Friday, 4 September 2009


We didn't make it to the shrine today. I hurt my foot yesterday - Marina dropped her bottle when she came down in the morning and it shattered everywhere - as in damn amazing the company got away with manufacturing a baby bottle out of such crap shite glass. Everyone got told to not move while mummy got the vacuum and then the wet cloth. Shards of glass must have flown over the room though and it wasn't till I had been walking around on foot whole day that felt sore. Hub hacked away with it with some tweezers, which was just about more painful than childbirth, and I am now left with a bloody sore foot - that may actually be because glass is out but huge hole left from happy go lucky hub wielding tweezers round like fuckin jack hammer.

Anyhoo, meant couldn't be venturing to shrine as that particular shrine involves a lot of walking and stairs. Foot fine for sushi and shopping though!Ryu at revolving sushi.Shou's new shoes so he can practice for the sports day coming up. The kindy kids have to do a short run and then a dance with the mums.

Had a lazy afternoon doing some cleaning and getting sorted for sukiyaki last supper.
Yum yum yum.

The kiddies are in bed, including the laughing cuddly cute Ryu

Shou is still a bit out of sorts and has woken up twice since going to bed. Fingers crossed he's still OK for kindy tomorrow.

Friend off to Tokyo tomorrow. Not looking forward to that. Has been so much fun having her to stay. Gotta love English speaking house guests. She is leaving behind a pair of her jeans for me - and it will take me a fair while and some air sucking to get into them!! A good incentive!



sassymoo said...

My god, that`s a cute baby you have there!!!! Hope your foot feels better soon.

Lily said...

He is adorable! What a smile on that boy! Hope your foot feels better.

ローラ said...

Ryu looks totally gleeful all the time now! Hehe.

Hope your foot heals fast! I've done that before...

"Jeez there are some really big crumbs on the floor in here..." "Oh wait, that's glass..."

Tammy said...

LOVE the baby! He's sooo cute!

Renee said...

That last photo is super cute!!!! Love it ;)

colorbynumbers said...

oh Ryu looks damn sweet! look at that smile..cheeky ;P
Hub and tweezers don`t really make a good mix eh..hope you heal ok.

Lulu said...

Firstly, spider in the last post "HOLY CRAP!" we do not get spiders that big in Chiba thank god. (In Australia yes, but I always had my dad to get rid of them- Shun would be no help at all if a spider like that came into the house)

And the "snack" story- gross.

If goma-chan is half as cute as Ryu then I am going to be in trouble. Look at him all happy and smily. How do you get anything done? I just want to stare at him all day.

Oh and those shoes are sure to help Shou run faster!

Rachel said...

ooo, I have just got to come and give that little fellow a tickle.

So sorry to hear about your foot! But plastic has those chemicals or something in it, so you can't win can you? At least she didn't throw it on Shou's head.

Are you free next week? I only have to completely spring clean and de-clutter the whole house so obviously I'm looking for excuses not to.