Sunday, 2 August 2009

Oversized Melons

Well, hub didn't see skanky hoe or skanky man slut at the festival last night, although he did see her daughter and his wife - which could well mean the shag behind the yakitori tent eventuated.

I don't think hub's back is that sore anymore - although that is an observation and not from putting said back through a rigorous practical exam - like I had plans to last night.

So, another observation... today was Sunday. The day all hell breaketh fury and rack rampage and carnage on thy humble home. Or whatever. Two toddlers and a baby will make you sound like a complete inbred nutcase.

Hub had to get the weedeater and attack the head-high weeds in the river - along with one person from every household in the immediate area. If you don't then you have to pay twenty bucks. They had to assemble at 6am. We were ALL up by quarter to - and not because I thought it would be nice to say good bye to daddy before he left but because that is how our days start. Very damn early.

After the weedeating extraveganza hub had the wannabe firebrigade thing from eight until lunchtime. So, basically I had a three year old a one and a half year old and a seven week old on my own for six hours. Bloody fantastic. It would have almost been easier if they were someone else's kids, cause then at least I could have given them back at the end!

Breakfast at six

playing in the 'construction site' pit on the deck by half six

nutting out and trying to kick the 14kg watermelon Granny K has in as an offering to the gods in the alter room by six forty five

playing with the playdoh mum has set out by seven - even though mum wanted to not have to bring it out until about nine.

completely over the playdoh thing by seven forty seven

All three kids in the car by eight to go for drive to get mummy a coffee from the diary and to see the long line up of noddy firetrucks on display at the local sports field where hub was.

My god, strange black out by mummy from between 9am and 10am - no no, actually, I remember. Went crab hunting and then frog hunting while Ryu hung out in his bouncer with the doors open so I could hear if he started nutting out.

Eating lunch at ten to eleven - they were both sooooo past it. Marina because she was up early and always is past it by lunch time and Shou because he wasn't in bed until 10 last night!!

Marina down for afternoon nap at eleven ten - slept until half one.

Ryu asleep and mummy trying to nap with Shou but he's not keen and busy playing with zillion bits of cut up straw he has in his dump truck - as in drinking straw. Do you know how far those things fly when they are being cut up - a friggin long way.

In the afternoon Hub supervised both kids in the pool and playing outside while mum had a half hour nap with Ryu - who was passed out for a change.

I COULD NOT look after the three of them all day every day and be sane. I just couldn't do it. A lot of mothers could but I'm not one of the them. The house was a complete bombsite by the end of the day, Ryu had been poked in the eye, smacked over the head with Marina's plastic microphone and nearly stompeded by four toddler feet and an over sized watermelon. I had heart palpitations at regular intervals and just about had to curl up in the fetal position in the corner on a number of occasions.

Hats off to you mothers who do not take advantage of day car services. Hub had asked Granny K to be on hand this morning and the one time I went in - to see if she could keep an eye on Ryu while I took the kids in the car to go and see the fire engines, she was out - probably in the fields injecting all the rest of the watermelons with GMS or whatever it is they give them to get big. Whoever described childbirth as pushing a watermelon out your nose hadn't seen the size of Granny K's watermelons - god, that sounds horrific. Who one earth would want to see the size of Granny K's watermelons!!

I am going to have to spend an hour cleaning out the fridge tomorrow just to make enough space for it - god knows half of it won't fit in the vestling fridge, not if it has to fight for space with pickles, left over rice from two weeks ago,and a multitude of containers that I would bet my summer lottery earnings on haven't been opened in at least a month.

Anyway, I am going to have a cup of herb tea and go to bed.

No, really I am.



thefukases said...

A herb tea? That'd take me at least a Gin and tonic- hold the tonic- to get over!

Had to laugh at the timeline. best thing about living in the country- no need to worry about your early rising kids waking the neighbours, hey? I thank my lucky stars we don't live in an apartment most days!

And the watermelons are mad aren't they? But (I've never tried Granny K's so no offense but) don't they taste more watery and less watermelonny than in drier climates (ie Australia?) All very odd.....

And sigh... hoikuen again tomorrow... the start of the mummy vacation. :)

illahee said...

rotfl. sorry. just the way you describe things is so funny! i remember tommy (and sasha, for that matter) being stuck in the eye. i was actually quite worried about sasha's eyes for a while. damn that bouncy chair being so low....

i'm thinking of getting some playdo, i have some homemade stuff but i'm not sure that tommy is at an age where it would be advisable. you know, with two older siblings and all that. OTOH, if it keeps them busy....

hm, think i'll be off to kita-q to get playdo, crayons and a kiddy pool today....

actually, yoshi and i were discussing having a babysitter last night. but i just don't see it happening (easily), it's too late. talk about nutting out, my kids (especially sasha) will scream bloody murder if i leave them with someone and the babysitter would never agree to watch them again (if she's still here when i got back....) the hourly hoikuens are pretty expensive, aren't they?

and i definitely can't depend on my MIL for the occasional babysitting....

Oyomesan said...

now I feel guilty about going to bed mid afternoon with a paper and a book....

you are doing so so great. But as you - no other option!

Granny K does so little to help you. Is that your choice really? Or are watermelons more important in her thinking...I thought all this multi-generation living stuff was meant to give the kids constant care from their elders and betters!

illahee said...

sorry, i meant to add to the too late above, that we should have got them used to babysitters when they were younger. although, i think the reason sasha wants to be around me all the time is i did some substitute teaching for two or three months when she was 8 to 10 months old and she hated going to the babysitter every time. *sigh* i think she'll transition well to yochien and then i'll only have tommy on my hands. hopefully then i can get some private lessons and a babysitter for him.

anchan said...

We've managed to grow one single watermelon... it's about the size of a tennis ball...

Chrysanthemum Mum said...

When you start to think about all the activities you have to do in a day to keep the kids entertained not to mention all the usual feedings, changings and domestic stuff, it really is amazing what us mums do. How you cope with 2 toddlers and a new born I'll never know! I didn't use hoikuen until I started back at work when my second was a little over a yr old and I was DESPERATE to go back to work after 3 yrs at home. Now I am on summer hols, I actually have time to myself though mostly spent catching up with cleaning and clearing up stuff that gets moved about by my two toddlers.

The early mornings... mine get up before 6am too and they want to be out of the door at 7:30/8am aswell. "Go, park!" screams my 3yr old as I am running around pegging out washing and bagging up the gomi and filling the dishwasher. I'm exhausted by 8am on those days the kids don't go to hoikuen (like today!!!)