Thursday, 20 August 2009

Hmmmm Title-less

God damn it. Hub has just had a go at me about a 'return prezzie' for some clothes we got from a group of three people he works with - or used to work with. Apparantly we got the gift about two days after Ryu and I got home from the clinic and we all opened it in here. I have no recollection of this but don't think he is making it up - especially as have found two t-shirts and a pair of shorts in Ryu's drawer that I can't explain. Must be them. No way did they cost 9000 for the three items - although that is how much hub is saying they will be. 3000 per person.

He says it is may fault for not remembering. I said that OK, fair enough, I have a shit memory anyway but eight days after giving birth and surviving on hardly any sleep and it is a small wonder I remember the names of my children at all. Anyway, I have just been on line and ordered MORE of those waffle things. He said they didn't cost quite enough and I told him to fuck off, if he wanted something else he could look for it himself. He also tried to tell me that my 'label' with picture of Ryu and his name, birth date, weight, and thankyou message, wasn't a 'noshi' - a noshi is a Japanese label put on gifts. The shop usually does this for you but the waffle place doesn't do it for single pkts, only the three set gift set and above. So I made them, printed them out and stuck them on - individually. A Japanese noshi is very boring. It usually says what the gift is for, so in this case thank you return gift for birth (literally) and the name. That is all.

Anyhooow, I packed a sad and told him to fuck off, he laughed, I laughed, and we both appologised - him for the way he brought it up and me for being present at the opening of the gift and promptly forgetting. I also added that should we be blessed enough with another baby then he is doing all the bloody Japanese bollocks crap that goes with it.

So, today took the car in to local mechanics who said better to take to Honda shop - so booked in to do that on Saturday. Awesome. Can't wait.

Went for shopping and Sundae with Coffee Chiemi and son. Yum yum. Haven't had sundae in years. A few weeks or so back I posted about how her and her hub hardly ever shagged - and if I didn't post about it then I was definatley thinking about posting about it. Anyway, she reported that they had big talk about it and now, after hub puts the kids to bed and if he wakes up before morning he goes back into her bed and they get it on. As a return 'you tell me about your shag life and I'll tell you about mine' kind of trade off I told her about hub and his shinken chinchin. Aren't you pleased I have friends I feel relaxed enough around to discuss the state and thereafter attentativeness ness ness of my husband's member.

God I hate that word. Member. She stroked his bulging member... How very Mills and Boon.

Make you blush??

I get all red just typing it.

The town office lady came round to check Ryu out this afternoon. He is all OK size and weight wise. She asked various questions about how close I am to gagging all kids, the husband and the mother in law and shutting them in the cupboard under the stairs. I said I entertain the idea but hadn't gotten round to actually buying the rope and tape yet.

Had English this evening. All good but they are a bunch of noisy buggers and I am forever saying Ssshhhhh - which they then usually just mimic and say right back at me.

One of the Oita high schools Meiho - has made it to the best eight in the all Japan High School Baseball. Now, this competition basically takes over the country every year and they even put some of the games over the scheduled kiddy programs. Anyway, the pitcher of the Meiho team is a boy I used to teach when he was in Junior High. His line was to ask me if hub and I had 'enjoy shita?' the night before. The first time he said it - in front of the whole class - I had to leave the room I was so embarrassed. I got used to it after that and had various answers for it - and for the many other random sexual questions. How long is hub's donga?? How long can he last for??

Anyway, good luck Meiho. Do Oita proud.

My Basemineral foundation came today!! I haven't opened it yet though. Maybe on Sunday when we have to go to Beppu because hub has a Union meeting in the park - seriously. One of us has to go to help weed the kindy garden on Sunday morning - as in starts at half six, and then we are all going to Beppu. Well, we might leave Marina with Granny K as she is the hater of all car trips over five minutes at the moment. Either way is better than me staying home with three kids on my own.

Also - post office man came round today to try and get us to sign up for Ryu's insurance savings plan with them - AGAIN. He is the third person to come round. He is my favorite though. Not sexy at all but definitely falls in the good looking older nice man category. He has persuaded me and I have to ring hub's friend who works in the other place we were thinking of for insurance, and say sorry but no go buddy. Post office is a thousand yen cheaper per month anyway.

Well, might hit the hay. Yawning away.


PS - nothing more on the unbloggables. To friends and family back home - I am unable to text message at the moment, for some reason unknown to me. I can receive them but they fail to send back. I'm being a complete phone phobe too and trying my best now to avoid having to talk about it at all. Gomen.


Violet said...

Um, return gift? I know the concept but for whatever reason it never occurred to me that I was supposed to send them. I didn't. Not that we got lots of gifts from Japanese people anyway, but I can think of at least two examples now when I shld have sent a return gift. Damn! Son is nearly 2 now so I guess its a bit late....

