allergy to house dust.


an allergy to house dust.

Fuck me I'd need to be hooked up to an eternal house dust eliminator IV drip.

After our visit we came home and had nap - the ONLY sleep Ryu had all day it turned out.

I had my primary school English - which fucked me off a bit. Mainly because I had been told today's 'shopping' lesson was all mine and so I prepared for it. Handouts so we could practice a simple conversation, some fake money, a bag full of props...

I arrived a bit early to set things up and found the head teacher in the room writing 'his' conversation on the blackboard. His used 'I want' and mine used a carry-on from last week which was 'do you have'

His was a bit easier but it had the sales person saying 'Hello, what do you want?'

Tell you 'what I want' you silly fucker.

He still talks over me and thinks I'm not real teacher. I haven't got a teachers licence I admit, but he can't bloody well speak English and he's the English teacher.

Anyway, bitchin about him wont help anything. Silly wanker.

Came home, sorted dinner, did some washing, fed Ryu and TRIED to get him to sleep but to no avail. Granny K had to actually entertain him while I had my at home English lesson. She complained afterwards that Ryu NEVER sleeps and that I had to stop taking him out in the car for long drives. I had told her that he always sleeps in the car but to be perfectly honest haven't taken him anywhere over about thirty minutes for ages.

But do you know what

When she told me this bit of crap vestling mother in law advice I...

Just nodded and said 'hai'

Is this a sign of maturity?

Too bloody knackered to put up a fight me thinks.

My sister rang this arvo and we had a bit of a catch up. She made me laugh when we were talking about the woes of life and how busy we are. I said that sometimes when things are getting on top of me I look in the mirror and think, fuckin fantastic, on top of everything else I'm a lard ass to boot. Fucks me off something chronic. She agreed but put it more eloquently (??) saying she felt like a bush pig. That is SO what I am. And to prove it...

This afternoon, I was about to set off to the school for English when I noticed that below the bottom of my capri pants was some very hairy calf. I had to change pants in fear that the eleven and twelve year olds would mock me.

Sister said something along lines of having not had nails done, botox, eyebrow wax etc etc for over x number of months. I didn't butt in that I hadn't had my eyebrows done since the night before my wedding - and that was a pluck from a friend so not the real paid for deal. As for botox?? Never been there or done that but might be keen if some vestling in kunimi decided to switch professions from rice and raddish planting. Nails?? I have some good false ones in the cupboard. They say 'active' as their length but the ones I put on back home in NZ last year were hard to get used to even though they were quite short. Maybe will have another go but might at least wait until have something to go to like kindy PTA. I'll be the fat gaijin with the nice nails thank you very much.

Anyhooo, best get to bed. Big day out tomorrow and need to get my strength up for first starbucks in three months.

Might buy another clear blue tomorrow too. Gotta keep someone in business in these tough times after all. In addition to the mask and hand gel people.

Which reminds me - I rang three clinics/hospitals today to ask about oinky flu vaccinations. Got fobbed off by ALL of them. None of them are talking. Nobody knows anything. I think it's all a conspiracy.


Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Omphage backage

Think I got a bit of omph back today. No particular reason but I did seem to get a bit done.

Went for BIG walk with coffee Chiemi after dropping the sproglets off. Our next mummies on the piss and trash our husbands and mother in laws dinner is being planned for the end of the month, seeing as couldn't go the other night when hub suggested. Realy not much choice in location so will probably just end up as same place as last time - 'MOP - Part I'

Got home and went to the post office to post passport application and something to sister in New Zealand. Bloody gimp inbred postal workers didn't have any international courier EMS envelope things - for sending documents. This is the biggest post office in a fifty km radius and I was just presuming that I could sort this out. Twats.

