Sunday, 13 September 2009

African Safari

Ok, just wrote a whole post and deleted the fucker. Seriously too tired to re-write so the short version is...

Went to the African Safari park about an hour and a half drive away today - out of the house by eight which was a complete mission and in between time kids woke up and got out the door there were approximately fifty seven near mummy meltdowns, some bento making, changing, feeding and sorting out shit enough for three small kids to spend a day out. What a mission.

The zoo was great fun though, even if the kids did only make it to see the pony and the kangaroo after riding the jungle bus. Shou ran straight over the fence and into a pack of 'roos' - luckily none of them escaped in our direction. They slept most of the way home and the only dampner on the day was when Marina faceplanted out of the car from her carseat in our driveway - Hub had opened the automatic door and was getting the bags from down by her feet out and putting them on the steps when Granny K, who was sandwhiched in between Marina's and Ryu's car seats, undid Marina's belt. She pushed the protector bit off and promptly fell out - big scratch on hand and bump on head. She is a trooper though and only cried for three minutes. Hub nutted out at Granny K for a lot longer.

Hub had a BBQ thing tonight which he took Shou too and Marina and I had some girlie time, dinner and bath. Was really nice. The boys got back and did their bath thing and everyone was settled in bed by time my friend turned up just before eight. We had a coffee and catch up and then her qualified hands gave me a neck, shoulder and head massage. Nice. If I were twenty kilos lighter I do believe I am now supple enough to flick flack and back summy down the hallway!

I uploaded some pics of today but they didn't come out in the same order I put them in and I really can't be flagged changing them - mainly because the computer is so shit that no doubt something would happen and I am not starting this again. So, in no particular order...

Granny K in her safari hat trying to show Shou how to do a peace sign.

Marina zonked out in the car on the way home.

Mummy and Shou on the jungle bus - that face just spells trouble. Shou's that is.

Ryu's first pair of shoes - looked like a wrestler in his tightly pulled shorts and rolly hey hey thighs!!

Icecream time with Marina trying to do the peace sign but struggling.
The lion.
The tiger
The Elephant
And the giraffe - the star of the show. Shou was in giraffe heaven.


thefukases said...

What a day!

I love little kids trying to do the peace sign. I have so many pictures of the girls appearing to be flipping people off...

Ruth said...

I love it! Particularly Marina's peace sign. It looks like a great day out.
Just went for lunch with the girls and sustained a minor ankle injury from the new shoes on the way back to the care. All in the name of fashion though!

illahee said...

looks like you had a great time! otsukare for getting everyone out the door at a reasonable time!

Gina said...

The zoo sounded like fun!!!

And what cute shoes Ryu has!!! : )

Slime said...

So glad it was a good day! And loads of pix, woo hoo!

We have a lion safari bus at Tama Zoo, it's pretty cool being so close to the lions, but a litle sad too. And you took GK along too, good for you!

Lulu said...

Love little kids peace signs- and so nice to see a photo of "mummy" for a change.

The zoo sounds great- I think the closest safari one to me is in Shizuoka so I am guessing it might be closish to Nay? Might need to take goma-chan when he gets a bit older.

Loving all the picture posts lately!

Violet said...

Sounds like a great day. Your face is looking very "luminous", as in "luminous spheres". How's that powder stuff working out? Or is it el naturale? Might have to get some myself....

Gaijin Wife said...

Violet - I think did have two of the four powders in the set on. The jury is still out as to verdict. The concealer powder is quite good but I always get too much on the brush and just about bling myself. I haven't used two of the powders at all - bar the experimental first time.

I should also probably leave verdict untila fter seen DVD and done proper test!!