Tuesday, 25 August 2009

A No Post

Hub needs the puter to do some work for tomorrow. He was going to stay late but both Marina and Shou came home during the day today with temperatures so I got him to come home as soon as he could. He had already taken the morning off to take Shou to the doctors because I was in the middle of my English Program.

The doctor reckons probably isn't Swine Flu as Shou running round jumping off walls and not looking oinked out all. Marina also very genki with a runny nose and wee cough. Even the litte man Ryu has a cute baby cough and I must admit my head is feeling stuffy. I am going to be completely foreign about the whole thing and have a big bath, some icecream cause feels nice sliding down throat, and go to bed.

I have had to cancel English tomorrow - both the program in the morning and my private one in the afternoon. Hub not able to take morning off but hopefully can on Thursday if need be.

I guess in a way it is good we are all feeling shite now. Should be over by Friday.

At least my throat is sore so I don't need to make up an excuse not to ... ahem.



Ruthie said...

I hope the cold doesn't prevent you from coming to the airport at 3pm on Friday! Last day in work today and leaving tomorrow. See you soon!

Sara said...

feel better gaijin wife brood!!!
crossing my fingers that the oinkies stay far far away

thefukases said...

In the midst of your snotty splendour can I just congratulate you on raising the type of children who are considerate and generous enough to all come down with the dreaded lurgy at the same time? Hands down, you're the queen of kleenex there!

PS. Hoping against hope your husband isn't the man cold type. Imagine the TLC and rehab Super chinchin would need, then? @_@

Nay said...

I hope you all recover quickly!! It must be a nightmare having everyone sick at the same time but as the fukases implied at least you get it all out of the way in one big hit!!

Sending you all get well vibes!

Corinne said...

When the flu swept through our neighbourhood Ash and I escaped with just runny noses, hopefully it will be the same with all of you!

Lulu said...

Hopefully it is just a cold and the GW household will be back to "genki" in no time!