Saturday, 12 September 2009


Short Post. Tired as.

Ryu is going through a feed, sleep half an hour and be fussy phase. My African tribal woman boobs have been sucked dry and I am cranky from having to rock him to sleep about ten times today. Fair game I did get to watch loads of LOST while I was doing it but so not fair - hub was asleep almost all day on his own. He is sick though so I can forgive him. Just.

He also took Marina to the docs this morning to get some meddy for her ten pack a day smokers cough. Poor wee thing. She still spent the afternoon at kindy though.

It pelted rain this arvo which of course

Interlude - am watching Outrageous Fortune and shit it makes me laugh. Thank God. I needed that today. I'm actually quite surprised I have had the next series four two whole days and haven't watched any.

Anyhoo, I'm wordless today, for the first time ever.

Nighty night.



thefukases said...

Oh no. Hope Sunday is truly a day of rest for you all tomorrow. Sounds like you need it!

Girl Japan: April Marie Claire said...

You made me laugh out loud at your "African Tribe Boobs"..... so very funny!