I could have sent it in a normal envelope with just an EMS label but am sending own passport and photos so got all paranoid that normal envelope would somehow self distruct in ten seconds. Had to go home and search for good envelope. Had one from something that had been sent here so used that and stuck new label on. Glad it's off and just hope some airport or postal worker isn't parading around as Gaijin Wife in a few weeks - not that my passport says that of course. How cool would that be. Am surprised Japan lets us get away with living here using our acutal names. Surely Gaijin Wife 101,102, 103... would be easier for data entry purposes.

Met Solar Panal Man's wife Chiemi for lunch at our local. Had my usual - pizza toast, small salad and ice coffee. Her hub is doing a real estate exam this Sunday and she has hardly seen him the last few months. God, I complain about a hub coming home at seven! But then, she does only have the one sproglet to manage on her own and not three rampage carnage mayhem wreckers on the loose.

Hub was home at seven today - walked in to all the shoes straight in the genkan (a rare occurrance) and three fed and bathed children looking angelic all lined up in a row watching anpanman on TV - Ryu in his bouncer. Marina went down like an angel as usual, Ryu took a bit of work, and with Shou... I had to hold his hand through the bunk rail for about thrity minutes. Just about got a dead arm. The things we do.

Hub is taking Friday off and we are taking Shou to his first ever movie. Well, hub and Shou will go and Ryu and I will doss round at Starbucks. Marina is staying home with Granny. I feel a bit bad that she won't be coming but at the moment she is not up for long drives in the car - especially when she is tired. Will easily nut out for forty minutes until finally falling asleep. The movies is an hour and a half away.

They were meant to be going on a kindy trip to the airport but I got my knickers in a twist over the bus and ended up not being able to back down on what I had orginally said (stubborn bitch) and telling teachers 'right then, they will both stay home that day'!! Last year they had the same trip and I was allowed to put a car seat in the bus for Shou - our car seats are easy and it fit no problem. I did this because even though the bus had seatbelts the little kids were all over the place - in between being held on the teachers knees (who weren't wearing belts anyway) and clambering all over each other.

This year I got told I couldn't put the carseat on the bus - just in case the bus driver decided to go somewhere and the carseat got in the way of other passengers. What bloody bollocks. They are hiring the bus for the day. The driver will sit in the carpark drinking can coffee and picking his nose with the long fingernail on his little finger.

So I decided to stand my ground.

And now the kids have the day off!

Ah well, the road safety in Japan is shocking so I don't mind standing my ground on this. Not that I think carseats should be law in busses - I just think adults in Japan in general should sort their shit out about pre-school age kids and not jumping around the car/bus whatever.

Anyhoo am starting to waffle. Is because haven't heard from friend and am presuming she, after being induced this morning, is now in the heinously painful stages of labor.

Big hugs.


Later - just got a text from NZ. There is now another angel in heaven :(

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Lost my Omph

I've lost it today but I'm sure it will come back. Only a matter of time before Granny K slips up, hub starts feeling the itch again - actually he always has the itch it's more a matter of how he plays it with me as to whether or not the itch gets scratched or not :)

The sproglets are being, well sprog-like. Hub is late tonight, tomorrow and Friday he has a meeting too. I guess sometimes everybody loses their groove. Doing the kid thing on my own doesn't help the program.

I feel so bloody hormonal - christ, maybe I am actually pregnant. Although not looking likely as did the other test this morning (so much for waiting till the end of the week) and it was negative too.

Oooh, maybe is me crashing after a chocolate high?? Coffee Chiemi's mother in law gave me some 'nama' chocolate this morning and I near well ate the whole box. Is it even possible to crash after a sugar high?

Oooh, maybe is too many episodes of Gray's Anatomy back to back. So much 'life' dramas going on there it almost drains you just watching it.

OR, maybe it's still just the fact that Japan and New Zealand are just so damn far away.

Lots of love and big hugs for tomorrow friend.

Thinking of you.


Monday, 12 October 2009

It's Just not Fair

God that was an effort - getting Shou to sleep tonight.

