Sunday, 23 August 2009

Not busy AT ALL.

God what a day. Woke up at six to hub reminding me about the kindy clean up. Bugger bugger fuck. I was still in bed with Ryu, who had had an unsettled night. I wasn't feeling like getting up quite yet - or rather getting up and having all three of the sproglets to feed, change and get ready for the day ahead on my own. But unless I planned on putting on my gardening gear and gummies and heading to the kindy instead of hub then that was the only option.

Some how we all managed to eat something, get changed, and Shou and Marina watched Bob the builder in Japanese (that's how not with the program I was this morning - couldn't even be faffed changing the language button) while I got stuff ready. Marina was spending the day with Granny K so I got her drawing stuff and playdo out and had a word with Granny K about things. Shou and Ryu were coming with us to the labour union bollocks thing a couple of hours away so I had to get what you would expect for a three year old and baby to need during a day out.

We left home about half eight and about forty minutes in to our jouney, as we were driving along a straight big prefectural road, a man drove out from a side road - a road I might add that had perfect vision of all right of way traffic speeding along at 60km an hour. Hub hit the brakes and we swerved almost up onto the footpath. Seriously we were this close (imagine me doing 'this close' gesture)to being smashed in the drivers side of the car - the side Ryu was on (and hub, but for some reason he was secondary in my thoughts to Ryu).

The man in the other car had the cheek to look pissed off at US?? He didn't even reverse, he just stopped in the middle of the road, looked pissed and drove off?? Hub was the maddest I have seem him for a LONG TIME. Had it not been for my pleas he would have been driving right up the guys bumper. As it was, when the guy pulled over to his apartment building hub bloody well followed. I'm not that good with confrontations - well, fair enough, I'll confront my own lieing silver ball fondling husband, but not a random man stranger - especially with kids in the car. But hub got all ruff up your feathers and stick out your chest man species like and wanted a go at him. I was scared that said man would turn it against us and smack hub one in the face and if was complete lunitic come and have a go at me just for being in the same car. I tend to read too much into things though. Aye. What do ya reckon.

Insert - hub just tried to open bottle of Heineken with one of those pasta measures - that has three round holes on it. hehe.

So anyway, hub gets out of the car and confronts guy - my family was in car and you nearly sided us. korrrra. Man just said sumimasen (sorry) and went on his way.

Was all a bit scary really.

Anyway, I dropped hub and Shou off at the labour union rant in the park and Ryu and I went to the department store for some coffee and booby time. Picked hub and Shou up, had lunch and drove home. Marina and Granny K survived the day it seems.

The kids got some pool time while Ryu was being a fussy bugger - probably because he had slept all day until about two due to being in his car seat and stroller - which he relates to sleeping - or perhaps because Shou mistakingly WWF bodyslammed him while he was in his bouncer this morning. I managed to take a couple of pics though...

Marina (aka the rabbit with a mullet)
Shou (aka the skinny runt - mummy wants some of those genes please) trying to clean his 'bus'A cute pic of Ryu in his sun hat
So, that you forgive him for doing the fingers at you!
Both Shou and Marina were terrors this evening and I know it's all just sent to test us and all but holy fuck could someone send me a well behaved three year old for a week. Hell, I'd settle for a day. Half an hour, half an hour, that's all I ask.

Ordered and went to pick up fried noodles for dinner. Told the owner about the whole dinner party that is now SET IN STONE after I mentioned that just the two of us, the European stylist and I, were coming for dinner on the 31st. Apparantly the woman who saw me walking that day (and who has organized the whole thing) has also invited the doctor's wife!!! Now, the doctor's wife is a lovely woman, no doubt about it, but to the best of my knowledge her and the European Stylist have only been out drinking together once or twice??

So anyway, to try and straighten things out and not let things get out of hand I rang the said woman - to no avail. Not answering. She rang last night and spoke to hub (they were Junior High School classmates) and asked him how many people were coming to this big dinner and what time it started!! She said that the new date I had suggested wasn't too good and do you think I would mind if they just did it without me!!

Don't even go there.

