Sunday, 9 August 2009

Sunday Carnage Again

As per usual today was carnage. And as per usual hats off to those of you who have to deal with this kind of shit every day of the week as well.

Shou was up before five - thanks for that darling. I got up, changed his nappy and put him back to bed, or so I thought. Hub must have got pissed off with him trying to climb up on to the top of the top bunk and put him outside the room and told him to play. I heard him tottle (is that a word? not that I really give a shit. We like to make words and phrases up here in GW land) down stairs. To me, this inevitably means he will open the sliding doors and go out on the deck and then most probably, rain, sun, thunder, snow or hail, will climb off the deck and go crab hunting. And therefore I have great trouble trying to sleep knowing that he could be out there half way down the road with a bucket and a net in his PJs when the river is gushing to one side and the old man from up the road is driving his tractor down the other - he never got his licence so isn't allowed to drive a car and therefor drives a tractor thing all over the place!

Went downstairs and stopped him just as he was trying to slide off the deck with the bucket. So predictable. Typical male.

Back to bed and I must have gone back to sleep because when I woke it was after seven. Spent the morning traumatising the 'kabutomushi' (big ass beetle). Well, not me personally. Quite happy to look at it and will even allow it in the house but god damn if I'm going to let it crawl all over me like Shou was doing. By nine thirty Shou and Marina had given the beetle a complete workout, watched most of CARS and had construction pit and playdo session on the deck. God, it felt like it should have been at least three in the afternoon.

At half nine we piled into two cars and dropped one off at the service station to change the tyres. One has a flat and they are the special tyres (that were nearly bald anyway) on the special ultra cool hubcaps - the very same hubcaps that keep hub occupied at least an hour every weekend. As we can't afford to replace all four tyres needed for the cool hubcaps we had to put the original tyres on with the original very uncool hub caps. Oh well. I don't really care although must admit the cool hubcaps are indeed just that - a lot cooler than the normal ones.

Hub offered to pay for the charge to change the tyres and to square up our petrol bill for last month. Feeling guilty from being the one with all the money today methinks. He is going to a funeral tomorrow and has to give 5000 yen so he put 'his' money in that too when usually he would have asked me.

(he is at this moment sitting at the kitchen table cutting his nose hairs with a pair of nail scissors - I kid you not. He hasn't got stick out of the nose long hairs but obviously they piss him off. Heinous. Definitely not feeling the need to get a leg over tonight. But then, twice yesterday (don't even start) and perhaps I will be relieved of duties for a few more days.)

While the servo boys were doing the tyres we went and dropped the dvds off and went to the supermarket. NEVER AGAIN are we going out for that long (two hours - mostly driving) with Shou and Marina in hub's car. His car is small and they can quite easily smack each other in the face from their car seats. The baby was at home with Granny so fortunately he was out of the firing line.

After a few attempts we managed to all be asleep at the same time for an hour this afternoon. Following nap time was pool and hose time followed by early bath time.

They are all asleep now and I think I am in need of an early night too. God Sundays wear me thin. Well maybe not thin unfortunately but I am knackered.

Sweet Dreams, Good Health and Quiet Living.


illahee said...

"God, it felt like it should have been at least three in the afternoon."

i know this feeling VERY well!! LOL thank god it's monday, right?

thanks for the invite, we just might show up one day. hiro and sasha always beg to go to "friend's" house so they definitely remember playing over there!

Lily said...

Goodness you are active- with kids and hubby (you would make the French jeolous). Inspiring though to see how you manage to do so much with an infant...and 2 tots. No offence to you and Illhee but if the age gap was as close as your guys babies I think I my blog would be about my alcolism and visits to the psych ward. You two are awesome to be able to do it as well as you both do!

gaijin wife said...

Lily - I just don't blog about the vodka at breakfast and weekly seesions with a therapist :p

Rachel said...

Wearing you thin...if only kids REALLY did, aye?

That sleeping store keeps sending me emails. Last one had some advice for toddlers who wake up too early, I think I deleted it already but it must be on their site somewhere. It's gotta be better than frog-hunting at 5am

Chrysanthemum Mum said...

I really understand that feeling of dismay when you look at the clock and realise that it's still way before lunch! Rainy days make it worse too I think - no chance to get them tired out in the park so they sleep for a few hours.

On the bunkbed thing. I got mine in bunks quickly as we only have two bedrooms and once I'd stopped breastfeeding I figured Alexa didn't need to be sleeping in our bedroom. They have got used to it pretty quickly, but there are always days where one is very tired and falls asleep easily and the other makes a fuss/noise and wakes up the sibling. Alexa resists bedtimes more than James at the moment. She can also climb out of the bottom bunk so I have to make sure she is really tired before putting her in bed.

If Marina and Shou have their own rooms I'd keep it that way and deal with the bunkbeds when Ryu has stopped needing nighttime feeds. One new challenge at a time is perhaps a good idea. Sorry - trespassing on your blog space!

gaijin wife said...

C Mum - trespass away :) I think you're right. I should probably just wait till I have to put two of the kids in the same room. Some nights I'll be having baby snuggles and think how nice it would be to sleep like that all the time. Who needs a farting snoring husband when you can have smiley squidgy baby.