I didn't get round to blogging last night because hub and I had bowl of popcorn and a beer in front of the Sunday night movie which was 'happenings'. Not impressed with how that ended but it was nice cuddling up and watching it anyway.

I had worked myself up mentally for hub being away weed eating all day yesterday. He left at 6am and come 9am and the kids and I were doing fine. Nobody was planning on attacking anyone else and I still thought we would probably make it through the day without threats of disinheriting them or throwing them to the lions.

Hub walked through the door at ten past nine. So many men and weed eaters had turned up that the job had been finished in three hours. Definately helped and made the long weekend a lot more mummy friendly.

Solar Panal man's wife Chiemi and son Tyson came round yesterday morning and this morning Coffee Chiemi and her three boys arrived to play until lunchtime. Breaks up the day and it is so much easier watching the kids if they have someone to play with. Managed to get all the kids down for a nap this afternoon but Shou wasn't having a bar of it yesterday. That on top of his ten to five morning wake up and he was so completely exhausted that he set himself a new going to sleep record of six seconds. Wish it was that easy every night!

Not really much else to report. I still haven't got my period but this, and everything else has been set aside by a talk I had with one of my best friends last night. At 36 weeks pregnant she didn't feel her baby move for a day and went to have a check-up. For yet unexplained reasons her baby's heart has stopped moving. She is going in to be induced on Wednesday and then give birth to her baby. The first and last thing she will be doing for her baby daughter is to organize a funeral.

I am at a loss - at both the pain her husband and her must be going through and the absoulute useless-ness I feel at being so far away and not being able to do anything. I doubt there is anything I could do anyway but being able to be there and hug her and just listen or help look after their three year old daughter, anything.

So tonight, this week and Wednesday and everyday thereafter, my thoughts go out to my friend and her loss.

Lots of love and big hugs.


Saturday, 10 October 2009


So it seems I couldn't hold out and had to go and buy a 'clear blue' test. Hub did not seem to be at all sympathetic about the whole thing. As it happens the test was negative and even though I did it five days after instead of the stated one week I'm sure if I was pregnant the hormones would have kicked in enough to register a faint line.

That said, I bought a box with two tests so no doubt if I am still period-less by the end of next week sometime I will do the other one!

I must have peed on nearly twenty of those damn sticks over the last five years! That’s 150 dollars worth of pee stick.

It's funny, in the few days since I thought the 'what if I'm pregnant' thought I have felt a mix of feelings. When I suggested the 'what if' to hub yesterday he just fobbed me off as being ridiculous because we had been safe and he hoped I wasn't trying to trick him like with Ryu??

OK, so I admit my timing with Ryu was off but it wasn't a 'trick'. And why on earth would I be tricking him so that I could be the proud owner of a tummy and saloon doors that had fed and pushed out four babies in four years? Joke would be on me I think.

But back to those mix of feelings. I had the good side...

1. I am one of four and I would like to think I have great relationship with my brother and sisters - more so now that we are older. There is a ten-year gap between the oldest and youngest though.
2. Gotta love baby rolls
3. If it was a girl Marina would have a sister and I think sisters are important

And that was about as far as the good side got. On the other side...
1. fuck
2. shit
3. bugger and
4. mental asylum

or rather...

1. four kids still in some stage of nappies, three unable to dress themselves properly, two unable to walk,...
2. four car seats
3. Ryu would miss out on all the boob I had promised him as the last child.
4. Hub and I wouldn't get back to sleeping in the same bed for another year!!
5. I sometimes think number 4 would be a good thing!
6. getting pregnant on top of the weight I haven't lost could well mean I never recover
7. NEVER be able to afford a whole family trip back to New Zealand

and the list goes on.

So, at least a negative test means I am saved the choice. I am almost certain I would have made the decision to not continue with the pregnancy but there would always have been that tiny slither of doubt and what if.