Hub is useless with that kind of thing. I know more Japanese etiquette than he does. And then even the stuff he does remember he never gets off his ass to do it. I always say, your relatives, you sort it.. It's not like he organises xmas pressies for my family!

AND, 6:30am kindy weeding???!! What is with that? You country folk have it tough with the whole community get up early and band together thing. Unless I am mistaken, kindy in Tokyo does not have any weeding obligations, let alone at sparrows fart on a weekend. I think they just do the sensible thing and pay people to do it.

Violet said...

PS. When I first saw the title of your post I read it as "Hmmm Titless"....

Midori said...

Ugh. The "okaeshi" presents did my fucking head in. One of my "lovely" memories of the first time I went out in public with Joey (my ex and his Mum basically insisted I stay in the house 99% of the time for the first month) was a trip to Yamakataya (the Kagoshima version of Mitsukoshi) to buy okaeshi gifts for everyone and his puppy dog. Completely pointless waste of money! The waffles sound cool though! :-)

Lulu said...

My MIL usually organizes our okaeshi gifts- and I just give her some money. LOL. I am lazy but I also think it is because she thinks I will send the wrong thing.

For our mini wedding get together when we came back to Japan and met with family (cos they didn`t come to Australia for the ceremony) they all gave us money and what not, and Shun`s mum gave us gifts to give to them all. I have no idea what was in them, and no idea how much they cost...

I have so say I though you said "shrinking chinchin" when you were talking to Coffee Chiemi and did a double take thinking "OMG you really do talk about anything on your blog" but then I re-read.

I hate the word "member" too. "Pulsing Member" is worse though. Gross.

I didn`t realize I would need to do Okaeshi gifts for baby stuff? Really? Damn, I will just write a list and get MIL to do it... I think the waffle things sound like great ideas though.

illahee said...

ah, yoshi took care of that. in fact, he wasn't even going to do it but in the end he got embarrassed and sent stuff. i had no idea who sent us what, i just got wads of money! awesome. (he does the same thing with the new year's cards. he hates them, thinks it's a stupid idea and vows not to do them and then! a week before new year's eve he rushes around doing them, thinking of who will send a card to us and how they'll feel bad if they don't get one from us on new year's day. i couldn't care less! LOL)

sounds like your day could be fairly busy! hope it all goes smoothly!

Rachel said...

Hubby takes care of return gifts around here too. I don't think I'm trusted to do it right. I might make pretty labels or something, lol! I did that for Amy and Kanji was very reluctant to send them.

We actually still have a couple of return gifts sitting around from Lena's birth, as Kanji got a few extra just in case. Soap...see how useful that was? Kanji's slowly getting through it. I'm fussy, I like the pump-action Dove or something nice-smelling from NZ.

Gaijin Wife said...

Violet - the weeding thing is a big pain in the ass. For some of the neighborhood ones if we don't go we have to pay but the kindy one is you go and help or you get the evil eye from all the teachers and parents for the next twenty three years.

PS - I don't think there will be a post title 'titless' for at least fifty years when boobs have travelled so far south I can tuck them into my pants.

Lulu - pulsing is deifinately worse.

Nay said...

The whole Japanese custom of 'return gifts' really gets on my nerves sometimes!! I don't see the point of them to be honest...

Totally agree with you about the word 'member', it really is kind of gross!!

I have one Japanese friend who I can talk about anything with and it's great!! It's nice not having to be reserved all the time.

pregnant lurker said...

We ordered our okaeshi from Benesse's catalogue and they made cute labels for us, with baby's photo, name, weight, star-sign and insurance number for all I know. If Benesse thinks cute is OK, then it must be OK and they'll send Shimajiro round to talk to anyone who doesn't agree.

She stroked his pulsing member as he brought his lips to her delicate flower.... I don't think DH is getting any tonight.

Anonymous said...

I agree! Member is a gross way to describe a chinchin!

Glad to hear the update about the kid who used to ask you "Enjoy Shita". Sounds like he's one of those kids you'll never forget!

Brisbane no "enjoy shite" katie

Christie D. said...

Wow, I had no idea that there was such a thing as return gifts, until I started reading about them in your blog a few weeks ago. And my son was born (here in Japan) 14 years ago... definitely too late. Our wedding was in the U.S., but we got some wedding presents in Japan, too, and didn't know about the return presents (until I read about it in the comments, here, today). Oops! Neither of us is Japanese, though.

It was funny reading about that Meiho pitcher kid. I started teaching in a jr. high in May, and have had to work on some good comebacks to comments/questions just like what you described. It surprised me at first. I mean, I know jr. high kids are thinking about this stuff, and I have a 14-year-old son (complete with koshi-pan, straightened hair & fake "ghetto-ish" or hip-hop movements, including for some reason, many close-but-not-quite attempts at moonwalking!!??!!). He makes some iffy jokes at home and probably with his friends, but I am really 100% sure that he would never ask an etchi question to any of his teachers, particularly not a female one!!!