Sunday, 20 September 2009

Day 1 Over

Day one of 'Silver Week' (hope whoever won that competition for naming a five day holiday got fired) is over! Three to go - and would you believe I am even contemplating keeping the kids home on Thursday. Shoot me now.

But before I rahdy rah on about today here is a pic from yesterday - or two.

The goods...

The crew...

Solar Panel Man's wife and son came round for a play date this morning. Their son Tyson is the same school year as Shou but is actually closer in age to Marina. They all played quite well for a couple of hours...

They left, we had lunch, Marina went down for a nap, Shou and Ryu didn't, hub did, mummy wanted to but couldn't for fear of eldest son burning down the house, or sitting on his brother.

Marina woke up and hub took Shou and Marina to the park, during which time Ryu slept for a solid hour and a half while I caught up on some all important DVDs. Ryu and I met hub and co at Solar Panel Man's house where the older three kids, or really just Tyson and Shou, ran rampage round their back yard. Shou was an ABSOLUTE shite. At one point he even took a whiz in their backyard plastic playhouse. Had to turn it on it's side and hose it out! Then had to borrow some shorts and top off Tyson so Shou didn't have to go home naked.

Watching the three of them made me think what a nightmare it would be with three kids. Bit of a relapse there. Remembered actually had a third child, and another boy to boot so he will be running rampage and creating carnage in a few years too. It may drive me over the edge - or at least to go out and buy two chains and leads so can chain them up outside in the garden. Hub might need one too actually. Marina and I can sit inside painting our nails.

Picked up noodles for dinner - which in itself was a mission. The kids and hub were ALL ASLEEP by seven pm. There is a god. And she has handed me a chuhai and a bowl of popcorn for not losing it today. Soooooooooooooo close Soooooooooooooooo many times.

Hub and I are thinking about taking Shou and Ryu to the Toys R Us in Oita tomorrow - to buy a plastic backyard play house!! Not that I'm a fan of cleaning piss out of it but him and Marina had a fab time playing in it. I looked at wooden ones a while back but they were seriously expensive. Even if we do get a plastic one tomorrow I want to put a blackboard in it - can't go through childhood without a blackboard. That or some pavement chalk so they can draw all over the concrete wall in the garden!

Or maybe both.

Maybe after Toys R Us we will swing by Maccas - haven't had cheeseburger for yonks and the slightly hungover me this morning was gagging for one but wasn't up for the hours drive it would have taken to get one!

Hope everyone else in Japan is staying sane-ish through 'silver week'



thefukases said...

Love the kiddie pic- Tyson looks confused at the variations on the peace signs M and S have got going on.

And your BBQ pit.... hmmm, think I have found K's next project- especially as it seems to involve concrete blocs and he way over bought those on the last project- obviously waiting for this opportunity, hey?

Here's to surviving silver week!

Gaijin Wife said...

The pit - perfect name. Out of pit season sees it being used as a construction site for the kids - full of stones and diggers and dumptrucks!

We got it as a house warming prezzie from the gaijin boob loving man up the road.

Ganbare K. - and yes we sit it on a couple of concrete blocks so that is better height.

Gaijin Wife said...

Heather - just had closer look at pic. You're so right. Tyson has perfect peace sign sorted and confused look over crapness of Shou doing the fingers and Marina trying to trim her fringe - well it would be if she had a fringe.

Bit hard to trim a fringeless mullet.

Chrysanthemum Mum said...

Glad the bbq was a big success. Am envious of the deck and the garden. Great for the kids having a garden. Many of my childhood memories are of playing in the garden.

When did this silver week business start???? I love the way people at work just drop it into conversation - "So what are you doing for Silver Week?" kind of chat like there ahs always been such a national holiday. Not complaining though...