No comment from the angry gaijin in the corner. But when I get to the bottom of this bottle of wine I am going to take it round to her place and bash her over the head with it. What as seeing now I don't feel the need to hit Granny K over the head. God forbid, I need her to look after Ryu this week while I have that English program.

Speaking of which, I guess I just turn up tomorrow. I think at 1pm. I thought I might get a finalise things call tonight but doesn't look like it. Ah well, tomorrow we will just do shite and then the next three days I was thinking of chosing a topic per day (say food, religion, language etc) and learning about that thing for each country (students will be from Iran and Japan) and then spending other half of time doing on hands stuff - like coming here and getting Granny K to show them how to write a couple of kanji. She has been doing caligraphy for years and will no doubt be far too embarrassed but I will just find a way to persuade her. Her family home is a temple - with awesome awesome gold plated temple stuff so thought we could go there one day too. And the okonomiyaki lady said could go there and she would get ingredients and they could chop, mix, cook and eat that - minus the pork and perhaps facing east?? God, could even probably persuade the ex-mayor's wife who lives fifty meters up the road to give them a koto lesson!!

Anyway, all completely depends on whether I am allowed to drive them round or not. All of the excursions will of course be in English.

So, thats the plan stan. Around the English I will have my own private classes and trying to get the house in a semi state of readiness for friend's arrival (don't get your hopes up though friend. You could well be sleeping on a musty futon with a scody towel and face cloth) Also meant to take car to get fixed tomorrow arvo but forgot tomorrow's English program is in the afternoon and not the morning like the other days. Will have to reschedule car trip for Tuesday arvo.


I say that now, but I tend to work best and get more done when am busy.



illahee said...

ohmigosh, near misses are awful!! but much better than an accident. i would have been angry, too, if i were the driver, and scared shitless if i were a passenger! some people shouldn't be allowed to drive! *big hugs* wish i could send over an extra bottle of wine tonight!

cute kidlets, as always, even if ryu is telling us to fuck off. at least he's cute! ;)

the bathing suit looks great!

Nay said...

OMG, I love that photo of Ryu, it is SOOOO funny!! I love his togs by the way, very cute :)

The near crash today must have been so scary... thank goodness the stupid idiot missed you!! I agree with Illahee, some people just shouldn't be allowed to drive!

Gaijin Wife said...

Illahee - the togs I had for Marina are so boring so she thanks you for spicing her life up!!

Rachel said...

OMG we also nearly ran into a truck that cut in front of us! I promise if anything else happens with my car I'll let you know, as the gaijin car drama fairies seem to be hitting both of us in the same way!

My jaw is dropping at your being uninvited to your own party.

Did he get the bottle open? Could be a good new use for that pasta thingy, since I don't know anybody who actually uses them for pasta.

Lulu said...

Oh my, so glad that you, hub and the kids didn`t have an accident! So scary.

The photo of Ryu giving the finger is hilarious- even called hub over to have a look. He said "omoshiroi- kumo baby deshou?" ie, the baby made because of the scary spider. LOL, he knows you!

Do you use the word togs in NZ too? I thought it was just an Aussie thing?!

michaelalegge said...

Lol Ryu, but I luv all the phots.
Your Eigo plans sound good. Good luck with that.


Renee said...

Love the matching sunhat and togs for Ryu - he looks pretty pleased with himself, too ;)

Thank goodness for the near miss being a near miss...I swear some people get their licenses off the back of the weetbix packet.

Brenda said...

Wow! How scary! I've flipped off a little obachan before, who probably shouldn't even still be driving, but I'd never confront anyone in the U.S., where they'd just as soon pull a gun on you as argue!

Pix of the sproglets, hooray! Marina looks so pretty in her bathing suit! Good grief, Ryu is adorable! And he's got the most perfectly round melon! LOL Too cute!

SabrinaT said...

Driving in Japan should be a sport! Or at least rate hazard pay...

Kelly said...

I love the pic of ryu with the finger, he is such a cutie with his little hat. :0)

He is growing up so fast!

Ruthie said...

Thank God it was only a near miss and not a direct hit! Was it a kei-truck? They seem to have the most erratic drivers. 5 days til touchdown, I am sooooo excited (ever if I have got a musty futon and scody towel ;) )