Friday, 25 September 2009

Friends Away

The house is quiet!

Probably not for long but one can live in hope.

Ryu has the lurg (is a bit sick) and last night was absolutely horrendous. I am surprised in fact that I had any functionability at all today. But before that, about yesterday...

The kids went to kindy - yippy yi fuckin yay cause I was close to needing a straight jacket after silver week - silly old wanker, single man or I have no children woman who decided that was a good idea. The rest of us - friends, me and Ryu left about ten, made a pointless stop at the Shrine to take a look at the prezzie gift shops. Waste of time as goods obviously hadn't been re-stocked in fifteen years. There were a few 'kawaii's and friends told my they presumed it meant something like cool or cute but weren't a hundred percent sure and were scared maybe it meant pain in the ass. Look of relief when confirmed that everyone they met were saying their kids were cute and not little buggers.

Which they weren't of course - well, no more than my two. Must admit though that on ocassions the four older kids together did make for some interesting times. And it is refreshing to know that it isn't just my kids that don't listen or behave on demand. It was however a bit scary to realise that boys don't suddenly become good listeners and sensitive at age five - figures though as appears, after years of extensive research, that males never actually become this and I would infact have to become raving lesbian to achieve relationship in which anybody listened to me at all.

So back to yesterday - after crap shrine shops we went to the kiddy shop and then to sushi where both their boys ate LOTS more than my two would have. Both in volume and in variety. The two year old was fearless - stuff that wasabi filled shrimp in the mouth, spit half of it out and then realise two seconds later that actually likes that tickly nose wasabi induced feeling and put spat out half back in. My friend had the pickled eggplant - honestly is THE ONE thing I see revolving around and around that nobody ever takes. Was well pleased she decided to try the funny purple looking one as was curious. She said was edible though. Still doesn't make me want to try it but.

After sushi we did a 100 yen shop run and a supermarket stop for BBQ stuff and then home. At the supermaket stop friends hub and I did the taiko (drum) game at the games center. Haven't done it for ages. Hub and I used to do it lots - seeing as he is almost professional drummer and all (laugh laugh). We also played fab car racing game where it takes a photo of you and you race against the other two people. Home for a couple of hours play in the yard before I went to pick up Marina and Shou.

Kids had Japanese curry for dinner which I think they all ate, and then we all went (minus Granny K and Ryu) up to the mountains for an onsen (hot spring) - one thing they hadn't been able to (or wanted to) tick off their list of things to do in Japan. We went over the mountain road and I joked about seeing a deer or wild pig. What do you know and fabulously big stag runs out in front of car! Not so close as to hit us but close enough for hub, me and friend's hub to see.

The onsen was all good. All the boys got in but Marina and their two year old boy - who was flashing his willy off in the girls bath - were not too keen on the roasty hot bath, but had a good time getting naked and playing in the shallow end.

All the big kids went to sleep well but Ryu, my precious, my baby, talk about timing buddy. We had adults BBQ lined up so when Ryu wouldn't got down as usual hub asked Granny K to watch him - which she did for an hour or so while I ate. Ryu then had a bit more boob and went down. Then got back up. Then went back down. I left friends to fend for self at half ten and I was UP UNTIL THREE AM - well, with five minute intervals of nodding off. Ryu would not sleep on his own. Fair enough he is blocked up and coughing but my god. Rocking a baby for four hours solid does not a happy mummy make. Just before 4am I woke hub up (asleep in Shou's room) and he took over while I zonked for an hour and a half.

I have never had a night like last night before - not even first born stuff. I get it though - wanting to have cuddles when you're feeling like crap. It looks like he is a bit better tonight though, which could be partially in thanks to hub taking him to the doctors this morning - while I took friend and fam dam to the batting center and then Mos burger for lunch before sending them on their way at the train station.

I do have a couple of pics from the last couple of days, but nothing overly exciting. Will try and sort out pic of the four kids to upload tomorrow.

Oh, after dropped friends off came home and started on the 'turning the house back to normal' thing, which involved some hub maintenance. He had taken the day off work so only fair that I initiate a mid-afternoon international relations meeting. Was dampened a bit when he said mid-meeting that was 'good exercise' for me. Christ man, if there is a line that doesn't work - that's it. Wasn't really my meeting so to speak though!! After meeting we had to go to kindy for a road safety rah rah thing and to learn the parent/child dance we have to do at the sports day this Sunday.

Shou was THE LOUDEST child singing the road safety song - I was filled with mixture of pride and embarrassment. The dance is an easy one and Marina is well cute when she tries to do all the moves. I will give the video camera to Granny K but god knows, we may just end up with footage of sky - or ground.

Time for lights out.

Or some Gaijin wife and hub time.

Nighty night campers



Ruthie said...

Well Shou, did have all that practice when he was off sick! I'm surprised they haven't asked him to accompany them on the anpan man piano.
I don't know why you were told you needed exercise, after 4 hours standing, rocking Ryu you must have Madonna arms and have lost at least 2 inches off your waist ;)

Corinne said...

Hectic! Sounds like you need a chu-hi, or 10.
Poor Ryu, Ash has a cold but t least he's got the motor skills to scratch his itchy snotty nose and sniff out some of the snot.
Hope you can get through the weekend madness!