Friday, 28 August 2009

Yay for visitors!

Would you believe the house is quiet! All the kids are asleep and even the European Stylist has given in to the jet lag and hit the hay. Half of that may be that I have warned her the nights are shorter in our house due to kids waking up so bloody early.

Marina was home from kindy today - her summer cold is all gone but she still has a cough and I kept her home because I thought that is what the teachers would want me to do. Bloody peer pressure. (I had to spell pair and pear before I got it right - shit, who admits to that?)

Somehow I managed quite a commendable job on the house. Guest's room was all go and even the floors got a going over. Also managed some serious playdo time and crab drawing extraveganza time with Marina. Granny K was nowhere to be found this morning - probably ran away to temple next door to have tea with the vestling there after hard week of looking after grandkids. She did do a great job and despite the fact that she tried to force me to have some of her drugs for my cough (I said no cause breast feeding to which she said double bonus as Ryu would get rid of his cough too then) she has been very good.

Left Marina with Granny K this arvo though and Ryu and I went to pick friend up from the airport. Is SOOOOO GOOOOOOD to see her again. It really doesn't feel like it has been two years since she left. She hasn't changed at all and we slipped straight back into 'the talk'. Is great.

Hub loves it when have guests coming as even though might be mean bitchy naggy hell wife for few days prior to visit (as trying to get everything sorted) during their stay I am niiiiiiiiiiice, looooooooooovely mummy. There must be a bit of not wanting to be mean mummy in front of guests but I think main thing is the ENGLISH and the being able to talk about anything. Now, I have been living here for ten years and stuyding Japanese since age 15 so I can get out most of what I want to say. But the heat of the moment, or something that I know would come across differently and I just have to grin and bear it. Still, the not being able to say it all at the drop of a hat must takes its toll. Also, English great, bestest most superior language in whole universe.

That said, I need to be able to talk at standard NZ pace - bloody fast. Having a guest from 'the south' of the 'you es of aye' probably wouldn't give me my fill of English words. Don't they all talk really slowly down there? Actually have no idea. Just know I talk fast and is always much more fun having someone who can keep up the pace - said friend has no problem and in fact I even know some of her silly Irish words like 'press', which means cupboard for those plebs out there who have never had the good fortune of befriending an Irish Gal. I think I need to teach her some kiwi English like 'yeah man choice bro'.

Anyway, friend has brought loads of goodies which must have taken up at least half her suitcase. Huge mini car steering wheel toy thing for Shou that HE WILL LOVE and want to take to bed with him every night for the next sixteen years. Marina got a little pony and doll set that I LOVE but that she may well think isn't quite as cool as brothers steering wheel. She also brought us the 'cars' dvd. Praise the fuckin lord. I hadn't asked for it but she read on my blog a while back that I had rented it and that Shou loves Lightening McQueen.

After seeing all these goodies (that also included some faaaaaaabulous shirts (darling) and some ugh boots and books and hair products for me) I was quietly confident that we would get through this Sunday with hub being away at the election shite all day just fine. Hub then pulled out of the blue that he didn't have to be at the election stuff until half one on Sunday afternoon!! Apparantly, because he is now of a more senior position (old bugger), he doesn't have to be there at the crack of dawn. He has done his dues in early morning stuff though so this is a nice turn around for the books.

I told hub the teachers didn't want Marina back at kindy until she has NO cough and therefore she would be at home tomorrow. He said he would take them in the morning.

Fine then.

If they both get OKed by kindy security then Hub, fabulous friend and Ryu and I will be off for sushi and some beef shopping for yakiniku (BBQ) tomorrow night.

So, all is good in the land of having visitors to stay. Love it.

Nighty night - although not off to bed quite yet as feel would be cheating the night if the whole house plus guest were asleep by half nine.

But soon.



Chrysanthemum Mum said...

Sounds like a lot of fun having friend to stay. I can't imagine what it must be like to have no English speaking friends nearby. Friday is our "English Playgroup" so I have had my English fill today though living in Tokyo there are always people to waffle away to in English. Do you speak to your kids in English or Japanese? I know there are so many schools of thought on this subject... James has only recently started to speak some Japanese - has more exposure now he is at hoikuen - his English has always been way better then his Japanese.

Enjoy your friend's visit. You deserve a bit (well, a lot really!) of fun!

shufuinjapan said...

Hi! I also love having English speaking friends to stay - and even better when they bring you goodies from overseas. I've got one coming tomorrow too! This one is not from NZ but England so I will also pick up lots of "choice" words.
Tu meke.

illahee said...

it's always great to have friends visit, esp. those you haven't seen for a while! enjoy your time together!!

michaelalegge said...

Yay for you!!

Midori said...

:-) Visitors are always great! I love having people to stay but my Mum is the opposite and doesn`t understand why I let people "invade" my house as often as I do. I love it though, the more the merrier in my opinion!!