Saturday, 19 September 2009


Bear with me. I have been consuming beverages of the alcoholic kind. That said though I only had a couple this arvo and then everyone left, we did the kid thing and then all went to bed - and I have since come back downstairs.

So hub's 'you don't need to do anything' for the BBQ involved...

spring cleaning the kitchen and living room
including floors
and the genkan
cleaning the john
or the toilet for those people who don't know what a john is
cleaning upstairs
but just suface
buying ice for the beverages
and a big bucket as bucket thought we had somehow dissappeared
into bucket heaven
cut up vegetables enough for eight people
a lot of fuckin vegetables
arrange nicely on plates so people think am fab hostess with the mostess
Sort out deck and BBQ area
Get dressed into something respectable
thought may have been bit titty
hub told me 'dashite dashite'
so obviously showing a bit of tit to the work mates is OK
that said, was bit of tit with edges of nursing bra showing
how bloody attractive

Was a successful BBQ me thinks. The two Kunimi people arrived at one and helped with shit - one (the one who looks like Kattori Shingo from SMAP) had brought with him SHITLOADS of Paua (awabi) and sea urchin (uni) and butt fat ugly shit ass sea snails (sazae). They got loaded on the barbie first, followed by the lamb (which somehow I managed to not get any of - ditto with the riceballs - and hence the light headedness after one drink) There was loads of meat and vege but I was up and down with Ryu - even though Granny K had said she would look after him from two until four. She kept bringing him in here when all he was was tired - had had stupendous boobie drink just before everyone turned up.

Oooh, just to baby brag - he slept six hours in a row last night.

I know.

I almost felt human this morning.

Oooh, just to shag brag - I DID END UP tormenting hub into a late night shag last night - as figured being dog tired and not up for it was great reason for doing it.

I know.

Slutty pants.

My unbloggable email that I sent last night got a reply. And I fully deserve it and may in fact have been totally out of line sending email in first place. I like to think that my relationship with my family is great - or grand as my Irish friend would say. Grand as bro.

The thought of anything fucking our relationship up really gets to me. I LOVE the relationship I have with my two sisters and brother now - bugger the growing up shit though. The now stuff relationship is heaps better and has been deciding factor in having three kids myself.

Anyhow, unbloggables may be on the mend. Yay.

I should probable wash the last of the dishes and head to bed.

Nighty night.



thefukases said...

You have Kattori Shingo in Oita??? I'm on the next plane down.... especially if he brings the abalone- he can keep the other sea creatures...

Well done for being the hostess with the mostest today and good luck for three more kindy-free days....

Lulu said...

No lamb? I would of cried :-(

I can`t believe your husband said "dashite dashite" to you about showing your boobs. That cracked me up! My MIL is always trying to get me to cover up more or trying to convince me it is cold and need a cardigan when it is 30 degrees out...

Glad that the unbloggable stuff is looking up...