Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Valuable Lessons

So the tide was out this morning when I dropped the sproglets off at kindy. I was going to hand Marina over and then take Shou with me to retrieve the can (which was big can of dog food by the way) he biffed over into the sea yesterday but decided, in the rain, that it was a bit dangerous so I went on my own. Down the concrete stairs into the sea - or sea bed of rocks. Had to wade through few cm of water at one point but other than that just big zebra looking (had on black and white striped tunic) gaijin walking round the rocks with two year old's pink umbrella going to pick up a can!! Did I mention place is looked down from the cars going along the main road - during morning rush hour traffic. Or as 'rush hour' as it gets in Kunimi.

Took the can back to the kindy and Shou and I had wee talk about biffing things in the ocean and then I went home - feeling very proud of self for teaching son one of life's valuable lessons. Which would be what?? I'm not exactly sure but still. Felt worthwhile just the same.

It was pretty crap weather today so instead of complaing about not being able to get any washing done I just got on with it and did a few loads that didn't get quite dry properly yesterday - put them in the dryer, folded, did today's wash and hung that outside on the (roofed) deck so can finish them off in the dryer tomorrow!! The luxuries of having a dryer!

Got a good dent done in the cleaning - in between feeding the bottomless pitt that is Ryu. I think I am going to have to start a feeding and sleep diary. I never really started the schedule thing with Ryu and it is showing now - I have been feeding on demand and getting him to sleep when he is tired. It has been fine up until now but I am over it - want a bit more of a daytime rhythm going on now I think. Need to keep a log of what times he has his proper feeds and what times he just feels the need to suck on some nipple.

I have a huge bloody hicky (sp? love bite) right near my nipple. Not from hub mind you - no way, that would leave him with a face full of milk, no is from Ryu - trying to find nipple in middle of night and not quite making it. Fuck it hurt. Suction of one of those plunger things you use to unblock the sink. Ryu also has a hicky - on his wrist. At first I wondered what it was but it all fit together when I saw him trying to eat his own hand off. God, anyone would think I never fed the boy.

Hub got home very as quickly as possible ever smever tonight and we had good times having dinner - which wasn't particularly gourmet as had fucked up and used the salted 'saba' fish to make misoni (boiled in miso and soy sauce and shite). I am trying to use up all the stuff in the freezer and I usually buy fish thinking I will get all Japanese wifey and try being good at doing fish dishes -and then it ends up staying in freezer so bloody long I usually have to biff it - but not in ocean.

It was a bit too 'karai' (too salty and generally just too many flavors) for the kids but hub ate his and even said that the saucy (rah rah give you saucy) bit was well nice - which gives me a bit of confidence to try it again but with normal fish and not already salted stuff.

Hub is upstairs getting Shou to sleep now and Marina and Ryu are out to it. Me thinks hub will resurface though as there were wink wink nudge nudge things going on before which means there may well be some action taking place.

Midweek action - gotta be good for team morale.

I hear the floorboards squeaking upstairs....

must dash



maggietoki said...

Did the very same thing making misoni once.Put me off trying again for years;all that damn effort down the drain.

And also had a few hickies from DD2.Bloody vampires,aren't they.

Well impressed that you waded around to get the tin back.The mystery of your "strange behaviour" will be the talk of the town for days to come.

Sara said...

i havent gotten any hickies yet - but sakura has a couple hand hickies to show off... i was freaked out by the first one but now they are old hat

am currently playing bad mommy and rocking her in the bouncer with one hand while catching up with blogs/net on the other lol

hope you had a fun night ;)