Sunday, 27 September 2009

F*** Matsuri

And no hub and I weren't at it all day. The matsuri (festival) refers to what hub said to me mid afternoon - as in the number of times I had said the word fuck during amazing adventure lodge swing and slide set assembly.

I admit, the putting together of the amazing adventure lodge swing and slide set did get the better of me. At one stage I was CONVINCED I was going to have to ring up the company and get a refund - only to realise I had put the swing pole in back to front. I did about an hour this morning - on the sly while the kids were inside having breakfast and watching telly. After the sports day we came back and that's when mummy started turning into outdoor adventure play equipment crazed mummy. I'm not proud of myself but I know that it won't happen again because we ARE NEVER doing this again.

It took an hour and a half before lunch to get the main lodge bit complete. After lunch Marina went to sleep but Shou was on fire - get in the way, don't listen, over tired pain in the ass fire. Somehow we managed to finish the whole thing by four - not working straight of course as do have a few other children that needed attending to. It was sweet satisfaction at the end when there were no extra screws. Bit surprised they didn't supply any extras like you usually get, but then again I may find a couple pushed into the garden or in the back of one of Shou's trucks later on.

It has been a very busy day, so much in fact that hub and I have been on the go all day. Is amazing the kids managed to all get lunch and dinner. They were knackered though and Shou was flat out on the couch at half six. Marina was the first to go fifteen minutes before and Ryu not long after. I imagine Hub and I wont last much longer either.

Some pics... (in random order)

The kids in the kindy PE outfit just after their running race - about thirty meters.
Shou winning his race!

Ryu getting cuddles from dad at the sports day

The completed amazing adventure lodge with swing and slide set

Shou and Marina in the little kids cart before the big race

Marina being a big girl and looking cool on the swing



thefukases said...

Wow. All that in a day???

Love the kindy uniform. Sniff, sniff, no uniforms here...

And bets on Shou setting a new playhouse induced record for early mornings tomorrow?

Good luuuuuuck!!

Gaijin Wife said...

All that in a day?? - said by the woman who plants twelve different types of lettuce in the morning and making 578 jars of pasta sauce!

Kiddies only get to wear the PE uniform (on loan from kindy) for the sports day and the town festival in November.

God help the child who wants to play outside before seven am.

illahee said...


love the pictures, as always!! and job well done on the play set!

Luisa said...

I`m jealous you have a nice grassy lawn to play on..

Gina said...

Play sets, rock!!! Don't the kids just love them!!!

I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help about my play gym when you asked last week other then saying it came from Costco.

Loved all the undokai pics.

Midori said...

I LOVE that new playhouse. VERY cool and will no doubt mean years of the kids playing happily in the garden while you chill out! ;-)
Those uniforms are very cute indeed and it looks like a good weekend. Ryu is getting TOO big too quickly..