Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Silly Man

This morning, as I was putting the kiddly winks in the car for kindy, hub came out and said that the European Stylist had left her watch here. I got a bit panicky as is lovely silver bling watch that I wouldn't want to be posting internationally and therefore would need to courier to her hotel in Tokyo before she leaves back for Ireland on Friday.

According to hub, her watch looks like this
I got a good chuckle out of hub thinking a bag carrier clip for the push chair was a sports watch. I must admit the clip wasn't sitting on the table like this, it was in the key bowl by the front door but still!! I was going to write that also amazes me that he hadn't noticed friend had been wearing big silver watch all week - she wore it ALL the time, bar shower and bed time - but then hub, is well, a man and therefore lacks in the supreme powers of observation that we women folk have.

If you happen to know another man who you think would perhaps mistake this clip for a watch as hub did then please keep him from coming within a 100km radius of this fair town. I fear that two men this silly would perhaps equal an environmental hazard. Who gives a shit about reducing co2 emissions when what we should really be spending the annual budget on is reducing useless men emissions.

Actually, I will be quite happy to keep my useless man if the new government really does stick to its proposed children benefit scheme whereby families will receive about 24,000 yen per month per child up until the age of junior high. With three children that gives us about 70,000 yen extra per month. I think the current scheme gets hashed though but that is only 5,000 per month a child so much rather the new scheme. I just hope they sort their shit out and we get to benefit sooner rather than later.

Ryu and I had quite a lazy day - had a huge sleep in the morning. Yay. Followed by a wee outing, including going to the post office to post a wee parcel up north and to tell post office pink hearts letter lady that we had decided to sign up with their education savings scheme for Ryu. She is coming over tomorrow morning to do the paperwork.

Came home and then went almost straight back out again to meet Solar Panel Man's wife for lunch. Has been a couple of weeks so had lots to catch up on. Her sister in law is staying - not with them but downstairs with the parents. There have been some issues and I think she needed to have a good rant.

Speaking of sisters in law - mine rang this morning to ask whether her home made cockroach deterrents had arrived - limes stuffed chocker block with cloves. They arrived a few days ago along with 20,000 yen from the insurance they had on Granny K - that they got after her recent de-polypings. They sent same amount to her. Don't know why we got some of the pie but not complaining as this month tight on the purse strings and hub was almost going to be taking cup noodle to work for lunch - and then coming home to cabbage and tofu soup.

The principle of the primary school I teach at occasionally also rang this morning. She rang on Saturday as we were driving home from the hairyport to drop friend off. Ryu was nutting out and it was obvious that perhaps not bestest of times to talk about upcoming classes - as in classes in October - as in thats right three whole weeks away - as in thats right just a continuation of classes I was teaching before I had Ryu. Anyway, she could hear Ryu crying and asked if it was an inconvenient time? What do ya recken aye! She said she would ring back later - I said Yes, Monday would be fine.

Got home twenty minutes later and mobile started ringing. I checked number and ignored it as was her. It rang for about twenty rings. Two seconds later the home phone rings and hub goes to answer it - back away from the phone darling. It was her again. It rang for about a minute. I know I should have spoken to her about the classes but I go past her office twice a day - taking and dropping the kids off at kindy, which is beside primary school. I 'bump' into her about every second day. She didn't need to ring on the weekend -when obviously it wasn't a good time.

I 'bumped' into her again this morning and she tried to entice me into her parlour but I was about to go walking with coffee chiemi (as in she was standing beside me) so declined. She got out a piece of paper with all the dates I had to teach from October through March. Got home and all the dates were one day out - as all supposedly on Thursday - the one day I asked them not to be but hey, could shoot self in head and she still wouldn't suss it out. She is so flaky it amazes me the school functions at all.

Anyway, enough of that. Hub home early again. Kids ate all their dinner and got relatively clean in the bath. Quiet house by eight pm.

And that 'I am the cutest (baby in the world)' pic I promised...


thefukases said...

Ha ha ha on the stupid man thing. Guess we're not coming to visit. K freaked out my sister's boyfriend had left some piece of high fangled snowboard equipment adjuster here and had me wrap it and send it to Oz. Got a very puzzled email from sister 'BF wants to know why Ken is sending him adjuster for highchair tray they packed up together? Not pregnant, and useless without high chair anyway, surely?'

Ryu just gets cuter every picture!

Gaijin Wife said...

Oh, that's a good one. So glad hub not alone.

illahee said...

i completely agree about the baby!!

Sarah@mommyinjapan said...

It is surprising that men can make it through the day on their own. My husband watches the kids for me on Tuesday and I'm always amazed with the crazy things he goes through just because he didn't take a moment to think through a situation. But the kids are all alive when I get back and I got a day to myself (even if it is to teach English) so I'm not going to complain (too much!).

Did you check how much money you get for Ryu each month? It might be different where you live but we get 10,000yen per month for the third and fourth child which is awesome. Although if they upped it to 24,000 I would be totally thrilled! Can you imagine how much that is for four kids? I can't.

Sarah@mommyinjapan said...

And Ryu is sooooooo cute! How can you stand it?!

Nay said...

The increase in child payments was one of the biggest reasons Naoki wanted to vote in the previous election!! It would be such a help, especially for families with more than one kid.

Ryu would have to be one of the cutest babies I have ever seen and I'm not kidding!! I wish I lived closer so I could give him a cuddle. Although you might just not get him back :P

Ruth said...

That is so funny about the watch. I was a bit worried for a second and then realised I'm actually wearing it!! Hilarious!
You were right by the way, just sent home a 4.7kg box to Ireland. Got a bit carried away I guess but had an amazing time. Will give you a call tomorrow night before I head off on Friday morning. Can't believe it's nearly all over but if I didn't go home soon I'd be bankrupt;)

Midori said...

He is so adorable. Like Nay, I wish I lived closer so I could give him a cuddle.

Sarah has a good point. I do wonder how men make it through a day in one piece sometimes. I also wonder how they manage to run countries and multinational corporations.. oh wait that is because they hire great FEMALE PAs... ;-)