Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Faking Virginity.

Thankyou for all the comments on yesterday's post. We did a lot of singing today - and if Shou wouldn't take my bait prompting him all I had to do was hash one of his kindy songs to bits and he would tell me to be quiet so he could sing it. Sweet as. It didn't seem like such a bad day today anyway - maybe 'just because' or maybe because I was trying to avoid the stress. I wasn't letting him get away with naughty naughty shit but I was perhaps letting a few more things slide than I usually would.

I got a bit frantic at dinner time - as you do when you have a baby strapped to your back (crying and hence doing some kind of bloody dance jig thing whole time to calm him down) while trying to feed a three year old and two year old - who both wanted to sit at the big persons table. Awesome. What a friggen mess. But hey, nothing a few wet wipes wont fix. That and some new wallpaper and taking a good inch off the floorboards and rewaxing them.

Ryu and I went shopping for mini kitchen things and what a mission - trying to cut the top off a plastic container so I could put a bowl (planter) in it for a sink.

It was muggy as today and Ryu and I woke up from our arvo nap covered in sweat - he more so. Sweats like a madman.

Hub was late tonight but luckily Granny K arrived home from her vestlings overnight slumber party to Kumamoto at five o'clock - just in time to take Ryu while I went to pick the sproglets up. Hmmm, don't think I have ever used luckily and Granny K in the same sentence before. May never again - unless it involves luckily, Granny K and room at an old people's home.

Hub said that from November 1st through to October 31st next year he has to do his last year of 'union' shit. He will still have normal union stuff after that but for the next year there will be A LOT of stuff. Holy fuckin crap. That and the fact that the chances of him being moved out of the busiest most pain in the ass office are very slim and I will be hard pressed getting through the next twelve months. I wish his palm (or mine) got crossed with gold in accordance with his increasing duties, but no such luck. I imagine the words family first, divorce and leaving on a jet plane will be flung around quite freely over the next year - probably leading to nothing significant but the flinging around will lead to good posts no doubt.

It sucks - I am angry at him already and he hasn't even started yet!! Most of the anger I guess is at Japanese work ethic in general and the fuckin Union - who gives a shit when their wages have been going down steadily for the last few years and not up. Silly wankers. Bet it's just a cover up for a whole lot of husbands wanting nights out at pachinko on the sly - no wonder wages are falling aye.

Oooh, read some interesting (or disturbing) news on the NZ MSN homepage this morning - there is a product out there on the market for woman wanting to fake virginity on their wedding night - or any night they feel like it really!! Kid you not - is a little bloody like sack that obviously gets inserted and wham - ouch honey, is it meant to hurt that much and is there meant to be blood?? Is that all it takes? A bit of blood to fool a man? Surely, the handcuffs and a bit of riding on top would give it away?

Also saw only the title of an article - UK to ban highheels in the workplace. Hope this doesn't get enforced in Ireland too or European Sytlist will have to save her new shoes for nights out.

Anyhoo, time for a cuppa and to get to bed while the going is good and Ryu is sleeping - much needed after a day of not much sleep for him. He was in good form though - especially when I went to local home centre to buy some sandpaper stuff and ended up coming home with no sandpaper and a box of four packets of nappies - free. Over 200 nappies. Might be getting a bit pitchi pitchi (tight) by the time we get to the end of them though as only S size - so up to 8kg.

Nighty night



illahee said...

why does anyone need to fake virginity these days? the mind boggles.

you're a very smart mum, 'tricking' shou into singing like that. i love the way you think! ;)

Ruthie said...

That article about banning high heels made my blood run cold. I will only have 4 pairs of shoes to wear if that happens and 2 of those are sandals! (Not ideal for the Irish winter) ;)

shufuinjapan said...

My husband was also a member of the worker's committee/union for a couple of years. I barely saw him. It made me so mad that he spent so much extra time at work for no extra money- working weekends and regularly coming home at 1am. There was supposed to be some kind of pay off to your career by being a member, that you might get a promotion or something quicker in the future which equals more pingas...that's if husband doesn't get let down the wrong path by the other bad boys on the committee (of which there were plenty) who like to spend all their free time at "Pink Bars". I did get to hear a lot of really fascinatingly terrible stories about the other member's rotten marriages and the resulting escapades, which made both of thankful for our marriage being in a good place. I am also so thankful that my husband is way to cheap to want to pay to go to a "Pink Bar".

Sara said...

Ryohei is part of the "industrial division" at work so they have a bunch of work with the damn union too. Also in charge of all that matsuri's and nomikai's etc.

He wasn't busy the first few months of his job but ironically since Sakura was born hes been around less and less... wooo #$#$T^ hoo. I think that there needs to be a commune for such wives like ourselves and children.

Glad you are getting Shou to sing!! Could be preparing him for a future career with Johnnies Juniors which would I imagine add a lot to the visiting NZ/cheese/booze fund ;D

thefukases said...

Ohhh I can totally see Shou in Johnny's Juniors. He and Marina as the next Carpenters? (with a much happier ending and less cheesy songs, of course!)

The union thing sure seems to suck. K's company now doesn't have a union but his last company's union got all sorts of stuff for them- cut price deals on hotels/ attractions, various bonuses, a foundation day holiday etc etc, you don't get any perks?

Jo Tomooka said...

I just had a go at Tom about the fact that he pays 27,000 yen a month to the Union, but has no idea what it is really for or what they are actually doing to "help" him. He was one of the top people here when Emily was born and the hours away would drive me crazy. But I'm sure your model husband will balance the union duties with his home duties perfectly!

Anonymous said...

It's good you blog all this. In the pre blog days I once had 3 kids under four and nature has helped me blaock it out to save my sanity, but I wish I'd kept better notes.

Lisa said...

If I couldn't wear heels to work, none of my pants would fit anymore!