Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Kawaigatte kureru?

Hub and the chinchin ended up getting lucky last night. Have you ever been in the 'middle of things' and getting a neck nibble and, while I usually enjoy the neck nibble quite a lot, gotten very very ticklish and had to so try and focus on something else so you wouldn't ruin the moment - for hub that is. I'd lost the moment when the tickle came on. Let's just say it was one of the one times I was very grateful for hub being an over enthusiastic 44 year old with not that much stamina. Ahem.

I made a comment this morning about wasn't it good for the shinken chinchin that it had only been about a week and half since the last leg over. Hub said he still thought I should 'motto kawaigatte kureru'. Kawaigaru - a word used in reference to a puppy or a baby or a grandmother talking about her grandchild - not a word I have heard used to refer to how a wife should 'be more attentive to' her hub's donga, willy, chinchin, wing wang, wahooo, oopsy whatsit, just getting silly now.

Today was a good day in many ways and a not so good day in others.

The good first - some friends couldn't come but we met up with some others and had a cuppa and a good catch up which was good. The house got cleaned, the washing done, the lawn clippings raked (only to be messed up by Shou later because I hadn't got round to disposing of them), dinner cooked, English taught etc.

The not so good - I had an upsetting phone call home. There are some things going on - unbloggable things would you believe. I bet you thought gaijinwife didn't have any unbloggable things! It affects me indirectly I guess - what with me being so far away. Me being here and not being able to get home because Ryu doesn't have a passport yet, is both frustrating and well, sad I guess. I doubt I have a good enough reason to get an emergency passport for him and I'm not actually sure I would be any help at all even if I was home.

Ah well, I will have to wait it out here and rely on hopefully being included in the link back home. And also having friends coming to stay will be great. Having something to look forward to is always 'light at the end of the tunnel'. Coffee Chiemi noticed that I wasn't myself today and sent me a very sweet mail before - we are off to eat sundaes tomorrow - a request from her son seeing as he only has a week left of the summer holidays, a request I might add we are both quite happy to go along with!!

Also today - the door handle on the drivers side of the car is fucked. Somehow between the time I left home and the time I went to open the door from the outside after dropping the kids off at kindy. Wouldn't budge, so I gave it a bit of a tug - as you do and now I think I have completely fucked it. I had to Mcgyver /Dukes of Hazard into the front seat of the car all day today. How completely annoying and slightly embarrassing when has to be done in car park at supermarket! Will take it in to the shop tomorrow and if they can't fix it will have to spend Saturday taking it to the Honda place.

Hub would usually semi flip - or at least blame me - but after the shite call home and things of late he was very nice about it all - albeit with a slightly smug face at it being yet another thing to do with the car that I have 'been involved with'.

Ah well, having to dukes of hazard through the window may well make me lose weight.



Slime said...

Holy crap GW, that was hilarious! Picturing you Luke Duking it into your car in front of the super market?!?!?!?! I honestly laughed out loud! And I really needed it! I can always count on you to cheer me up!

Hope things go okay w/ your unbloggables.

Rachel said...

ha ha, I did the same thing to my door last week! I couldn't open it from either side. I LOVED the spare car I got while they 'fixed' it (read - it is not properly fixed, but apparently that's as good as it gets)

SO sad to hear about the hosp on Fri. I will still go to the beach as I promised them. I was thinking of getting there by 8am and it seems silly to go all that way and not drop by just to say hello and steal the baby/I mean cuddle the baby. What time are you leaving?

Oyomesan said...

Stuff at home....hearing it down the phone?

hang in there and drink something advice!

If it's must be bad!
Thinki8ng of You.

thefukases said...

Whoa..... must be some gaijin wife owned car door thing going on- I couldn't lock my car last week. None of the ways you usually lock a car would work for me. Very weird. Like Rachel I got a fabbo car from the mechanic while they "fixed" mine though so yah, was hoping it would take a month or so to fix but no luck...

fingers crossed everything goes well at home for you.

illahee said...

sorry to hear you have unbloggables. hope everything works out. *hugs*

can hardly believe only one week left before school starts! sundaes sound like a great idea today!

Brit in Hokkaido said...

Hope everything is OK in NZ GW!
Thank you for the message you left on my blog.
It's already back to school here. I do not understand why they don't start on September 1st seeing as August is still unbearably hot in Japan...

Rachel said...

Brit in Hokkaido, Hokkaido's summer hols are shorter as it's so cold there! The rest of us go back Sep 2.

Katy, won't see you on Friday, kuri and ping are coming to visit. Saturday?

ps, we might stay at nagasakibana Sat 29, meaning we'll be leaving early to get to Sasha's party same time as you and your friend. How mad, adding an hour to that journey, but it's the only date we can both make.

Lulu said...

OH shit news from home over the phone (or by email) really sucks- I get it a lot and most of the time it is also unbloggable. I wish Australia (and NZ) were a lot closer to Japan...

On the upside Sundaes sounds good- something to look forward to.

Sara said...

hoping that whatever is going on at home rights itself soon

for ryus passport where do you have to go? do you have to make a trip all the way out to tokyo or is there a place you can do it in kyushu?

treking to tokyo in a couple weeks for sakuras passport but getting to see bloggy friends so excited about that

ps all this talks about legs over and chinchin are getting to me... wish i still didnt have stitchery fun... that and a nonsleeping screaming baby to ruin the mood

Chrysanthemum Mum said...

Sorry to hear you have unbloggable stuff going on in NZ. Hope all turns out well soon.

Love the image of you climbing into the car Dukes of Hazzard style!

Midori said...

He he he.. kawaigatte kureru is something I never thought I would hear in that sense! ;-)J- Men seem to be all about the kawaigaru-ing though!! I think they get it from being completely kawaigaru-ed by their Mums for their entire lives until they get married.. although obviously not in the sense your hub was using it this time! LOL!