Sunday, 16 August 2009

The in laws

The in-laws came to visit today. My brother in law - hub's brother who is the oldest brother out of the three. He is a policeman in the city (working for the man every night and day... rollin rollin on a river...). He came with my sister in law - who I get on very well with and who sympathises with me for having to live with the mother in law. She always brings me goodies as realises that really, living with Granny K is her husbands responsibility.

Their eight month pregnant daughter also came with her policeman husband and 17 month old son. I could see them looking at Shou (who was in prime three year old I'm the man, look at me, not listening to you behaviour) and thinking that their son would never ever turn into one of those. I know they thought this because I have thought the exact same thing. And then bam, six months later and someone has abducted your cute little son and replaced him with the tazmanian devil.

They stayed for about three hours. The house was tidy when they arrived and well, um not tidy when they left. I had ice coffee and melon ready to serve but Granny K got in first with tempura, mugicha, watermelon and some sashimi. Mugicha in tiny wee glasses when all you really want to do when it's 32 degrees outside is to skull back a huge glassfull.

Shou was on his usual rampage and even felt the need to jump out the doors on the side of the house and pee in full view of anyone driving down the road at the time. He actually wanted to take a crap out there too but I put my foot down and thankfully (or luckily for his bare bum) he didn't resist and came inside to the loo.

Marina was asleep when they first arrived but I woke her up an hour later so she could come and play. She was the picture of girlnesspan> - compared to Shou and his boyness - in that she sat with daddy and sipped her juice and munched quietly on some watermelon before switing to Granny K and reading a book in her lap!!

How can DNA be so different? Or is it just that three year old boys start making testosterone in industrial sized quantities??

Anyway, all in all the visit was fun and we scored a bag of yummy bread and some melon and grapes - that Granny K had in front of the alter but which Shou and Marina discovered, opened the box and proceeded to squish about ten into the tatami mats.

And now they are all asleep.

I love my children.


Oh - and hub is at the drumming thing at the local hospital. Didn't know he had to go until someone rung him an hour ago. Luckily Shou was alseep by twenty to seven. Talk about knackered.


illahee said...

funny how different children can be. and i love my children when they're sleeping, too. ;)

thank god it's nearly monday, right?

(ok, tomorrow is gonna be bad for me: the gaia is in the shop for shaken. left us at 4 this afternoon and won't get it back until tomorrow night when yoshi gets home from work and can pick it up. can't. leave. house. tomorrow.)

Gaijin Wife said...

illahee - shit, you'll have cabin fever and it'll only be bloody monday!!. Shaken should last for 18 years so we can get it once before the baby and again at the other end when they leave.

But that may conincide with 'child leaving nest' party and may then be too inebriated to drive car to shaken place.

Lulu said...

Great, I am having a boy and you officially have me scared. I am not sure I would be so calm if my kid wanted to pee off the balcony- that said we are on the 7th floor so it would be kind of funny to see the reactions of people below....mmmmm....

I think it is nice that your SIL at least brings you "gifts" as kind of bribes for keeping granny K. You deserve them. I get on well with my SIL too (and my BIL but he is very quite where as I am loud an rambunctius or however you spell it)

Would have loved to come for all the fruit at your place today!

Chrysanthemum Mum said...

Yeah, kids may have the same parentage but boy can they be different. I hate to say it too - but boys and girls ARE very different. My daughter tidies up and fetches things she thinks you need - so helpful. My son is just the opposite - "mummy do it!"

Gaijin Wife said...

Lulu - don't worry, you'll still have a good few years before the naughty shit starts kicking in. Enjoy them - and then when it starts just have another baby so you can enjoy the baby thing again and get away from the toddler madness.

Gaijin Wife said...

C MUM - Yes, yes! Shou and Marina are like that too. Shou is for ever telling me to do it. Whereas Marina does what I ask - and even Shou's too sometimes!!

Melanie said...

After teaching small children for the past 3 years, I have definitely seen my share of 3 year olds, both boys and girls, that are holy terrors, though for every 1 girl there seems to be 2 boys to fit that profile. I think it hits girls slightly older (around 5 or 6) and in different ways (think extremely sassy instead of just overly active).

Evidently my 3 (or is he 4, I forget) year old nephew was at mom`s once while they were outside. Said he needed to pee, mom told him to just do it over in some trees (they were at her house, neighbors aren`t too close), only to find a few minutes later, his sister tellign mom that he had pooped in the driveway.

Kids......what am I getting myself into.