Monday, 21 September 2009


Respect for the vestlings day.

Today the news people announced that one in four women, and an overall 22 percent of the population in Japan is over the age of 65. Obviously more women than men as of course we have more staying power. So Granny K, you are being respected. Gotta give in for one day of the year I guess. And thanks for looking after Marina today!

The rest of us got out of the house by eight! The toy shop is two hours away - including a toilet and snack stop. For obvious reasons we only venture to the toy shop once or twice a year. Shou started in with the 'are we there yet's before we had even got to the Kunimi boundary - infact he thought the spring onion factory was the toy shop. Sorry bud.

The rest of the trip there was uneventful - although hub did try and go through the wrong lane at the highway toll gate and we had to reverse out of it - into another wrong lane which I told him to reverse out of again seeing as no cars behind us - but which he refused to do and so we paid three hundred yen, went down the road, through the lights and back on to the toll road - to go through the RIGHT gate. SIGH - if only I had been driving - but then we probably would have been divorced by the toll gates.

Reached the Toy shop and as predicted Shou wanted the first thing he saw when we got through the doors. Some pumpkin Halloween outfit of sorts. Never had an interest in pumpkins or dressing up in anything other than a power ranger so was no surprise he wanted to ditch that in favor of a fire engine. It had been decided beforehand that he was allowed one thing up to value of two thousand yen. 1999 yen later... !! The fire engine makes quite a few sounds and Shou and hub are now fluent in...

'What's your ETA'
'We'll be there in two minutes'
'Come on men'

Shou LOVES his new fire engine...

We got Marina her birthday prezzie (end of October) and it is still in the car waiting until I can sneak it into the house - like now would be a good time but hey, it's not chocolate so I guess it can wait until tomorrow.

They had NO outside play houses so got a ball tent instead and for a fraction of the price.

Still really want a playhouse for the garden though and had looksie on the Internet when I got home. There is a massive one with slide, climbing wall, and three swings that would take up our whole front lawn, cost a months salary, and mean we have a constant stream of kids in our yard. Was sooooo close to just getting it but decided perhaps a bit big and will instead design own and see if the good builder (not the crap one that built our house -inbred fucker) from down the road will build it for us. Don't really need three swings although a normal swing and a baby swing with a front would be good. Hmmmmmmm. Should keep me off the streets for a few days.

We got home just after lunch and Marina and Shou spent the afternoon playing outside while Ryu fussed himself and myself silly inside. Thankfully they were all asleep by half seven.

We have friends coming to stay on Wednesday - for two nights. We don't have enough good bedding so bought a double futon set today as well and all the sheets and covers needed. Will be good to have a double futon for guests. Granny K has shitloads of futons out in the shed but I have seen the insects that come out of that storage box and I also know they haven't been taken out of the box since I came on the scene six years ago so I refuse to let them be taken out for guests. They will be the first thing to go after Granny K.

Need to do some housey shit tomorrow and a food shop. Also need to find out what time visitors will be catching the ferry from the mainland on Wednesday. Shite, also need to get on-line and find something cute for friend who had a baby boy last night - 57 weeks after giving birth to her little girl. She was the one I think I posted about - who didn't realise she was pregnant again until she was twenty weeks. Congratulations friend.

Hope all other mothers used to having small kids off at kindy are coping having them at home during silver week.



Midori said...

Blimey- 57 weeks later is impressive going!!! Love the fire engine picture! They are always so cute when they are asleep aren't they?! ;-)

Gaijin Wife said...

Midori - yes. Asleep is my all time favorite toddler pose. I have 'lost' your password again!! could have sworn it was high something or rather but no such luck.

anchan said...

Love the photo of Shou with his new takara mono!

There are exactly 13 months between my sister and me. My mum now has my respect.

thefukases said...

Love the ball tent. Very tempting. Can you lock it? My hamsters used to live in something like that....

Very impressed you already have a present for a birthday at the end of october- I haven't got Amy's and her birthday is Thursday!

Midori said...

It is high something that there are alot of in Japan! ;-) I changed it for one post only but e-mailed it to you through facebook. Let me know if you still get stuck. Do you have my e-mail address?

illahee said...

i have been meaning to get ball tents but then talk myself out of them because i dread the 'whining' from yoshi. *sigh*

as always, love the pics!!

Lulu said...

I love ball tents- or just ball play areas!

I remember you mentioning friend that would give birth just after her first bub turned one- gotta hand it to her. And yay, you can do baby clothes shopping! Always fun.

Respect for the aged day here yesterday and since Shun`s parents don`t really classify yet (both under 65 still) we respected Baba instead. Gave her a plant and went to her house to pay respect to dead Jiji.

ps: I am still in the market for the bath as mentioned on my blog! Yay for bloggy friends and gifts. The art of modern friendship at its best!