Monday, 31 August 2009


Poor Shou, my little wannabe musician. He was home AGAIN from kindy. I thought Marina probably should be too but she was considerably genkier than Shou and her cough a lot better so hub took her - because I was chicken shit. Granny K looked after Ryu while Shou and I braved the small child snotty nosed, sneezing, coughing, infectiously diseased hospital. Honestly, how inconsiderate to bring your sick child in to have them coughing all over the place. Ahem. Ahem.

It was chocker full and we arrived at ten to nine. Had to wait for ages but Shou was remarkably well behaved and only heli-coughed once and jumped off the couch twice. In hindsight I should have worn my t-shirt with the pig on it (if I had one) as it was obvious that a few people thought that if anyone in the room had oinky swine flu it would be me, the gaijin and her gaijin son - far more susceptible to being a flu carrier than the rest of you Japanese lot. Bugger right off.

The doctor wrote a prescription for more of the same old same old and we headed off to the chemist to pick it up - another twenty minute wait. Picked European Stylist up on way home (she had stayed at friends house in next town over) and got back to Granny K and Ryu just before lunch.

Shu was not entirely his usual terror self but still managed to give us a full repertoire on the anpanman piano with mic and hip hop BGM. Was very entertaining. His latest song is one about traffic lights and having to stop for red ones, wait at yellow ones and go at green ones.

Hub is late tonight so friend and I did the dinner and bath thing. All kids asleep by half seven - yay. Marina just had a wee grizzle but hopefully nothing too serious. She is probably bloody starving after eating jack shit of her dinner. Apple, yogurt and jelly got down but the noodles were a no go. Ah well, gave her more milk than usual at bedtime.

Hub has offered to take the day off work tomorrow should Shou need another day at home. I mentioned this morning that Granny K wont look after him for the day and if he has to stay home tomorrow I can't go to Beppu for girls night out that I have been looking forward to for last six months rah rah. He said would stay home if we got back early on Wednesday (as in leaving Beppu before seven). It's a compromise though. I can't expect him to take two days off work really.

Me thinks the only reason he has offered to take the day off tomorrow if need be is because of 'the action' he got last night - when friend was away. And yes, ahem, barf, choke, hairless shinken chinchin...

I think my biggest worry isn't the hairy nature so much as not sure what fuck am doing. It has been so long though that when I asked him to tell me what was yay and what was nay he just mumbled anything was just fabulous.

Soooo, anyhooooo, enough about me.

How are you lot?



Corinne said...

Ok didn't get the meaning of the title till right at the end there... But hey, if it gets you a girls night out then it's worth it eh! Hope everyone is feeling better tomorrow!

Nay said...

I hope you enjoy your girls night out!! Can't wait to hear about it :) Don't get up to too much mischief :P hehe!!

anchan said...

Hehehehehe! Now I definitely think you deserve that night out!

Lulu said...

Well it is nice of him and his shiken chinchin to offer to stay home for the day so you can go!

Hope you have fun- look forward to hearing about the adventures.

michaelalegge said...

I must set up a blog. But I need to sort comp shit put so I can write it in bed.
Guys and shaving downstairs. Talked about it over drinking at an izakaia and it turned out that a few of them did it. I really don't wanna imagine why.
My boy turned 1 yesterday but he's cutting one of his molar things so he's clingy and finding comfort with the old opai.
Just introduced my hub to bejeweled blitz. He's not a gamer but we will see...
Emotional blackmail is useful. Hub is a good man!!
Hope Shou makes a rapid recovery!!

aneki said...

Wow that sorta action never gets me girls night out? But it gets me similar service on his behalf so I guess it's fair game.