Anyhooo, hub being a bit of a twat today so almost glad he will be away the whole day tomorrow, out weed eating the mountain road. Coffee Chiemi (who couldn't go out for drinkies tonight) and her boys might be coming over to play on the adventure play lodge and swing and slide set tomorrow. That will break up my day with three kids on my own - hub is leaving at 6 am and thinks will take all day, followed by BBQ - to which he will take Shou hopefully.

Finished New Zealand citizenship and passport application for Ryu last night - just need to get a 'koseki tohon' (family register) on Tuesday and then send it off. It was super quick with Marina, only taking two weeks. My passport runs out in June next year so I might apply for my permanent residency to coincide with getting a new one.

Right, off to surf the net for cut cartoons of crabs for Marina's birthday invites!

Nighty night campers.


Friday, 9 October 2009

Big Gulp

Still not here but for some reason I feel a little less freaked out - hearing that post birth periods can be so up the whack. That said I have ALWAYS had a 28 day cycle. I have never skipped periods for any reason bar pregnancy before. After both Shou and Marina it came back at three months and stayed. I casually asked hub this morning if he could remember a time this past month when we had not used any shinken chinchinan security. He said no but looked very pale and said 'we can't do another one you know'.

Shit, am just going to flick back over posts to see if even had relations during preggable time.


Crap - had shag on night of day 13.

Aren't there some pee sticks that you can tell only a week after period due? If hasn't come by about Wednesday next week I will go and get one. SIGH. Carrying Ryu into chemist to buy pregnancy test and I'm sure I will feel like biggest irresponsible slutty pants hoe ever. I'm pretty sure I know what we would do if I was pregnant but probably really no point even talking about - will cross that bridge when we come to it and all that.

In normal news - Ryu and I went to visit Jo this morning so she could sign the documents for Ryu's New Zealand citizenship and passport. We came home and faffed round for an hour and then went to pick up Chiemi to go the Indian place in the mountains - which is no more we found out once we drove all the way up there. Has been closed since bloody March. Then went to small coffee shop that was also closed and we ended up at place Solar Panal Man's wife and I always frequent.

Got home and thought would just nap with Ryu for twenty minutes or so - when woke up was ten past bloody four so had to run round like mad woman sorting dinner, running the bath, getting jim jams out and feeding Ryu before going to pick sproglets up.

Hub walked in the door at half seven as I was literally coming down the stairs after getting Ryu to sleep. Marina went down just before that and Shou was still up waiting for me to put together some shinken plastic robot thing that I had promised him I would do once the others were in bed.

Hub: Oh, I thought all the kids would be in bed.
Me: It's only just half seven.
Hub: ...
Me: How on earth do you expect me to get three kids to bed in the space of half an hour? I think have done stellar job getting the two of them down before his highness comes home don't you?
Hub: Crikey aren't we in shit mood.
Me: (as I'm getting his dinner ready) Why don't you just try the three kids on your own thing just once darling, sweety, would throw you off the tenth story balcony if we lived that high up, pumpkin, honey pie.
Hub: ...
Hub: Why don't you and Chiemi go out tomorrow night? You're obviously a bit stressed and perhaps a night out would be good.

Fuck, I'd rather have a diamond or a week at a Spa but not one to look a gift horse in the mouth I have mailed Chiemi and am awaiting a reply.

Hub was meant to be helping harvest the rice tomorrow but our builder, who just also happens to be our rice harvester, decided to get it over with today. It will magically appear as bags and bags of waiting to be husked rice tomorrow. The nicest stuff will get sent off around the country to relatives by Granny K and we will get the rest.

Don't think any more news to share with you this fine I might be bloody pregnant evening so will leave you with a couple of funnies...

This is Shou this morning. Mask made from lid of box that a prezzie for Ryu came in. Has a rubber band thing to go round the back of his head. He thinks he looks like a Ninja. Shit this made me laugh for ages this morning. The teachers at kindy (yip - he wore it the whole way there) had a good laugh too, especially at his 'high' nose being squashed abainst the plastic.

