Monday, 14 September 2009

Saying Sorry

Saying Sorry - not to you lot though, have nothing to appologise for. Shou - he made his first REAL appology today. I went to pick him up from kindy and he came running out of the playground with a big can - like an empty baby milk powder can or something. Apparantly one of the teachers brought it in for insects. Anyway, he ran off to the carpark and by the time I had picked Marina up and got their bags and run off myself after him he was on his way back - minus the can.

He had hiffed it into the sea!! ??

It was dirty and needed hiffing. Hope he never decides I'm dirty. Good like trying to hiff me over that concrete wall though.

I thought I would be faced with a tanty after he got told off by mummy. Thought would brave taking him back to the kindy to appologise anyway. And that he did. Sorry teacher. Hiffed that dirty can in the sea and I'm sorry. I appologised also of course as spawn of my loinith or whatever and ultimately everything he does is my fault/responsibility. If the tide is out when I go and drop them off tomorrow I will try and get the can back - not big fan of biffing things in the ocean.

Was very good appology by Shou so either he was genuinely sorry for his actions, or he is a very young learner.

Other than that Ryu and I had a quiet day pottering and watching Outrageous Fortune. Yeah, choice bro. Love it.

Hub just came home and had his dinner - during which I showed him the pics I posted of yesterday's Safari adventures. He said he thought I would have put a picture of the two 'neechan's' (young girls - or women really) who were sitting beside him. He's right though, if I had a picture of them I would have posted it. They were nice enough - took an instant liking to Marina but Shou gave them the cold shoulder (a man after his mummy's heart) and hub was just acting like a silly middle aged man sitting next to a half naked twnety year old woman - they were in the 'aaaaaaaaaaaa, raion chooooooooooooo kakkoiiiiiiiiiiiiii' category of 'neechans'. I new hub would be stoked and had to feel sorry for the girls when he pulled out a few extremely bad jokes and comments - that were so bad they have eluded my memory. Thank god.

I don't think I've mentioned that his work buddies are coming over here for a BBQ on Saturday. Or did I mention that? I know for a fact that this is the only house with three small children and a bitchy gaijin wife so why the hell they chose here - of course is curiosity but still !!

He said I don't need to do anything.

Um, darling, but what part of ten people for lunch and don't need to do anything doesn't quite register with you? Fair enough it is a BBQ on the deck in the afternoon when Shou and Marina are at kindy but please give me some credit. The garden will have to be looking nice, the deck sorted out and the downstairs cleaned guests coming well. Not to mention cooking, picking up ice for the chilly bin full of beer and chuuhai, cutting up veges, marinating chicken rah rah. A part of me will also want the upstairs looking nice just in case some nosey wife (two of them are coming) wants to take a look. Don't want to dissapoint - especially as I am known for being the 'strict wife'. Don't mind them thinking that, as by Japanese standards I am, but damned if they will leave this house thinking anything other than what a tidy house and nice spread I put on. And because they obviously all looking forward to lunch at gaijin's house I have ordered lamb chops for the barbie. Following lamb chops I will feed them cheese and vegemite sammies.

Not, wouldn't want to waste vegtemite and australian cheddar on them as well!!

Told hub he can't get so inebriated that unable to help with dinner and bed routine with kids. Vistors, who will be arriving at mid day are also to have vacated the premises by five pm - when I, the lovely wife who has to do everything but not allowed to drink, will have to go and collect Shou and Marina from kindy.

Well, shit, nearly half ten. Buggered yet again. Sometimes it takes almost the whole week just to recover from Sunday.


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thefukases said...

Wow. Congrats on the apology. Kinder made Amy rather *too* good at apologising for a while there- she'd say 'gomenne' in a really contrite voice and *then* do something she shouldn't!

Good luck with the barbie- LOL at the 'it won't require any prep' comment. I dare you to really do nothing and see what DH says, hey. You know, as his guests pick their way around Shou's truck collection, ignore the potty in the corner and marvel at your artistic display of overgrown grasses in the lawn. ;P