Monday, 7 September 2009

Three Months

The little man is three months old today. How time flies. Before I know it I will be sending him off to college and opening the home up to freedom, freedom, freedom. Can't believe it has been three months since he arrived on the scene. Three months since my week's holiday in that exotic resort where you scream for a few hours and then get given a cute bundle of joy, followed be three days being waited on hand and foot at Jo's retreat for pregnant woman and mothers of small children.

He is getting big and I should have taken a good pic to post but you have all seen enough of him lately - will take one tomorrow though cause really he is just adorable and has some fantastic gears that need to be shown off.

Marina was home today. Got a call from the kindy JUST as had gotten in the car after walk with coffee chiemi. Temperature of 37.9 and could I come and pick her up. I arrived 20 seconds later as literally car was parked in kindy carpark. Got home and took her temp - 37.0 which is bog standard for that age. She was genki as all morning, had big lunch and big nap and then got a temp of 38.4, had some meddy and was fine all afternoon. Of course she wasn't running round like Shou would have been.

Having the two kids all day was fine though and managed to get the essentials done and a few extras like dropping off the last of the return gift waffle things. Hub came home straight after work and all the kids were asleep by eight. Other than that not a very exciting day at all. Granny K helped a lot.

Hub has just gone and bought a beer - so much for not drinking till his health check this Friday!! Me thinks he thinks he will get a rematch of last night!! But, unfair as it is, I got my period today. God damn it. Who said breastfeeding meant you didn't get your period. Absolute bollocks. I got it back at about three months post birth will all three babies. I guess at least it means for sure our silly antics last month without the security guard hasn't lead to another blue line. Praise the lord.


Sorry for boring post. Promise I will go out scouting the roads of Kunimi for gossip tomorrow.


Jo Tomooka said...

What has happened to Granny K lately? She sounds like she has been more of a help than a hindrence lately.. long may it last! Although her stories did make life interesting! I can't believe Ryu is already 3 months... we have to meet more during the next 3 months!

illahee said...

three months! so has it been a year since the spider incident?? well, thank goodness for aunt flo, hey!

Sarah@mommyinjapan said...

After we had our fourth baby and my husband recovered from his "operation" so for sure we weren't having babies anymore, he was very frustrated with my period. In his thinking we didn't need it anymore and couldn't I get rid of it. I laughed so hard. Boys are so silly.

Midori said...

LOL @ Sarah's husband! Although I sometimes think that if I am not destined to have any more kids then "that time of the month" is something I could easily survive without!! Will live in hope until I hit menopause though so many years of periods to come as my family goes through it very late apparently! :-(

Can't believe he is 3 months old already?! Where is the year going? As for time flying, I think you feel it all the more keenly when you have kids, Joey starts school on Monday and I am AMAZED at how quickly the 4.5 years have flown by until this point. Scary!

It really sucks that J-daycares are so vigilant about temperatures. In the UK they don't really check them unless the child is showing visible signs of discomfort/illness so there have been a number of times when Joey has spent the day at nursery with a low-grade fever. I originally had the Japanese mentality where I would take time off when he had a slight cold/ temperature but then one of the teachers turned to me and said "you know that we don't mind if the child is slightly sick as kids get sick all the time and you will be off work every other week if you do it for small illnesses." Was a big relief and I have actually found that he is less sick now than he was in Japan where they are so vigilant about temperatures. Interesting isn't it?! ;-)