Saturday, 15 August 2009

My Day

Downstairs with a very wide awake Ryu. Coffee. Give me coffee. (that's me by the way - not Ryu)

Barf Been and eggy rice for Shou - who wants to crack the egg. The second attempt is a goer.

Hub: are we taking the kids to kindy today?
Me: I was planning to.
Hub: Shouldn't we at least keep them home today? (because of obon)
Me: I thought you had to get into your suit and go on a prayer crawl (like pub crawl without booze) this morning to various houses.
Hub: I do, and Granny K is coming with me.
Me: Can Shou come too?
Hub: No
Me: ....
Hub: Oh
Me: Can you take them to kindy or should I?
Hub: on it.
Me: Good man you are.

Sleeping with Ryu and ignoring all household duties - mainly because have grown up thinking Saturday was a holiday and Sunday a holy day of rest (ahem). Seeing as Sunday is toddler tornado day that gives me Saturday.

Granny K and hub get home.

Hub and Gaijin wife (and their adorable off spring (singular)) head to kids shop to get Marina some undies. The teacher at kindy requested them - and not the training pant kind, the proper ones so she gets pee all down her leg when she goes wee and therefore 'learns' that going on potty better plan. I'm not protesting as they were great potty training Shou so if they think Marina is a goer for it at three months shy of her second birthday then so be it.

In supermarket getting stuff for dinner
Me: (beckons hub over the Japanese way - the upside down hand jiggle wave thing)
Hub: nani (what - very rudely)
Me: (in best 'I'm standing in line at checkout surrounded by people' voice)Those fireworks you were just looking at - are they half price?
Hub: anna iran (don't need them - rudely)
Me: Haven't done any this year, maybe we could do some with European Stylist or that family of four that are coming to stay for a week at the end of September? (more on that later another time)
Hub: Buy them later then
Me: Rightio then (but thinking, just fuckin tell me if they are half price or not cause if they are chuck us a packet this way as they aren't on sale for ever and lighting bits of dynamite is fun god damn it)

In car on way back to Kunimi.
Am thinking that would have liked to broach subject about correct word usage to wife in public place but on way out of supermarket heard at least two men being as equally rude to their wives and put it down to a crap cultural difference. One of course that I wont put up with for ever but which I am willing to pass over on this occasion. Am still feeling a bit like a dog who has been told off by his master though (when really we all know it should be the other way around)

Arrive home and Ryu and I get out and unpack groceries (well, Ryu not too clued in on how to unpack groceries but quite happy to watch) while hub goes to pick the sproglets up from kindy. They arrive back home and hub keeps them very well entertained on the deck while I get dinner sorted.

The fires of Helleth start to riseth

Shou wont eat dinner and after a lot of coaxing ends up purposely by mistake tipping whole kiddy table upside down with plate of veges and noodles and orange juice. On a normal day I would have just thought fuck it, now I have to wash the shaggy rug again - damn shaggy rug. Trying to spot wash shit off never works as too damn shaggy so whole thing has to go in washing machine and needs a whole day of sunshine to dry properly - this is harder than it sounds. Also, hub's brother and sister in law, daughter and her baby are coming tomorrow to pray at family grave and I was kind of hoping the house wouldn't look like two toddlers and a baby lived in it.

Marina is having a yoghurt

The floor beneath Marina is having a yoghurt

Mummy stupidly gets on her hands and knees to wipe up yoghurt

Mummy's head is having a yoghurt

Thanks for that darling. Can't really get angry as you are afterall only one and a half and despite having quite good hand spoon mouth coordination skills were just being a bit over-enthusiastic. Must be DNA from your father. He gets a bit over enthusiastic sometimes - and now we have you lot.

Have to leave house or will yell at kids - and that is sooooo against the whole scream-free parenting regime. Take Ryu and we go on ten minute excursion to store to buy garbage bags - something we do actually need.

Get home and the bath thing happens with little sweet (fuck all - just to ad lib a bit there) help from hub.

Marina asleep

Hub upstairs looking for t-shirt to wear to the obon festival he has to drum at tonight.
Hub: have you seen my yellow t-shirt?
Me: the drumming group one?
Hub: Yes
Me: In that bottom drawer maybe - you haven't worn it since last year so not sure.
Hub: I've looked in there twice. I wonder where it can be.
Me: (opens drawer and pulls out t-shirt) ...
Hub: Oh.
Me: Dopey bastard

OK so I didn't actually say that but God - talk about man eyes and lack of them.

