Friday, 7 August 2009

Two Months

Before Ryu was born I told myself that he and I would get two months of grace before trying to sort out better routines for feeding, sleeping and getting my fat ass off the couch and into some exercise.

For the last eight weeks he has pretty much had free reign of the boobs. This, as you would expect, has set the precedent for some bad habits. Today was the start of tough booby boot camp. The dream feed last night worked in a way I guess - he didn't wake fully up when I fed him at half ten and he had a decent suck. However, he still woke up at half one - and twice more before I got up with Shou at six.

His last feed was just before six so I told myself he wasn't going to cutsie me into any more boob until at least nine. I went for a huge walk after dropping the kids off at kindy and Ryu managed to last until half nine. Got home, he got a feed and I got some house stuff done before he started grizzling for more at eleven. Sorry buddy no can do, so out for another walk we went - must be his way of getting me to exercise more perhaps! Made him last till twelve with a twenty minute hold stint by Granny K, who spent the whole time telling him he wouldn't be getting anything out of her boobs. He knows though and doesn't even try to suck her t-shirt off like he does with me. Obviously her boobs don't smell like moccha frappacchino like mine do, and they also aren't sticking in his face. In fact when she holds him I think her boobs are almost under his bum.

Do your boobs hang low...
can you toss them to and from...
can you tie them in a knot...
can you tie them in a bow...

Bet Granny K can.

We had a nap for an hour and then, in an effort to
a) stop me grazing like a cow from the fridge and
b) so that Ryu would sleep and not want boob

we went for a drive to the dvd store half an hour away. I haven't been there for a long time. Also haven't seen any new movies for so bloody long that all of their new releases were ones I hadn't seen - half of them I hadn't even heard of. And my god, the rows and rows of FBI, criminal mind type dramas. I got the first 'Numbers' dvd as coffee chiemi said she watched it on satelite and it was quite good. Also got Benjamin whatsit with Brad and Cars - lightening McQueen for Shou. He has been on my case to borrow it off solar panel man for ages. I tried but Tyson is also a McQueen fan so I had to go rent it instead.

We have a two DVD player set up - only because our really really expensive Japanese one doesn't play other region DVDs. I think if I hook them up properly though I should be able to record onto the flash DVD players hard drive. Perhaps. Maybe. But probably I'm too much of a pleb to figure it out.

I was in such a good mood about rediscovering the local dvd shop that I forgot my resolve to eat and drink well and got super duper creamy coffee from the diary for the drive home. Cranked Macey Up and Ryu and I grooved the whole way home. Well, he was still passed out but mummy got some de-stressing done at least. Almost as good as screaming in a tunnel.

Picked the sproglets up from kindy and because hub is out at a drinking thing tonight we had easy udon for dinner and small saussies cut in crab shape - like hub does them. I thought they turned out quite well. Shou informed me they were shit because I forgot the eyes, which I think was meant to be a small dob of tom sauce. Oh well, onwards and upwards in the making food into animals and popular TV cartoon characters so my kids will eat them stakes. Am almost thinking about offering to make hub's packed lunches again just so I can practice but me thinks he wont appreciate an anpanman or lightening McQueen キャラ弁 (character bento).

The Skanky Hoe came to pick hub up this morning. She is in the same office and usually doesn't drink at these things so quite often finds herself taxiing the other blokes from Kunimi in her car. She does however usually stay until the end of the karaoke session that follows the dinner so I imagine that at this very moment hub is belting out southern allstar tunes or perhaps 'chu chu train' by Exile if he's trying to impress. Both the skanky hoe and the skanky man slut are fab at karaoke so I imagine they get the delux rooms at the love hotels so they can shag on king size bed before putting in song after song on the latest Karaoke machine, before having a spa bath and another shag and then perhaps perusing the sex toy vending machine.

Not that I know much about love hotels mind you.

Wink wink nudge nudge.

Anyhooo, time for a cuppa and another episode of Numbers. Damn the cuppa I really want a chuhai but don't think I can whip down to the local to buy one because I am in my jim jams with crap feeding bra on - could probably tie boobs in knot like Granny K if they weren't so full of milk. And, of course because I have three sleeping beauties up stairs.



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Lulu said...

I can not believe it has been two months!!!! WOW!

Hope the "routine" thing works out for you and Ryu gives your boobies a bit of a break!

I imagine I will be crap at routine with my first bub- my mum will be here for a bit after the birth though and I am sure she will sort the baby out. She is a big believer in routines (and exercise, damn her)

thefukases said...

I like the 2 months grace period. very friendly that. My mum is a big believer in exercise as a happy drug and kicked me out of the house the day I got home from hospital to go for a walk- waddle more like!!

kuri, ping & the pinglet said...

I just spent the last 3 minutes LMAO reading your post! Hope you got your chuhai. :)

illahee said...

you have one active imagination!! :D

Rachel said...

Do yourself a favor and give him another month or two! Babies start settling into a routine at 3-4 months all by themselves with far less stress and effort from mummy.

Then you can start tweaking it to fit your convenience. If you start getting him into a routine now, it'll take you until he's 3-4 months anyway, so you might as well make it easy for yourself!

Corinne said...

I said I was going to do the routine but then I just couldn't be arsed. I imagine it very much comes in handy when you have 2 other ankle biters to deal with though!
hehe, eww an image of Granny K7s boobs is burned into my brain now!!!

Corinne said...

hehe Granny K7, sounds like a spy name. That should be 'Granny K's' of course :)