Sunday, 6 September 2009

Ground Hog Sunday

Not to sound like a broken record but today was another sunday in the gaijin wife household. Another sunday of tanties, oversized spiders, mother in laws saying stupid things, visitors at inappropriate times, more tanties, an unsettled baby, a neurotic mummy and god bless him a daddy trying to do his best.

We started the morning with a spider incident. And here I was only a couple of days ago saying there was NO WAY the spider in the log burner could get out. Whatever. This morning I was on the loo and Shou came running in saying spider, spider, mummy there's a spider by the rubbish bin. I thought was small (size of fingers when you do the OK sign) spider I sprayed last night. I get off toilet and investigate, thinking am looking for dead spider. I bend down and when I lift my head up I am face to face with the ash covered spider from the fireplace. Fuck, shit and bugger me sideways. Get spray and spend five minutes composing self. Tell Shou to stay on the chair and just as well cause as soon as sprayed it it came running at me - I kid you not. I jump on the couch like a pathetic woman and then, to save my family from being eaten alive by gigantic spider I tissue box the skinny legged bastard - and leave it as is for hub to dispose of. All can say is thank god I'm not shagging hub at the moment.

By about 9am I was ready to pack it in for the day - or at least pack Shou off and send him to a distant relative in outer Mongolia - if we had any.

Sundays are by far my most 'I suck at this whole parenting lark' day. Some of the thoughts I have are both scary and embarrassing and it is amazing how fast they can come on or evaporate into smiley mummy and I love my kids more than life itself mummy. I don't think Shou did ONE thing easily today. Every step was a challenge. Some things I just gave in on but others that I stuck my parental rights ground on I ended up having to deal with a tanty.

We had two particularly spectacular ones - or rather one very horrendous one, during which Granny K felt the need to come in and voice her opinion on how Shou needed to be taken to the doctors as he obviously had some tanty inducing illness. I myself think he is just being a three year old. Whoever invented the terrible two phrase obviously didn't have a child who was three! Anyway, hub told Granny K to bugger off and I just ignored her - as I do so much these days.

Then there are family moments like this...
When you think how lucky you are...

how much you love your husband for being so good with the kids and knowing when you are about to break and need a minute away

how much you love your daughter for being so damn cute and increasingly helpful

how much you love you son for actually saying thankyou for the awesome shoes he got the other day and for being able to do big boy stuff like going on the swing unassisted

how much you love your baby for being so rolly polly cute and happy at hanging out in his bouncer on the deck watching the washing in the breeze

how much you love your mother in law

OK, so that's just pushing it a bit.

About the inappropriate visitors...

At half nine two vestlings turn up - they are here to meet Ryu and give us a small gift and 'welcome' him to the community and tell me to contact them should I need any mothering adivce. The lady came over on Monday and asked if the two of them could come and do their bit on Wednesday at 11am. I said I didn't know what time would be back from drinking myself legless in Beppu so perhaps another day would be better. She suggested Sunday. I said was worse day of week and would be absolute chaos. She asked but would we be home. I said yes but... She said see you on Sunday then.

So they turn up and I am in jimjams and hub has both Shou and Marina in car to take out to park. I ask hub to sidetrack vestlings for five mins while I throw on at least a bra and undies under my jim jams. Just as I am about to go out and great them they bloody well leave. I should be grateful but I am resentful that they turn up at such a ridiculous time on a Sunday morning and leave before I have even had the chance to throw on some trackies.

Add-in - hub has just said he saw a 'ハッマー' in real life (Hanmaaaaa), and I thought he meant the thing those beefy mullet haired men throw round their heads at the olympic games, but he actually meant the car. Sigh to life in an international marriage. It's amazing we can communicate at all really.

He has also just said, out of the blue, that 'Katy ga sekai de ichiban suki da yo' (love you mostest in whole world) - been a LONG time since had anything like that so is nice. In between typing we have been talking about the rah rahs of life with three small kids. This time will pass. We WILL get through this time and come out with well rounded kids. Well, lets hope so.

damn - has just said 'shinai?' (want a shag?) which made me laugh, as I clink my wine glass with his. But, hey is times like this when lets face it, and be completely rude in the process, that a good rogering would perhaps not infact make things any worse but would at least release something from somewhere at sometime ..


Watch this space.


Edit - half an hour later. Helloooooooo Roger. Feel loads better. All is well in the world. Love being mum of small three children. Two out of three of whom will wake up during the night!!


anchan said...


illahee said...

you slay me!!

your husband saw a hummer in town? near your house or just some time during the day. those mothers are HUGE!! in our previous neighborhood someone would park one once in a while on the street and other cars could hardly pass! LOL

Midori said...

LMAO..amazing what a good shag can do for your mood!

I find weekends the hardest as well, probably because that is the only time that Joey and I spend all day together! ;-) Four is definitely better than 3 was but I have heard that five is when it really gets better. Not long to go now...;-)

ローラ said...

Ha! I was thinking that Granny K was finally going to get some love! Nope! That made me laugh. :)

I just LOVE that your hub said, "I love you the motest, etc." to you! I just now told Takeshi about your post, and what your hub said. I said to him sweetly, "Maybe you could say little romantic things like that to me in Japanese once and a while...?"

He says, "....But that would be really random. It would be kind of weird, to just say something in Japanese all of a sudden..."


Well sometimes women like to hear romantic things from their husbands once and a while....who gives a shit if it's in Japanese or not, I'd still understand it.

I hate his attitude sometimes....

You're lucky. :( It seems I have to prod Takeshi into saying romantic things to just sours the whole concept. Lol.

Gaijin Wife said...

Illahee - Hummer not parked near house - infact would not fit down our road. Definately wasn't parked outside the tabi and apron shop in town and hub said when he saw it he did in fact think it might have been a small army tank!!

Laura - me thinks hub comes out with these things to put me in his favor so he can take advantage of me in the futon!! My hub says them in Japanese because he would be extremely hard pushed to say the same thing in English!!

Midori - I heard that boys start getting better at five or six. Is nice to know I aren't the only one with a normal three year old boy though! Not long till Joey starts school aye?

Anonymous said...

lol! gotta love it when hubbies get it right ;)
and ace that you can still write about a crazy Sunday and still have a sense of humour about it..

Ruth said...

Now have some internet access at the hotel. I KNEW that spider would get out some how, they`re like little houdinis. Do you think it managed to sneak out when Maki opened the door to the burner for 2 seconds. Am glad I wasn`t there for that part! Off to Akihabara today. At this rate will need to break out the credit card before too long. See G for lunch tomorrow and tour of embassy. Then lunch with him and the missus on Wed night!

Anonymous said...

OK,bit late here but I also saw a hummer here in inaka earlier this week.Never seen one here before.Ever.Was the one your DH saw yellow with "Hummer" (subtle eh) written on the windscreen??!