Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Inbred - a bit close to home.

Oh My Fuckin God!!! It doesn't get more mid-day drama Dallas than this...

So, I went to pick Granny K up from the hospital. Her de-polyping went fine despite having to have a drip all night and not being allowed to eat until lunch time today - by which time she no doubt was so hungry she nearly had to eat the IV stand. The car trip is about forty minutes and we got talking - as you do.

Rahdi rahdi rahdi rah rah rah....

Got talking about cancer and her parents and all. Her mum died when she was four of what they think was probably breast cancer. And no, I'm not all Dallasy oh my god about something as sad as that. I had a think for a minute and asked her how old her younger sister was - as I had presumed she was at least five years younger, in which case the whole having the same mother thing doesn't fit.

Turns out she is seven years younger and that her and Granny K have the same father - and that in itself might be a bit scandelous for Japan sixty years ago but but but...

Granny K's younger sister's mother is her (Granny K's) Auntie!! Apparantly Granny K's mum's younger sister was living with them and because she didn't get married she took over from her sister when she died, so to speak. I can't quite work this out - does that make Granny K and her younger sister half sister's or cousins?? My god, Granny K's dad - shagging one sister and then the other - and was there never anything going on before that?? The mind boggles.

Anyway, that's the family skeleton let out of the closet. I just asked hub about it and he said he knew the mother's were different but didn't realise his grandfather had been a skanky man slut and gone form one sister to the next.

The whole C thing is very scary though - I didn't realise Granny K's mum had died quite young of it. Hub's dad alse died of cancer quite young - in his mid fifties. My mum's dad also died from cancer - although he was over 80. Granny K said she is almost expecting a 'you have cancer' result from the poly check next week. She thinks she's on a bad luck roll lately with the fertiliser infected eye and now the polyps. God, she probably thinks she's been on a bad roll ever since her youngest son married a gaijin!

Anyway - not much else to report I don't think. Ryu and I went for big walk this morning and then I came home and did the housey stuff and got sorted for Engish this arvo. Went to pick GK up, Coffee Chiemi and son came round for ahem... coffee before English and the postman bought a package from New Zealand. We weren't expecting anything so it was a nice surprise - containing a couple of cute kid books, some way cute winter overalls for Ryu and some burger-ring chips. Yum yum yum. I LOVE burger rings and the rest of the family never get a look in!! So, there go the GW points for today. Wasted into a bag of crisps :)

Time to hit the hay. Hub was home late again tonight and the kids, although they weren't terrors, ran me rugged none the less.


PS - got the FBC catalog today. My blurb and my name are right but I have someone elses photo and children!! Marina and Shou are holding onto the damn apple sauce and yet the blurb with them is about bloody pesto! Sorry Wendy in Kanagawa! A few pages further on and my blurb about the English textbooks is there -with my name and this time with the picture of Shou and Marina - and the apple sauce - despite the photo I sent with the blurb of my English students holding the textbooks. Me thinks someone at FBC was so past it by the time of the deadline that photos just got randomly distributed.

PPS - hub has just asked me to send a 'summer gift' to his brother in Shikoku. I told him if he felt so inclined he could do it himself. Afterall, we never hear from his brother. They have been back once in four years - for their dad's 17 year anniversary (since his death) and even then he smoked all night in our brand new house despite my protests that the house was only a month old - and I was seven months pregnant. He never rings - not even on Granny K's birthday and they don't even know Ryu is born - in fact they may not even have known I was pregnant. That goes to show how 'close' they are. If hub feels the need to suddenly send him some boxed ham then so be it, but don't expect me to do it.

Sorry, mini rant.


shufuinjapan said...

OMG you ate burger rings today! Bugger the GW points, those calories would be so worth it...I can actually taste them now....How ever I was actually a rashuns girl- are they still allowed to make those? must be outlawed by now surely.Also good on you for telling DH to get seriously rude sounding brother a gift himself!

Melanie said...

I suppose every family has their skeletons in their closets. And I think you`re right they would be half sisters and first cousins.

That practice was probably a lot more commong back in the day (if you`ve ever watched The Patriot, Mel Gibson seems to end up marrying his wife`s sister also).

Anonymous said...

Hey Kate
good to talk to you last night!! Glad you got into the burger rings... sorry about the diet but..overalls will be cute in winter huh? and hopefully I got the right size for then.
and yeah i would be telling steve to shove off if he wanted me to send anything to his brother - and he's probably not as bad as Maki's but close!!
hope marina's appointment goes ok today... and I hope you got shit loads of sleep last night!! Love nicole

Lily said...

I think I read that happened alot back then too- which explains alot :) I guess being a small island nation with an isolationist policy means there was only so much booty to choose from. Hmmm...I think they are still imbreeding the politians here- they all have the same long family political lineage and are all idiots.

Nay said...

yummy... burger rings... I am assuming they are the same burger rings you get in Australia. Coz if they are, they are delicious!! Have been a favourite of mine since I was a kid.

Totally understand not wanting to send a present to your BIL... family relationships in Japan never cease to amaze me.

Midori said...

Yeah as everyone has said, I think the "marrying the younger sister when the older one dies" custom was quite common and is still quite common today. I guess the theory is that as the new stepmother is related to the children in some way, they are more likely to love them. You know what Japanese people are like about "blood relations" as opposed to anything else. I have a couple of friends who have half-siblings/cousins in the same manner and they are our generation so it wouldn't surprise me if this kind of thing was still the norm as opposed to a snippet from a Jerry Springer show like it would be in the West!!

Had to laugh at Lily's comment about politicians.. I have to say that I think something similar about alot of the politicians in the UK!

Violet said...

Last year I also discovered the inbred skelleton in my inlaws' closet. Get this: the so-called "eki-mae obasan" is known as "eki-mae obasan" because she married her cousin (who had the same surname) and her surname therefore didn't change. So they refer to her as "eki-mae obasan" so as not to confuse her with other my hub's father and his wife who have the same surname. Yep, this kind of thing apparently it happened all the time back then....