Friday, 21 August 2009

Fastest Man in the World

Hub has just got home from beating the taiko drums for the last time this obon season. It was the big way past end of obon type festival at the local fukushi (social welfare) centre. It pissed down at the end and he walked in the door soaked -with no goodies again!! It is custom to hand out bags of crisps at all the local obon dance festivals but the boys that drum and sing are always last in line. Saaaa, is just sabotage to try and slim me up me thinks. Am having beer at the moment though so not much sabotaging going on.

Ryu and I had an ultra cruisy day today which was nice - in the face of the busy times to come. Went and picked Granny K up from the hospital at about half ten. Came home and booby cuddle snoozed until after lunch!! Not with Granny K. God, the thought.

Ryu is sooooooooo at that cuuuuuuuute stage. Unfortunately the battery charger I ordered two days ago only arrived this afternoon just before the evening chaos began so I couldn't take any cute baby pics. God damn it because he is so cute. This weekend I promise. In the meantime, things I did get a chance to snap (so sorry)

Hub and I are watching replays of the athletics in Berlin. Usaine Bolt from Jamaica (??) just ran the 200m final - and got another world record. This is the conversation we just had...

Me: what a legend
Hub: is that Bolt?
Me: Yip, the fastest man in the world.
Hub: I'm the fastest man in the world...
Me: Maybe, but you don't get a meddle for that.


Well, off to bed and some fastest man in the world action. Taking the car to get fixed tomorrow and then to Beppu on Sunday.

Nighty night campers.


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Corinne said...

That's one big-arse beetle!
Looking forward to more cute pictures of Shou, he's definitely going to be a heartbreaker when he's older.
lol at hub being 'the fastest man in the world' he set himself up for that one!