Thursday, 6 August 2009

Postal Hearts

We left after dropping Shou off at kindy and got to the skin clinic about quarter to nine - seriously, there were already more than twenty people waiting and the lady on reception put Marina on the list and then told us we could bugger off till half ten. Which we did.

Went the the park where I had no luck getting a cute photo of Marina...

And while she was playing with daddy, Ryu was...

Turns out Marina's thing comes under the mole category and not the birthmark category and it could get bigger - as it has done in the last year. The doctor suggested we get it removed but wait until she is a bit older and an anaesthetic wont be so hard on her. She was a trooper at the doctors and for the rest of the day seemed to enjoy being with just mummy and daddy with no older brother rarking her up. I definitely need to start keeping her home a day a week from kindy. It was great to 'have her back' for a day even though papa was clearly flavor of the month - again!

I got a letter in the post today.

From the lady at the post office.

The one who thinks I'm still pregnant. Silly cow.

I went in there yesterday to post a couple of boxes up North - the address was written in English and she said that seeing as they were domestic post they should have Japanese on them. What the... !! I laughed - out loud - and asked her if Japanese postmen would have trouble reading romaji. Isn't it grand that when Japanese people write alphabet letters it is romaji but when foreigners write it it is English. She seemed to change her tune when I said 'romaji' - as if it had just occurred to her that reading an alphabet they have known since primary school would be just fine.

So the letter - was handwritten on girlie heart paper with extra heart stickers and flower stickers on it. The content - thanks for asking about insurance and had I decided yet.

I showed it to hub and he wondered out loud why it was OK for her to send me a 'heart' but not OK for a woman he used to go to school with to send him a heart in a text message. I said for one, I doubt very much the post office lady sent similar letters to married men. But then you never know, maybe she does.

I said some other things too.. and they kind of meshed into me also being completely unreasonable for the rest of the evening - according to hub. I admit I was a bit stressy worried that there would be a repeat of last Thursday -when Shou was up the whole of my English lesson as well - sticking his head in the door and generally being a disturbance.

Everything works out better if I am seen to be leaving the house for work - then Shou thinks I am gone and doesn't do the whole 'I want to sleep with mummy' thing. So, tonight I leave the house at half seven but ask hub if he could please have Shou upstairs by seven forty so I can sneak back in and set up for the English class. He pulled the 'stop nagging me, if you want me to put him to sleep I'll do it how I want' line. I then pulled the 'god damn it man I just want to be able to teach a class in peace, you don't think my job is important' line.


Anyway, I apologised after the class for being a bit of a bitch this evening (had a go at Shou over dinner time too - general things, spilling, throwing, nutting out) Hub seems to be over it all - and even suggested a meeting later.

Not likely.

Although we did talk about meetings this afternoon. Our meetings of late have been without security so to speak. I know this is very naive - but hell, hasn't my uterus just finished shrinking back? I know too well that you can get pregnant this early on though. A good friend got pregnant at about eight weeks after birth of daughter and didn't realise until she was twenty weeks.

Needless to say all future meetings will have full security in place.

Ooooh, forgot to mention that had big talk to one of my sisters the other day and perhaps just maybe Fiji will be a goer. She suggested we all come over together and hub leaves early with one of the older two, whichever one he thinks would be easiest to fly back on his own with. I then leave a week later with Ryu and the other kid plus either mum (doesn't know we have even been talking about it) or maybe even sister and her oldest - at least that way it would be two adults and three kids which I think is better than one adult and two kids. Hmmmm.

Well, I am going to wake Ryu up for a dream feed. I stayed up last night thinking he would be waking up 'any moment' and ended up waiting till half twelve. Feeding him earlier and hopefully getting him to sleep through to at least three would be better than our current situation.

Nighty night.



Nay said...

It would be fantastic if you could go to Fiji... I so wanted to go there for our honeymoon!!

Can't write a longer comment today because I should already be at the gate now!! (flying home tonight, YAY!!)

Btw, I always write my letters and stuff in English EVEN if I am sending inside of Japan... I haven't had a problem yet, sounds like that staff member just wanted to be an arse, lol!!

Sarah said...

I once had the opposite problem sending a letter overseas to a Japanese friend. I wrote my return address in characters (with TOKYO, JAPAN in English) and the Japanese post office didn't want to accept until they were sure the recipient could read Japanese!