Hub: Have you told Granny K you aren't taking all the kids to the festival?
Me: Shit, no I forgot. Can you (as am in middle of feeding Ryu)
Hub: (goes and tells her)
Me: Is she still going to go?
Hub: Yip, Shou should go too?
Me: No, it's OK. Granny K isn't fast enough to catch him if he tries to escape (99 percent probability of this happening)
Hub: I guess
Me: If you will keep an eye on him and then come home after the drumming with him to put him to bed then I guess would be OK
Hub: (thinking - but that means I can't get on the lash with the drumming boys)
Me: And I know that means you can't get on the lash with the drumming boys but you got pished with them two nights ago and will be doing so again on Monday
Hub: ....

five minutes later

Hub: I'm not going. Come on Shou let's go to bed.
Me: hold on. You can go. I want you to go. I'm fine with putting the kids to bed.
Hub: Nope, not going. (phone rings - he doesn't answer)
Me: Shouldn't you at least tell them you aren't turning up them? Seeing as you are one of the expected drummers?
Hub: Nah
Me: OK, well next time you see them please don't tell them it was your bitchy naggy gaijin wife that wouldn't let you go.
Hub: ....

In the end it takes us a combined hour to get the devil child to sleep - ending with me feeding Ryu on the floor beside his bed.

Everyone is asleep and what I really want to do is go


Muffled into a pillow of course.

Scream-free parenting and all that.



Melanie said...

one word- MEN

My DH (often with a different word substuted for darling/dear) does the same thing about stuff. "Have you seen ......?" You tell him where it is and he says no, makes you get up and of course, there it is, right where you said.

My favorite (enter sarcasm) times are the ones where he hands me the Japanese instruction manual to figure things out because he doesn`t "understand". Sheesh, if its in his own native language and he can`t understand it what makes him think I will.

I would say that when Shou (or any of the kids) finally leave the house you need to throw yourself a huge party for not doing them any bodily harm (not that I think you would).

ローラ said...

Now, I always, always do the "hey, come here" Japanese hand gesture. I used to not do it that much in Japan, but since returning to the U.S., I'm doing it with Takeshi, all the time now. Haha.

Is there any sort of public-run "sensitivity training" for your hubby, in town? ;) Jeez. Men.

shufuinjapan said...

I'm glad to hear my DH is not the only one who can't find things right under his nose. Talk about not noticing details...except for things I don't want him to notice (new clothes I bought on impuse but didn't really need etc.)

Chrysanthemum Mum said...

My hub can't find things under his nose either. Drives me mad along with the rudeness.

illahee said...

your day sounds so long--and busy!! i'm exhausted just by reading it!

Nay said...

Oh I hate when men can't find things for themselves!! Naoki seriously drives me insane with the whole 'where's this... You have lost that!!'

I agree with Illahee - your day does sound exhausting!! Do you ever have anytime 'me' time because you really deserve it :)

Gaijin Wife said...

Melanie - DH: Dopey / Dickhead / dumb / dipshit / dork ....

but those are all the words for my husbandl.

183 months till Shou leaves home. Not that I'm counting or anything. Blogging will be outdated by then but you're welcome to come to the party!!

Laura - sesitivity... shhhhhh is a nationally banned word didn't you know.

Shufu - ditto on noticing the wrong things. Men would look stupid with the number of eyes they would actually need to notice the stuff we want them too.

C MUM - I broached the rudeness subject today and I think we are micro step closer to not using certain words in public.

Illahee - I doubt very much my day out does yours in craziness - and you have to do it every day!!

Nay - I do get lots of me time. During the week, albeit with Ryu sleeping so I can't just take off and go get a massage or anything. Lucky for Ryu I don't mind sharing my me time with him - the cute little bundle of rolly polly babiness

Kelly said...

When yasu can't find something I always ask him if he had a boy look or a girl look, it's usually a boy look because I look for it and find it right away. I think men are all the same when it comes to looking for stuff!

Did hub change his mind about the drumming because he couldn't go out drinking?