Tuesday, 18 August 2009

The Masked Rider

The Masked Rider....

And no, that has no connotations to hub donning a swine flu mask and trying to get a leg over.

As any mother of a boy in Japan will know, most boys get to an age where they are obsessed with one of the masked heroes. Ultraman, Camen Rider, Shinkenger. Shou's latest obsession is Shinkenger. There are five colors. Shinken Pink (mummy), Shinken Yellow (Marina), Shinken Red (Granny K), Shinken Green (Ryu), Shinken Blue (Shou). After telling us what everyone was he then realised that he'd missed out daddy so he asked him what he wanted to be - as I think it might have been OK in Shou-land, to double up. Hub's answer was..

Shinken Chinchin (willy) while at the same time doing a gesture that turned his chinchin into a sword. They both had a good laugh about it and I felt that it just proved my point that I don't need a fourth child when I already have hub.

I was laughing on the inside though - but had my serious, don't be such a dickhead, face on to hub.

Today was pretty cruisy. Went walking with Coffee Chiemi in the morning. Came home and did house stuff and then got online while watching the shopping channel - which I don't usually do but which sucked me in with some baremineral foundation. I am weak, weak weak. I ordered it. Why? because I get this um, like, really cool little pouch with it.

I am not a makeup person really. A bit of mascara and lip gloss if your lucky. I cant be faffed with all the hassle. I used to have 'Natural Glow' by Susan Paul when I was a teenager and it was seriously really good despite the shit Susan Paul got because of her twatty accent. She then came out with some amazing scarf ring that let you tie your scarf in a hundred and seventeen different ways. Even I draw the line somewhere though.

Anyway, this baremineral stuff is powder that you put on with big ass brush - and I ALWAYS wanted one of those. 9000 yen worth of big ass brush.

I'll let you know how I get on. May well be absolute shite and next post will be about me being the overly tanned bronzed masked rider.

Mowed the lawns, did some washing, met a friend for lunch and a catch up and then came back her for a cuppa and cake, followed by two sessions of core rhythms. Yeah right. But we did have cake. Made yummy pasta for tea - which the kids ate all of. Hub home early again which was nice and he even had a big serving of dinner.

Friends coming to play tomorrow morning and English in the afternoon. The English program lady rang again this evening and they are going to try and get the participants staying in the youth hostel in Kunimi to make it easier for me!! Thanks very much. That will mean I won't have to go for mornings in a row with bursting boobs, as youth hostel only five minutes away!

Shou was very funny this morning with Marina. I overheard him telling her in a very nice voice : Marina-chan - mukou no heya ni itte kenka shiyou! (Hey Marina, let's go into the other room and fight) !!!

Anyhoo, I think there was something else I was going to post about but me canny not remember it.


Oooh, I reached 50,000 hits since I put the stat counter up near the end of last year :)


illahee said...

you are such an entertaining writer, it's hardly a surprise!!

you're right, you already have a fourth child. and here's hoping granny k doesn't become the fifth! *shock horror*

Ruthie said...

The whole office (all 4 of us) got a good laugh out of the "kenka shiyou" story. That is so funny. Sounds a bit like Luke and Hannah when they were little ;)

thefukases said...

You get to choose which superhero you are? Shou is a cool kid. I get assigned mine- usually based on my short hair or general hugeness and therefore get to be the bad guy/ the boy. Gee thanks guys!

And did Marina take hime up on the offer? ;P

tj-injapan said...

like the family photo montage up the top!!

your hubby is a real catch (lol). Some of the things he comes up with (*up*, get it?? hehe)

gonna try ring you in the morning, so make sure to charge your phone.

Nooh said...

Oooh, do let us know how the bareminerals stuff goes! I saqw it on cable and wondered how good the coverage is! Might need to see some before and after shots of yu, GW! :)

Birgit said...

My little one is all over Gaorangers at the moment. He does the same thing of assigning who is who in the family :) (I could convice him that I could be the cool gao yellow hawk characters instead of the girly gao white one)...

ローラ said...

Haha, you're hub is such a funny guy. ;)

But I guess it's good to keep your "inner child" even when you're an adult!

When I read that, I just thought, "Oh...Takeshi may be like that with any future children we have, as well."

I can tell already, that Takeshi is totally likely to teach any kiddies some silly behavior. Oh men...do we really need any kids, if we have a husband? :)

I've thought that many times as well. "Do we really need to have kids? Takeshi's here, already..."

Anonymous said...

Shou reminds me of my brother when he was that age! He used to play power-rangers with the dog..and fight her in the backyard..sometimes he'd let her win! LOL at Hub wanting to be shinken chinchin! why doesn't that surprise me? Katie "enjoy shite" yori