Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Relatively Human

Well I am feeling relatively human today. Not as down and out as yesterday that's for sure. Thanks for all the comments. It is reassuring to know that women in similar situations feel the same way from time to time too. It's probably a blessing Kunimi is such a shithole and there is no good booze shop, pharmacy or therapist or I would find myself squiffing back sav, popping handfuls of pills and spending a good portion of each day on someone's couch. The closest I will ever get to that is a grapefruit chuhai, a vitamin tablet and a whole lot of talking to myself.

Ryu and I drove Granny K to her appointment today to find out the results of the polyp check. There were all fine and she is healthy as and on the road to living until she is a hundred and twenty.

While she was at the hospital we went to big home centre and bought loads of random stuff, including two very cool espresso cups that were only 200 yen each. Wahoo what a bargin. Wasn't till I got home that realised I can't actually handle espresso and therefore had to finally clean on top of our rangehood so I could display the cups up there.

Also bought a couple of cushion covers and came home and cut them up so I could re-cover the dining room chair cushion pad things. Five hundred staples and some masking tape later and you would never know that wasn't how we bought them. God help anyone who turns a chair upside down. My crappy DIY skills will be revealed. Tis like with cross stitch. What's with having the back of it looking like the front?? If it's the back then surely loose bits of thread and shite will just go unnoticed. There must be some kind of satisfaction gained from having both sides perfect.

After cleaning the rangehood and doing the cushions I got dinner sorted - curry. But, this time I mulched all the veges together in the blender and whadda ya know ... Shou and Marina ate it all. No spitting out the eggplant or carrots. hub was home quite early and I gave him an extra humungous serving - just try and not eat all that you ungrateful prick.

To his credit he just about licked the bowl.

That was about as exciting as our day got.

Oh except for the flurry of emails from people saying they can come to the dinner on Monday the 31st August???

When I went in to the local okonomiyaki place a week or so back I told the owner lady that I would bring my friend (European stylist) in on perhaps maybe but not totally sure the 31st of this month. Said friend used to be on JET in next town over and knows the woman, and a crowd of the adult English class people from Kunimi.

Owner lady then told one of the English class women - who happened to drive pass me yesterday morning while I was out walking. Oh, she had heard about the dinner and did I want her to get in contact with the others. I said I wasn't a hundred percent sure. Less than 24 hours later and it is SET IN STONE. Except that have actually realised that hub has to work late that night and therefore wont be at home to watch the kids. Hmmmmmm. I could probably just go outside now and whisper to the wind that 'sshhh don't tell anyone but dinner has been changed to the Wednesday' and I reckon everyone would be in the know by about five o'clock tomorrow morning.

Friend and I are going on girls night to Beppu on the Tuesday after she arrives and I booked a hotel last night. Opposite Starbucks - which is really more for my benefit as she is probably not as deprived as I am. Is also opposite fab rab yummy yum yakitori (BBQ chicken skewers, beef, jacket spuds...) place that we are planning on going for dinner.

Well, need to tick 'thankyou cards' off list so better get on to it.



illahee said...

meant to comment earlier. now pissed. anyway, am very jealous of girls' night out, i hope you have loads of fun (and vodka!!) talk to you soon!

Anonymous said...

ditto on the jealousy!

Love your new site look tho, very streamlined.

Corinne said...

Glad you're feeling a bit better today! Loving the new look as well. Have a great girls night!

anchan said...

oooh, lookin' good!

Chrysanthemum Mum said...

Love the new look. Amazing how planning a girls' nite out can perk you up. Imagine how you'll feel on the nite itself!