Sunday, 30 August 2009

God Damn 24 Hour TV

Japan is having it's annual 24 hour charity TV at the moment. And my god could there be any more heart wrenching programs on in the space of 24 hours! I have shed a tear three times today - and let me remind you today is Sunday.

That's right.


The day Shou and Marina are on bad child rampage. Today is extra special as one, or both of them have been home over the last five days - with me and Ryu and with me teaching in the mornings and with friend coming. Of course having high heel wearing friend to stay is absolutely fab (and by the way she wears those heels to work in admin at a nursing university) and being able to speak English in between dealing with the kids is good for both me and the kids. Well, its only good for them in that mummy is nicer mummy than usual Sunday mummy.

So, I have managed to watch enough of three of the life dramas on the 24 hours TV today to bring a tear to my eye. Usually it is someone who has an illness or who has died. The last boy had an older brother who died of something or rather and he has the same illness and we saw the WHOLE conversation where his mother told him for the first time - you know how your brother was so brave dealing with his illness rah rah, well you are going to have to be brave too.


Wrench wrench pull pull tug tug bloody rip those heartstrings out.

The 24 hour programme also has someone running a marathon. It used to be 100km but now it is 126km. The girl running it this year has 6km to go and ONE HOUR. WILL SHE MAKE IT?? The WHOLE of Japan is on the edge of their zabuton in anticipation.

I would love her to make it but damn if she doesn't, my god, she has run 126km in JUST OVER 24 hours. I ran 50km in 6 hours and I lost three toenails and couldn't walk for three days - bar to the fridge to get that well deserved beer.

Anyway, about our day...

Shou woke at 5.

I so love being a mum.

LOL, ROTFL, :) :) :)

No, I really do.

But so not at 5 in the bloody morning. Marina wasn't far behind, followed closely by Ryu. Hub was last to venture down - which I must admit is unusual. He is usually dealing with those two before Ryu and I come onto the scene.

Friend was up at half five - let the jet lag kick in. Only a small nap during the day today though and hopefully she will sleep better tonight. At eight thirty we were in the car with Shou going to buy milk. She said she now realised how I felt when I wrote in a post a while back about it feeling like about two in the afternoon when in fact it was only nine in the morning!!

The kids were all very cute at separate intervals during the day. NEITHER Shou or Marina napped which meant Marina was put into bed at six (zonked by two minutes past) and Shou at seven (zonked by three minutes past). Ryu was put to sleep in between and I should have at least another three hours before a feed - which will be a bottle because bad mummy of the year has had a drink at the end of her hard day.

Kids aye, who'd have em.

Shit, I did.

Why didn't someone stop me at one?

Or perhaps two?

Because then I wouldn't have my cute bumble rumble jumble of rolly hay joy RYU. And HE ROCKS - as all my kids did before they got to the age of talking, hitting and rebellion.

God love em.



maggietoki said...

lmfao...the 24 Hr gig is so part of summer eh.Did you see the one this afternoon about the lady who lost her 10 year old daughter to some rare heart disease?Me oh my...the tears I shed.And yes,the baseball boy...

Watching now and Marathon-Girl didn't quite make it.What a bummer that must be; you run 126.something KM and then the goddamn TV stops coverage of your final moments just because you are a few minutes late.Jeesh.Tough Love.

Sara said...

gah your post amuses me so.. much more now because i can relate to about 1/3 of it

although no drinkies for me sadly... but joining you in spirit for that

congrats on fast to sleep kiddies!! enjoy your three hours of freedom and fun with your friend who btw has awesome shoes even though if attempted to even stand in them i would be looking at a few broken bones :D

otsukare gaijinwife!

Nay said...

OMG, I have been watching the 24 hour marathon and unfortunately Imoto didn't make it :( It was so emotional!! She is one of my favourite comedians so I was cheering her on from the couch, lol!! I just can't believe it because she is the same age as me. I think she is amazing!!

michaelalegge said...

Lol. Edge of zubiton...
Rolly hay hay

anchan said...

I'm not getting to watch any of it - DH is glued to the election coverage!

thefukases said...

I'm with anchan- I'll swap you endless gray haired men in gray suits mumble bumbling about who the hell knows what for heartwrenching stories any day. The marathons really are insane though aren't they?

Chrysanthemum Mum said...

Congrats on getting the kids to bed really early. I love it when they miss their nap somedays as I know they will crash really early. The hard part is just getting through that mental few hours around 4-5pm.

Somehow managed to miss all of the 24hr TV thing AND the election coverage. It feels like we have 24hr Wiggles marathons in this house at the moment!

Corinne said...

God I was sobbing like a blubbering idiot at least 3 times during the 24 hours!
Poor Imoto, she did well not to pass out though.

colorbynumbers said...

but she made it..she crossed the finish line, just not in 24 I missing something?

illahee said...

we don't get tv channels here, so no 24 hour television OR election coverage. plus, rachel and her girls were here so we were too busy stuffing our faces and splashing in baby pools! LOL

hope your monday has been fairly uneventful and that you enjoy tomorrow!!