Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Gifts from the Lovely Lulu

The other day we got a prezzie in the mail from the lovely Lulu It's a ribbon cloth - piece of fabric with lots of ribbons off it. Ryu is just getting into it...

Another lazy day - some cleaning, some English, some cooking, some coffee with Chiemi.

There was a minor Granny K spaz this morning - involving her leaving the candles in the alter room lit. Not cool. So not turning a blind eye to that - especially when I find Shou and Marina standing up at the alter trying to play with the candles. Slight mummy melt down that really just escalated when Granny K walked in to the lounge when I was half naked - fuck that's got to be one of the worst things about living with your mother in law - not being able to walk round the bloody house naked. Not that I do that much now that I'm a mother of three but still, the odd being able to get dressed in the lounge would be nice. She didn't even leave so I stormed out muttering something along the lines of stupid old cow.

Hub had a word with her about leaving the flames lit and her excuse was she was going to go back in but forgot and went to water the cucumbers instead. Would have shoved those bloody cucumbers where the sun don't shine if Marina or Shou had hurt themselves playing with the holy damn bloody shit christ fire.

Excuse me.

No, really.

I am over it now.

We haven't had a Granny K spaz for a while and I did feel a bit guilty as did go completely over the top but god damn it woman, what part of forgetting to put out fire and two year old boy do you NOT UNDERSTAND!!

Excuse me.

No, really.

I am over it now.

To change the topic - hub told me the wives of the two young blokes in his office won't be coming to the BBQ on Saturday. This is a bit of a bummer as was quite interested in meeting them but good in that bunch of men won't be inspecting house for dust and therefore can be lazy slapper in the cleaning department. Surface cleaning will suffice me thinks. A chilly bin full of cold brewskies, some gaijin boob (not through choice mind you - boobs exploding through any top I own), and a barbie hot to trot full of meat and what man wouldn't go home smiling.

Anyhooo, not long till Ryu wants so more suck action going on.



shufuinjapan said...

Gosh, Granny K sounds like she needs to be banned from using fire, since she "forgot" to put out the candles. I think you have every right to be very pissed off with her. I'm sure the ancestors would understand if there was no candle lighting until all the kids are big enough to know about fire safety. Why is it that in Japan there are so many combustable things (kerosene stoves, gas table top burners, alter candles!) in houses with straw mats for flooring? Good luck with BBQ preparations, but no wives sounds good to me!

Nay said...

Your tag blanket from Lulu is so cute!! I hope Ryu enjoys sucking it!

I would have been furious at Granny K - sounds like it's the first time in a while though that she has done something irresponsible.

I agree with you about walking around the house naked thing. I always walk from the bathroom to the bedroom after my shower before I get dressed. I find the bathroom just gets too hot and stuffy to put on nice clean clothes!!

Lulu said...

Glad the tag blanket arrived and that Ryu has something else to suck on other than mummy- won`t be long though before he realizes there is no food in the blanket.

Stupid Granny K- although as you said, been awhile since there has been a blow up. Maybe she is getting better or you are mellowing? Candles and under 3s though, seriously, what was she thinking.

No walking around naked. That would suck.

Rachel said...

Ignore MIL, just walk around naked.

Erica's birthday party Sunday 27! Please come for cake and fun. Let me know if you can make it.