Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Girls night Out

I had all good intentions of posting from my phone last night, but one thing lead to another and another and well you were all forgotton in favor of beer, yakitori, playing pool and taking babies to snacks...

Took Marina to kindy yesterday morning but Shou still not well enough to get under super duper kindy teacher radar so he stayed home. Granny K agreed to look after him in the morning and hub was coming home at lunch to tag team over. Friend and I left at just before nine for our girls night out and shopping bonanza...

Ryu was still coughing a bit and hub REALLY wanted me to take him to the most trusted of doctors in Beppu. Went past when first got in to Beppu and car park chokka block so flagged it. Took friend up to APU, the university where we used to work, and she had lunch with friends while I took Ryu back to doctors. Registered just before lunch and was fab as no other children in waiting room coughing and spluttering. The doctor is great but even though have seen him countless times must feel he needs to prove his English. But shite buddy some drug called mazifuckadopharill or whatever sounds same in English or Japanese - ie; I have no bloody idea so save the English for the good stuff - like please weigh bubs now, and hold his arms now and rah rah.

Anyway, ladies in chemist were fab and ended up getting Ryu's baby drugs there, and some heated drug pads for my back (sore not from shagging me thinks)and giving Ryu booby in the booby and nappy changing room. Then went to find UniQlo only to discover had closed down and in place was beaut conference centre - that unfotutnatley didn't sell cheap tops.

Went back to pick friend up, had chat with some people know from APU, and then went to check in at hotel. Was GREAT Hotel - location location location. Rooms were fab too. After dropping bags off went to do spot of shopping where the only exciting things I bought were some nail polish and some false eyelashes - as you do when you live in the middle of nowhere. But hey, was feeling just had three babies in three years fat and heinous so had to encourage the body parts not completely run over by bus during pregnancy and child birth - ie, eyelashes and nails.

We had yum yum sciddley dumpscious dinner at Torisute - a yakitori (BBQ skewer) place across road from hotel. We went there on many a 'bitch about APU and bitch about Japan' night many a moon ago. The menu was the same and was yum yum yum and more yum. Following dinner we took Ryu for stroll in pram - as had woken up mid funny mushrooms wrapped in bacon and topped with raddish and sauce (ponzu) skewer.

We popped into Kawakami - a Snack I used to work at two or three nights a week at while working at APU. A snack is a kind of bar but usually around here they only seat about ten patrons and the 'Mama', or owner of the bar (usually a woman) tends to your every drinking need - giving you a heated facecloth, pouring your drinks, offering you snacks, singing teenage boy band songs on kareoke...

Tell me if you want to hear the reason behind why I quit working at above mentioned snack.

After taking two month old son to snack episode we then took two month old son to pool hall. Unfortunately no sharks and friend and I were only people there. I only dragged her there as was place hub and I used to go on dates in the old days.

Got back to hotel at half ten had drink in her room briefly before friend went on to roof to have onsen (hot bath) and me and Ryu went back to figure out the in-room kettle so could boil him some water for milk. The room had two big singles beds and he slept on one and me the other. Was SOOOOOOOOOO NIIIIIIIIIIICE to be able to starfish without worry about smothering baby.
This is the view from my window. We were on the ninth floor with lovely view looking out over Beppu Bay and Takasaki-yama / monkey mountain. For the price of the room it was very nice. Hotel Aile definately comes recommended if you need good but cheap accommodation in Beppu.

Awoke to feed, shower and change before heading to starbucks for breaky. Ham and cheesy melty goodness of heaven thing and a frap.

Shou had a temp the night before and was going to be off kindy today as well so I was asked to come home in good time this morning. And we did. Arrived at half ten - after an hour and a half drive mind you.

Arrived home to Shou sleeping in Granny K's room. Was on speed the whole afternoon though and HE WILL be going to kindy rain, snow or shine tomorrow morning. When I went to pick Marina up from kindy her hair was pulled back in a tie. The first time ever and it looked very cute. You can't tell in this pic - her wannabe model shot minus the boob and clevage.

Friend and I went out for dinner this evening - with the English class folks and the doctor's wife. Was loads of fun and why was I so bitched about them setting up dinner and get together without including me? House sound asleep when got home. Off to bed too.



Tammy said...

Oh, GW, DO tell us the Snack experiences! :) I can only imagine. Glad you're having a nice time with friend.

illahee said...

sounds like you had a fabulous time!!

Chrysanthemum Mum said...

Oh yes, want to know all about the snack bar!

Glad you had a great night.

Hope the kiddies are all well soon. My two have the snots and coughs and have generously passed it on to me!

Sara said...

would also love to hear about the snack lol

marina looks gorgeous in that pic btw!!

Christie D. said...

Natsukashii.. (looking at the pic of Beppu Bay and Takasakiyama). I used to live in Oita City.

thefukases said...

What a beautiful place. And what a great getaway. I have to say Ryu is one agreeable kid- or does it get easier each time?