Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Day 3 Over

Three down, one to go. The thought of keeping Shou and Marina home on Thursday as well has completely and utterly gone out the window. They will be the first ones at kindy on Thursday morning. Not surprisingly three days in a row at home not doing their normal kindy schedule has thrown them both more than just a bit off center - more like completely bloody sideways.

Solar panal man's wife and son came over to play again this morning - and the only pic I got round to taking shows Marina still struggling with the peace sign.

I'm not quite sure what we actually did this arvo - apart from me spending ages online trying to find a wooden playhouse and swing set for the backyard. Unfortunately bloody no-one ships the kitsets to Japan. Costcos doesn't have an extensive list of their goods and it is too far away to go and check so we settled for a different one - not quite so big but has the little cubbie house, two swings and a slide which I guess a five year old would still go down - maybe.

Definately a lot of use over the next five years or so - for us and all our friends. I don't know anyone that has one like this so until the novelty wears off Shou and Marina will be Mr and Miss popular at kindy. One place I saw it on the internet said it would take at least five weeks as had to ship from America. The place I ended up getting it from didn't say anything about that though so hopefully it means they didn't just forget to put it but in fact have some stock in Japan already.

I spent a bit of time this evening getting things sorted for visitors tomorrow. They should be arriving at the ferry terminal at about two. Hub is going to entertain the kids before lunch so I can vacuum and pretend our house hasn't just been home to the unibomber for the last three days. Absolute carnege - who ever decided to buy a hundred plastic balls in a flimsy tent?? shite.

Absolutely no fun keeping balls inside tent. Why? When you can hiff them round the garden, round the house and at your parents?

Not sure if I will get to blog while visitors here. If not there will be a photo bonanaza blog on Friday night.



Chrysanthemum Mum said...

Whenever we go anywhere with a ball pool, James spends the entire time trying to empty it!

Ruth said...

I'm still loving Marina's peace sign, it'll be kind of sad when she finally gets the hang of it. Hope the visitors aren't too stressful! I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at Hotel Aramaki and I'm sure they will too.

illahee said...

enjoy your visitors!!

am now kinda glad i never did get the ball thing. ;) costco has the huge play gym but i bet they aren't selling them right now. only in summer. i haven't been in a few weeks, though, i could be wrong....

aneki said...

Dang and I thought the ball tent was excellent when I saw it on your previous post. Now I see the downside of it!