Thursday, 17 September 2009


Quite a lot went on today...

Didn't go walking with coffee Chiemi as friend was coming over first thing and wanted to at least have the washing out and the dishes done. Ryu fell asleep in the car on the way back from dropping the sproglets off at kindy so he stayed there while I did some shite at home and had a shower - altough admittedly I had brought him into the hallway in his carseat by then - so wasn't left out in car in driveway with window down waiting for any Tom, Dick or half gaijin baby thief to whisk away.

Christ, at least I'd get a good nights sleep if that happened though. Am so over the no sleep thing and I think if I ever get pregnant again I will spend the the first four months hitting my head against a brick wall, and the next eighteen years squiffed on vino. Then I plan on using all of hub's work retirement payout to buy a small house Tuscany (possibly size of toilet considering size of payout) to spend senior years sqiffing back more vino and breaking random things round small toilet sized house so sexy handymen have to come round and fix them)

So to leap back to reality from that tangent.

Friend came, had big catch up. Friend left - minus a quarter of a Coscos pizza which she kindly left and which we promtly scoffed for dinner tonight. Don't think friend is being ketchi (tight fisted) in only leaving a quarter - no, no, no. A whole Coscos pizza is obviously big enough to feed small African nation so a quarter was way big enough for us four. So thank you friend - another meal I didn't have to worry about!

After friend left I had to take Ryu for his first ever injection - the BCG branding. There was another vaccination happening at the same time so there were two little babies, including Ryu, waiting for their BCG and eight other toddlers waiting for their jabs. I got there first - not bragging, just stating a fact. Twenty minutes later after the signing up period was over the three nurses huddled together - but didn't huddle quite enough and I heard their entire conversation...

nurse 1: Katy was here first (never met the woman but apparantly we are on first name basis already)
nurse 2: We usually do the BCG first but the doctor wants to do the other jabs first today. What do you reckon?
nurse 3: The baby looks like he could handle the wait (kigen ga ii mitai)
nurse 2: But can mum? (mama no kigen wa dou ka na)

A few minutes later one of them comes over and explains that the BCG will be after the other jabs and is that OK. I am having good gas bag with friend and have of course overheard their whole conversation so say is fine. Sweet as. No worries bro. The nurse DID NOT go and explain to the mother of the other BCG baby mother!

My kibishii (pain in the ass / strict / pain in the ass) reputation preceeds me it would seem!

Ryu screamed the house down for the jab - is a nine by nine stamp that the doctor imprints on the upper left arm twice - as in like really puts his muscle into imprinting. Poor wee thing.

Interlude - quick five minute break for quicky on the couch - well not on really. More propped up against.

So, the jab - now that he has reached the magical jabs are OK three months he has a heavy jab schedule for the next year - which will get seriously fucked up if influenza jabs take place. Actually no, take that back as they don't give flu jabs to kids under one. His next one is Polio in four weeks. Marina has to have her second Polio that day too - they only do that one twice a year and previously she has always had a temperature or been in hospital.

Came home from the jabs and sorted English stuff out as well as dinner. Tried to take Ryu down for a nap because he was well passed the tired stage, but he was being a fussy bastard - can call him that as own son. If was a girl would have said fussy god damn hussy bitch hoe.

Sorry, but is amazing what lack of sleep will do to a woman.

And the thing that grates me the most is that the child is tired - so over the sleepy hump, way past that just doze off into peaceful slumber phase.

But, on the up and up Ryu found his thumb today - thank the lord. I hope he remembers where it is tomorrow, and the next day and the next. I will deal with buck teeth and braces in thirteen years if it means I get some sleep now. Bring it on.

After picking the kids up from kindy hub and I did the dinner and bath thing and were really hoping we'd get the bed thing sorted before my eight o'clock English class. No such luck though. Shou was still up and wanting mummy. Why he would even want me when I get all just 'bloody go to bed with your father' stroppy I don't know. It really fuckin annoys me that hub, who knows Thursday's are THE ONE day of the week I really need to not be dealing with Shou, still doesn't use all his powers of persuasion to try for a quiet settlement in the sleeping stakes. Anything it takes. I also prefer not to have a screaming child being put outside by dad.

Shou was up the whole time and I ended up putting him to bed after English at nine. He will be knackered tomorrow.

We had a large spider incident - that didn't result in any leg overings, or roger rogerings, but did result in me and my three girl students (the boy had walked out calmly the wanker) standing in a huddle while hub dealt to it. It was SERIOUSLY the size of my out stretched hand. I think hub was secretly scared but he had to appear staunch in front of us. Spider crisis diverted and the girls could leave the building.

Anyway, am just having some me cooling down time before bed. Everyone else now in peaceful slumber.

Nighty night campers.


PS - the title of the post I guess refers to Ryu's first jab, Ryu's first thumb suck and Ryu's first peeing all over the lovely Lulu's ribbon cloth (sorry Lulu - is in wash. thank god was just pee as I got peed on, shat on AND vomited on today)


Lulu said...

Hahaha, thank god the tag blankets are washable- I just hope my sewing holds up. EEK! Scary thought.

Poor Ryu with his jabs (and having to wait even though you got there first- I would of been the crazy foreigner they were worried about screaming the place down because they let someone go before her even though she was there first. I am not a patient person)

My brother found his thumb in utero and continued finding it for 18 years so I am sure Ryu will manage to find it tomorrow. My brother was BORN with his thumb in his mouth so I am guessing he was pretty relaxed about the whole been squeezed through a birth canal thing.

Yum, pizza.

Midori said...

First injection already? BCG is a big one, I remember bawling my eyes out when Joey had his! I am such a baby!

Gina said...

Good Ryu got the BCG out of the way. And congrats on him finding his thumb. It really is the little things that count at that age. Totally. : )

And very cool of your friend for leaving some pizza. Yumm.

illahee said...

your son is a prodigy..... :D

thefukases said...

Another Thursday down and done with!

The BCG is a cow but a doctor who gives it a good wallop is great. Amy's doctor was (obviously overwhelmed with her utter cuteness) a light touch and we almost failed the scar test and had to have it re-done. Noooooo!!!

And I am putting in to be your neighbour in Tuscany. I'll grow all the requisite herbs and veg and make artisan bread- you bring the wine and we'll share the tradesmen, hey?

Nay said...

Poor Ryu!! I can't imagine how painful that vaccination must be, especially for a wee little bubba!!

Does Ryu use a dummy at all? If not, you must be over the moon that he has found his thumb! Will definitely give your boobies a break from the 'sucking for pleasure not because hungry' moments a lot of babies have!!

Anonymous said...

Can you actually remember what a night of lovely,non-wine induced proper uninterrupted sleep is like??! One day,one day....;)

Hope you manage a double polio dose for the kiddies.Our town only does them a few times a year as well.End of the month for our second attempt.

medea said...

Poor Ryu at his first jab. We had about the same conversation with our nurses when Meg came in for her BCG. Except it was Julian they were worried about! He didn't look like he was going to smack anyone so they made her wait. lol!