Thursday, 27 August 2009

Iranian Lads

A busy day and the house is no futher ahead in visitor preparations. I could be doing some now but I figure whats the point, the kids will just run riot in the morning and I will have to do it all again.

Shou went to kindy this morning and Marina hasn't got a temperature but still has a cough. If she gets a good sleep tonight and the coughing is getting better by the morning then I will take them both tomorrow. Ryu still has a little cough too but nothing too serious methinks.

Took the Iranian lads to the ex-mayor's house for Koto lesson. The ex-mayor's wife had gone above and beyond the call of duty. Two of her students came and played for us and then the lads got free reign to pluck away to their hearts content. They took a million photos - even one of the lights. Some ice coffee and snacks had been put out and all in all it was a great 'lesson'. The lads were a lot of fun and over the three days I spent with them I learnt random bits of Persian and today I actually understood when someone said 'sit down chicken' - we won't even get into the whys of that though. I feel fully equipped should I ever have the opprotuntiy to travel to Iran!
One of the lads the other day at okonomiyakiThe ex-mayor's wife showing one of the lads how to play the ShamisenThe group

Got home and hub left for work and I did a 'tiny tiny tiny' bit of housework before getting the boobs out for Ryu's lunch and then taking him off to get the car fixed. Marina was napping and her and Granny K no doubt spent the afternoon drawing crabs - or rather Marina instructing Granny K to draw crab after crab after crab. Granny K getting quite good.

Trip to car shop takes about an hour ten. After the last couple of days of being with sick kids twenty four seven it was actually nice to blast some sounds and drink some coffee in peace!! Ryu, bless him, slept the whole way. They were able to fix the door and while they were doing so Ryu and I went for a wander to the car shop next door where the only thing I ended up buying was a car survival hammer!!

I know!

What the fuck.

But very useful should ever find myself in car sinking in river and need to break window or cut seatbelt off.

Actually I lie, I also bought a new key ring - bright pink with bling and a mag light on the end. Can now take random free with coffee funny animal thing that has been on there until now.

Car fixed, drive home and pick Shou up on way. Got home and him and Marina reunited after a day of not playing together and proceeded to fight for the next hour until dinner. The ex-mayor (who was out fishing when I took lads round for koto lesson) brought round a big fish that Granny K cut up into sashimi and boiled for us. Shou LOVES sashimi so he was a happy chappy. Marina spat hers out but hey, come dinner time I didn't really care. She ate all her rice though, and fruit and yoghurt.

Bath time - non eventful. They picked up the tazmanian devil toddler-ness after that though and mummy had to retreat upstairs to put Ryu to bed. The kids are all asleep and I have sorted out the bedding for friend but the house is a complete writeoff. Ah well, nevermind. She wont care she will be so tired from flights she probably wont even notice!

Well,here's hoping.

And, a pic of Granny K holding Ryu - the first one I believe. With Shou I have one of her and Granny K on day two after birth!!


illahee said...

cute pic of ryu! he looks so different already....

anchan said...

Oh my, that is soooo not how I imagined Granny K to look!

thefukases said...

Another day at the madhouse at yours then? And I'm with Anchan, I was picturing Granny K as one of the wizened old bent double type biddies we have around here. She looks positively spritely!

And Ryu gets cuter every picture!