This is Coffee Chiemi's youngest son Uta-kun. His legs and arms are going a mile a minute and I'm amazed I even got a proper pic. Could be Olympic diver.


Thursday, 8 October 2009

It WILL come tomorrow. It WILL come tomorrow.

The typhoon last night was so non existant the winds didn't even keep me awake. They usually do as am scared all the windows are going to break and my sleeping children will be sprayed with broken bits of glass. I don't know why I think this as have never been in a situation where a window has broken from strong winds. The news showed parts of the rest of Japan getting a good typhoon whipping though and it seems we were just lucky.

I had some sleep catching up to do this morning so Ryu and I headed back to slumber after I dropped the kiddies off at kindy. Got some English shite sorted and then phoned home. Had some very upsetting news about the unbloggables but a good chat with mum and dad anyway. I was actually ringing to talk to my little bro but he was off down around the north island promoting the business and generally working like a dog.

Popped to the supermarket to get some milk and the likes and noticed they had yum looking egg roll - called itself a 'tappuri tamago rooru' (lots of egg roll). Love egg sammies so took huge bite and was disgusted with civilized world to find the egg was in fact covering a large layer of cold pasta. NO. This is so not allowed in my world of egg sammies. Would anyone forgive this?

Had English at the primary school from two. The twat teacher was away and I was in charge. Went well and was good prep for next weeks lesson. Had to come home and get dinner sorted - pork / kimchi (hot Korean pickled cabbage) and cucumber. The kids got rice and miso soup, some fruit and vegemite sammies too but Shou did make a galiant effort with the pork. Afternoon English class went fine too and evening one got cancelled which was fine by me. Couldn't really be faffed and the kids weren't settling like nice little toddlers and babies should.

Extremely boring post as Granny K playing by the rules, hub not being a twat, kids only being mildly infuriating and have head full of unbloggables and oh,

am three days late.

Fuck me.

No, well don't actually. That's the whole problem. I am pretty certain it will arrive in the next couple of days - or rather it god damn well better. We have been I swear, gods honest truth, very responsible with any leg overings, romps in hay, shags, and international relation meetings this past month. It is only my second cycle since Ryu was born so perhaps it just doesn't plan on being as regular as it used to be! Or perhaps last months was a once off for a while and I wont get it back properly until I finish breast feeding.

Or, for ten million points and the answer behind the blue door...

What the fuck am I going to do?

I don't think my body, my husband, my other children or my sanity could deal with four kids under four.

But shit, I do seem to get pregnant quite easily. Fair enough, the first four times they didn't stick but these last three have. Hub just needs to wave his shinken chinchin in my direction and I end up with a bun in the over. Crap.

Anyway, am hoping that by posting about this latest 'fear' then it will resolve self by me getting my period tomorrow.

Fingers crossed.


Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Random Chores

There has just been a typhoon warning over the town's loudspeaker - one of which is conveniently located in our backyard. Typhoon number 18 is meant to be very big and we are in the whirly circles on the telly weather report which means we officially have to batten down the hatches, check our torches for working batteries and report to the town office that we have enough cans of food and bottles of drinking water. Well not quite, but I have gone to buy new batteries and searched the house for candles. Can only find tea candles and those silly faffy ones you light at the alter - so if we do lose our electricity tonight then house will look like setting for romantic dinner and praying to the dead party.

At the moment there is about ten drops of rain and one knot of wind. Wouldn't be bowling me over that's for sure. Christ, wouldn't even be bowling over my fat little finger. Luckily our awesome adventure playlodge and swing and slide set is staked into the ground.

Ryu and I got lots done today. After dropping the sproglets off at kindy I attacked the washing basket - rah, naw, woof, bang, pow. I then copied, colored, cut and laminated some flashcards for English - to use in today and tomorrow's lessons. After Ryu woke from his nap we ventured out to do some errands...

