Saturday, 5 September 2009

Sayonara Daisuki Na Hito

European Stylist left today :( It was so nice having her to stay. Shou and Marina didn't take long to get used to her and Marina especially was always sitting on her knee, playing with her silver bangles and trying to pull the red nail polish off her toes. Her latest word is kawaiiiiiiiii (cute) - probably due to bigger kawaii-sa value of friend than mummy. Must get into nail polish and bangles again!! Thank you so much for coming to visit friend. Was great and I hope you win the Euro Lotto so you can come back every six months and even build that holiday house Granny K has talking about this morning - friend is allowed the field out the back for her house. Granny K reckons perfect spot and bonus as has good drainage! Actually, if you win Euro Lotto can you set up gaijinwife travel fund and I will take turns taking a child with me to visit you every year! First year Ireland so Shou can practice saying Slauncher (kampai / cheers) and I can go round saying he is trilingual. Then we can move onto warmer locations. Perhaps the Caribbean, oooh Tuscany would be nice too.

Marina and popo-chan, the doll Granny K gave her when she was born and which she has just started carrying around. Thank the lord. Is a nice change from all the fire engines and trucks she has been playing with lately - not that I mind of course. My little girl can grow up to be a fireman or bob the builder but must admit is lovely seeing her being a 'little girl' a bit more now!

Shou was quite a 'dag' (funny bugger) this morning - saying to Ryu...

'anata wa ha ga nai desu yo' (You have no teeth)

He said it very slowly and pronounced each word very clearly. Was very amusing. Doesn't sound as funny in English though because we would usually use the word 'you'. Shou and Marina are both going through a 'baka' boom at the moment. Calling anyone and everyone a dickhead (baka). Marina used to only be able to say 'ba' but yesterday I got a very clear baka - for telling her off when she deliberately spilt her cup full of water and started splashing it with her hands. She then threw her plastic cup across the room - god knows where that DNA came from.

I have tried telling them off, ignoring the word and talking to them philosophically and asking them why I am a baka. Nothing works. Do I just need to ride the baka boom out perhaps?

Friend and I took Ryu and visited an English friend in the next town over. He is a lecturer at the university we worked out and he is married to Japanese woman and they have two primary school age boys. Was good to catch up with their goss and following a couple of cups of real coffee and a slice of cheesecake we went for lunch. Came home, sorted luggage and hub and got in car for trip to hairyport - did anyone else's mother call the airport that?

She is off to Tokyo for few days to do the type of shopping she loves and is unable to do here. Watch out Akihabara, Shinjuku, 109, Hello Kitty shop, Johny's Jimusho shop etc. I'm not quite sure how she will fit it all in her suitcase as it weighed more when she left here than when she got here - and it lost our prezzies, a pair of sandals and two pairs of jeans she left for me. I foresee some sending to Ireland happening.

Anyway, the kiddies are asleep and I think I need an early night. We have more friends coming in a couple of weeks and it may well take me that long to sort the house out. All but the bare essentials of housework got neglected over the last week.

Nighty night.



thefukases said...

Oh no! The cult of Poppo-chan!!! We were given our first one, too- I tell ya it's just the start of a slippery slide into poppo-chan carriers and food and clothes and prams and beds and ambulances and.... Aghhhhh!! Run now!!! That said, at least she's a pudgy, rather square shaped doll with a large arse so we're not breeding any eating disorders on that one, right?

We go through baka stages, too. Were in the midst of a baka war when we last went to Australia- got me lots of bad mummy looks as sounds too much like bugger. From the mouth of a 2yo hey? I'm rather nasty and intolerant on baka and calling each other chinko and that earns you a timeout. Looking at the kids around me that's maybe a bit harsh but hey, my kids, my rules, right? Your friend must have made an impression on Granny K, hey? And inviting a second foreigner, your friend, setting up a two on one situation? I think she likes you!

Gaijin Wife said...

I think Granny K just knows I'm a nicer gaijin yomesan when I have English speaking friends around!!

Agree - pudgy square ass poppo chan better than skinny skanky hoe barbie.

anchan said...

hairyport! yes!! Regarding the use of intolerable words, when J was younger he came out with something that made me see red and I rinsed his mouth out with soap (kids soap, non toxic)! My parents used to use that threat on me but it never actually happened... anyway, he never said it again. My kids do tend to use different language when they are with their friends (yes, I eavesdrop) but they know that I have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to addressing me!

Lulu said...

Oh the "baka" phase. I swear all children that go to Hoikuen/Yochien go through it- one kid starts and they all follow.

I think it is funny that until recently Marina could only say the "ba" part though. hehe.

What is with all little girls in Japan having the same doll? Is there no other type? Poppo-chan`s are everywhere. Wait, is meru-chan the same as Poppo-chan? Because it was meru-chan as well that everyone seemed to have at the kindy.

Loving that your posts have so many photos lately- The one with Marina holding the doll and Ryu in the background is great.

illahee said...

ok, off to cry silently into my beer as i listen to the end of the song (at karaoke, 'natch.)

sorry your friend's visit has ended already. didn't she just get there?!

Gaijin Wife said...

Anchan - how did you manage to rinse J's mouth out with soap? Hold him down or was he so limp with fear from the shit he knew he was in that he agreed?

Either way, more kiddy soap is on my shopping list.

I do live a bit in fear though that one day they will read my blog and say 'but shit, mum bugger damn holy fuck, why did we get in so much trouble for saying bad words when you write them for the world to read'

Lulu - sssshhhhhh, don't tell Marina there's another doll out there. Maru-chan? Will investigate as am curious as to who is Poppo-chans rival. Mustn't be very hot though as Poppo-chan is 'pudgy square ass'

illahee - I know, friend wasn't here nearly long enough. Actually have just counted and was eight nights.

anchan said...

GW, I don't know if I dare admit this but... I put a bit on his toothbrush and brushed his teeth!!

Kimonobox said...

Nice to read your blog