Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Parenting Sick Children

Last night has probably been the worst night as a family with three small children since well, we became a family with three small children ten weeks ago.

There was no vomitting or runs (not last night at least) but between the two of us hub and I must have only gotten about two hours sleep - and I would say that that was mostly hub, the man species who can sleep on a bed of nails in a damn blizard. ALL the kids were sick. Well, Ryu just has a cough but this stopped him from sleeping for more than a thirty minute stretch all night - and all day today. Marina has the worst cough and even Shou, whose temperature had gone down was still unsettled enough to wake up about three times.

Needless to say mummy was a sleep deprived mad woman mess this morning, not helped by fact that hub had to go to work until lunch time. Shou and Marina both seemed to be full of genki today and it was hard to restrain them from running away to catch crabs - Marina still had a 38 degree temp. How on earth do you try and get a toddler to play quiet when their older brother is running riot and opening the doors and waiting, it seems, until you have just sat down to feed the baby, to open the gate so both him and Marina can run out?? !! Bloody hell.

Hub came home and we took both Shou and Marina to the doctors - or rather Marina while I took Shou to the supermarket. Marina has a 'summer cold' but the cough is really bad and if it persists it could lead to asthma. We have been down this road before so I hope it lets up soon. Tonight was a no goer though and she coughed herself into a vomit all over hub. He was trying to get Shou to sleep while I was in getting Ryu down. Marina starts a big coughing fit, hub goes in and picks her up and craddles her. I come in and the first thing I say is can you back away from the bed.

Deaf ears.

The whole bed, and all of hub get a complete pelting. Hub has a go at me for not caring about Marina being sick. I said of course I'm bloody worried about her, but I would be a more effective mother not being worried about her in a bucket of vomit and five loads of washing. He went on to say that the washing machine does the actual washing so ...

Anhooooo, the washing machine is whirling, Marina is changed and back to bed and appears to be sleeping well. As are Shou and Ryu. Long may it last.

Hub has tomorrow off work so I can do the last day of the English Program - to the ex-mayors house to learn about the koto and the shamisen. They have a big taiko drum too so maybe a good bash on that and I will feel less like bashing hub. Who, I should probably add has actually been doing a stellar Japanese man job, as has Granny K.

I am pleased to report that my friend will have nice fresh towels and all I need to do is put the new cover on the new bed stuff tomorrow and all will be OK. I just wish I could lock the sliding doors so she doesn't get woken up at the crack of dawn!!

This week has not panned out as expected. I'm not one for winging it very well. I could never go on holiday and just fly by the seat of my pants. I have a friend for that. We get hilarious emails of her antics - being randomly asked to be an extra in a bollywood film, getting invited to join a wedding ceremony in outer somewhere or other - lasting three days rah rah. I need a bit more structure though. And this week's structure has gone out the window.

So my European Stylist friend, the house WILL be a mess on friday and I WILL STILL be spending half the day blowing my nose and rubbing my eyes - does anyone else get sensitive eyes when they get a cold? Hub may or may be with me when I come to the airport, but rest assured wild pigs couldn't stop me from coming. Do you want a banner?? I could put 'Welcome to the foreigner who most probably has swine flu?' on it??

Best be off. Marina just woken up. Hub has gone up but I have to sort out a handout for tomorrow.


Edit - Marina changed and back to bed and I think asleep. I have hung out two loads of washing and the last is nearly finished. Have also finished going over the English stuff - I got them to write about their 'okonomiyaki' experience.
Nighty night.


Rachel said...

OH my god, you poor people, the lot of you. Amy used to vomit, luckily Lena and Erica don't. touch wood! Mine all get asthma after colds too. Then it goes on and on with the little packets of medicine forever...I hope you can make it to Sasha's party.

Midori said...

Yuck. Sorry to hear that they are all so sick. Hope everyone gets better soon. (((HUGS))))

illahee said...

oh no!! at least it's summer cold and not the dreaded you-know-what...

hope you're all feeling better soon!

Chysanthemum Mum said...

Sounds like a right nightmare. Hope you are all feeling better soon.

colorbynumbers said...

hope youre all feeling better sooner rather than later..
Get well vibes heading your way..

Lulu said...

Oh no! That sounds sucky, especially with Marina coughing so hard she vomitted (I have done that before with asthma/bronchitis- not pleasent!)

Hope you are all on the mend very soon!

ps: Need to get some more ribbons but will send a tag blanket for Ryu sometime soon and send it down. Want to make another for goma-chan anyway and probably one for Sakura and Khea`s little girl Missha. I need all the sewing pratice I can get!