The bank
Where I came to the same conclusion that as per every other bloody month we have no money and yet still have 13 days till payday. Doesn't help when hub's salary continues to decrease - as does bonuses. Not because useless bastard but because government officials all getting cuts. Me thinks the only people getting a decent bonus this year will be those working at companies manufacturing face masks and hand wash! Oink Oink.

The post office
Where I FINALLY exchanged my useless new years postcards - the ones I had fucked up either in writing the wrong address or running out of ink half way through. If you pay five yen per card they will refund almost the whole stamp post card price - but not in money, must exchange for more postcards or stamps. Also sent half of my thank you cards for prezzies we got when Ryu was born. About time. Was afraid for a while there that friends and family back home wouldn't be getting them till Ryu left home!

Photo Shop
The one in the next town over. When I went to get Shou's passport photos from the shop in Kunimi it took TWO weeks - and cost over two thousand yen for four! Bloody rip off. Went to one click wonder photo shop today an cost half that for six! Took the bumbo and Ryu sat in that. They said I could hold him but from memory the New Zealand Passport place was very strict and they sent Shou's back the first time. While they were processing them I went to the

Where I bought food enough to last us until the end of the week in case typhoon is worst every typhoon in history of typhoons and we have to survive off rashins (?) for five days. Also got some crazy ass hot kimuchi that am having now and shite, tongue is burnies on fire. Lucky I'm typing as would be impossibility to talk. I saw the new 'gaijin' at the supermarket. The new JET English teacher. Not many of us so when a tall blond person appears you think hey, there's a foreigner, or hey, there's a new half with a blond wig. (new half is man - woman) She smiled as went past and that was it - probably thinking fuck, that's what will happen to me if I renew my contract for three years!

And so it will, pert little young, naive, just started JET wee thing. I was wild and carefree ten years ago too. Fuck me, never did I think I would be married to someone I was then working with, living with his mother, having three sprogs in three years, and gaining fifteen kilos!!

Also at supermarket got stopped by vestling on way out - she had been following us around and I was wondering what she was up to. According to her (and me of course) Ryu is cutest baby in entire universe and she had forgotten all about her shopping by trying to catch his eye and make him smile! Crazy woman. Will starve herself if keeps up that kind of carry on.

Where paid for Internet shopping bill. Topping up the bonuses of those people making hand gel!! Ordered some ages back - or about a month ago when oinky flu was all over the news.

Docomo cell phone shop
Where tried to fix fact that can't send text messages overseas. I used to be able to and I can still receive them but when I try and send it says 'input SMS center'. I have tried resetting the settings but no luck. The gimp at the phone shop tried to tell me was probably something wrong with inside of phone - and they wont fix it cause outside of phone has obviously been dropped on floor, fallen out of pocket, and thrown at husband. He said he could try and look but I should buy a memory card first just in case I lost all phone book memory. Ryu had just done a big dump (yay for doing smelly dump in gimp phone man's shop) so I said no, would do it another day.

Then went back to photo shop to pick up pics and got told had to take again cause some shadowing in the last ones. Bugger. Ryu starting to get snotty. Took ten minutes of 'hey, Ryuuuuuuuuuu kochi kochi da yo'. But we did it. We got the perfect mug shot and hopefully I will sort out the application forms by the end of the week.

Got home, put the groceries away, vacuumed and got ready for four o'clock English class. Coffee Chiemi came round for an hour beforehand. If the typhoon holds off or bypasses us we are going to go have real curry tomorrow for lunch! Would you believe there is a little proper Indian curry shop up in the hills about half an hour away. Very random.

Hub got home after the dinner and bath mahem - during which Shou AND Marina thought would be fab idea to scream in turn for about ten minutes. Ryu not impressed. Neither was I as was when all four of us were in the bathtub and that room echos like a friggen tunnel.

All kids asleep by half seven - yippy yi yay.