Friday, 18 September 2009

Another Friday

Another rather busy day which started with hub leaving for work at half bloody six. He said he had extra stuff to do and did I want him to leave early or come home late - I opted for the leave early - as it happenes he mailed at four and said he wouldn't be home till eight anyway! Awesome. I know it's not his fault but sometimes I can take it very personally.

Got the kids to kindy without killing anyone and then went walking with Coffee Chiemi. After our walk did some washing and shite and then she came and picked Ryu and I up and went to the next town over to do some shopping - very boring shite. Nappies and milk and then the whole shop for the BBQ tomorrow. Bought shitloads. Quite fun spending other peoples money! Lots and lots of beef, some chicken, shitake mushrooms, peppers, kimuchi, beer, chuuhai.... the list goes on. Spent all the money they put in.

Got home and had approximately three and a half minutes to put everything in the fridge before heading out for lunch with Solar Panal Man's wife! Got there on time though and fed Ryu while waiting for lunch. We had good gossip and bitch about mother in laws - mainly hers though. In fact I completely forgot to even mention the fire and alter candle incident with Granny K yesterday. How very unlike me.

Got home and tried to have nap with Ryu - who really didn't sleep for more than a twenty minute stretch ALL day - not uncommon. Didn't work so I put him out on the deck in his bouncer while I raked the cut grass and leaves and swept (with stupid Japanese half witches broom piece of shite) the courtyard. Hmmmm, not sure is a courtyard exactly, more like just space of pretend paving stones.

Pick the kids up from kindy, home, dinner... and a call from NZ which in hindsight I probably should have diverted as the dinner thing got all out of kilter and Shou, who must have felt mummy was favoring the phone over him, pissed all over the tatami room floor. Thanks for that sweety. Hub home at eight - Shou and Ryu still not asleep but not through lack of trying on my part. Finally both down by nine.

Humungous bloody sigh.

I have just written an email to NZ about the unbloggables and feel emotionally drained.

Need me some sleep - and some hub cuddles. God help him if he tries and turns cuddles into something else. So not in the mood.

Which could mean is just the ticket.


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Midori said...

It is saturday now so am hoping you got the sleep and the cuddles! :-) Hope the BBQ is fun and that you have a great long weekend!