Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Hatsu Bumbo

Not sure if it's Bumbo or Bunbo but today Ryu had his first try. I bought this one for Shou and has certainly done it's dash. Sturdy things that they are though and it will be doing another child - it has done a couple of other people's kids in between!! The latest was Coffee Chiemi's son Uta-kun. They brought it back today as I had said I thought Ryu was getting ready to be able to sit in it - although I thought maybe his head and neck would need about another three weeks or so - but not too much Stevie Wonder action going on.
And all on his own just for the fans...

Post office lady came over this morning - after I had been walking, done some house stuff and made myself presentable. She was here for an hour! Everything got written out correctly, the 't's crossed and the 'i's dotted - and of course I had to inkan my life away - or rather 10,000 yen a month for the next eighteen years!! There are two courses, one that gives you 1,000,000 yen when the child turns eighteen and 1,000,000 in installments at various times before that. It also gives you a basic insurance for your child that when calculated comes out to about 500 yen a month which is jack shit. Really is quite a good scheme. Especially as Japan savings schemes at the bank are almost non existent. Anyway we got the other course that gives you the one lump sum at age eighteen of 2,000,000 yen.

After she left Ryu and I had nap, did some shopping, had some lunch and some coffee with Chiemi, taught some English, fetched some kids, fed them dinner, bathed them, put them to bed and DIDN'T YELL ONCE - in fact writing that in capital letters is the closest I have been to yelling all day. What an achievement!! Long may it last.

An add (commercial) for the African Safari Park an hour and a half away came on this morning and Shou and I had conversation about going. I asked him what animals he wanted to feed. You go round in a bus and feed the lions and tigers etc. He said he wanted to feed the elephant, ride the giraffe, and feed the sparrows!!

I will try my best. One out of the three I do believe he could do one in the back yard.

Sleepy sleepy tonight. A bit of blog hopping, a cuppa and bed.

Nighty night campers.



Orchid64 said...

Hmm. By my calculations, 10,000 yen a month for a baby saved every month for 18 years comes out to 2,160,000 yen, and they give you 2,000,000 at the end. I'm guessing this doesn't start when the baby is born, but rather after the first year, or possibly later? Otherwise, it really is a good scheme, and I'd like to sell them. ;-)

We save money in the U.S., where the interest rates are currently poor, but look practically lavish by Japanese standards. :-p

Lulu said...

We have to set up some kind of savings scheme for goma-chan? Not sure how exactly but might look into the one you are talking about (if it equals the right amount and the post office isn`t ripping you off!)- Did you do the same thing for Marina and Shou? You might need to tell me more about it...

NZ has good interest rates hey? You could also do saving there I suppose. Sometimes it is hard though if exchange rate is crap.

Love the bumbo picks and the froggy sweater thing Ryu has on- he looks good in green. We have a bumbo that we got off a friend that they bought when their daughter was six months old and she used it until she was about 1. I am sure we will get a lot of use out of it once goma-chan has a sturdy neck- had to laugh at your "not much stevie wonder action" comment. Definitely made me giggle.

I am guessing it is Uta-kun in the photo with Ryu?

Lulu said...

Ps: Tag blanket is addressed and in envelope and tomorrow I am going to get off my lazy bum and take it to the post office. Have to post my dad`s birthday card at the same time so really MUST do it. If I post it tomorrow I figure you will get it on Saturday at the latest.

Midori said...

Bumbos weren`t around when Joey was a baby (is amazing how quickly things change these days, even a year makes a difference in trends) They look very cool though and Ryu is just tooo cute.

maggietoki said...

Missed out using a bumbo.DH was too ketchi to get one.Love the look Ryu has on his face...he likes this sitting lark eh!

colorbynumbers said...

love the bumbo! greatest thing ever invented..we use it at bathtime as well, ace for keeping her still for a wee bit..
Ryu is looking sooo sweet..

thefukases said...

So cute. How shallow is it that I would consider (for a nanosecond, mind you) having another kid just to try out a funky chair???

Sara said...

we have sakura chokin where ryohei puts 1man of his salary into a seperate account for her.

i have a bumbo seat as well and since i use ryu as a look ahead it seems well be able to use it for sakura next month

congrats on the no yelling. we had a decent day yesterday as well!!

also wanted t let you know i got your package today!!! absolutely adorable i cant believe how gorgeous the chinese style dress is

thanks so much!!

medea said...

He's adorable in his Bumbo!

I put 1man a month into savings for the kids when I am working. I want to figure out how to save it in Canada though, they have a great scheme there. My luck and I'll get arrested for it though.